This page is for our puppies.... If you have never had a Border Collie, you are missing out on all the fun to have a really loving devoted pet.... This page is dedicated to Border Collies....  Here are a few pictures of Border Collies.


The top two pics are Bo. He was a beautiful male belonging to Holt & Terry Parham of Charlotte, North Carolina. They lost Bo the day after our puppies were born. They now have one of the male puppies from Brandy's litter and they call him Mac. We are now able to show you a pic or two of Mac. Isn't he a sweetie????  Thank you for sending the pics Holt!!!! (Thanks for making him do it Terry!!)


Here is our Brandy Wyne and her daughter, Kelsey Bryne.  They are an amazing pair.... Brandy has taught Kelsey all the good things, but Kelsey has some of her own traits...  Both have the Border Collie "eye"....  They romp and play and try to out do each other getting frisbees thrown for them.... Kelsey is learning and will catch one when she wants to.  Her main function is to steel the frisbee from Brandy when she brings them back and then brings them to us as if to say "See, I got it for you."  Brandy doesn't seem to mind at all because she gets to catch them and that is the most fun of all....  Brandy will do just about anything to catch a frisbee and loves the word, "Frisbee!!"  We'll be posting more pics as we get them, but you can see that they are the most gorgeous pair of puppies to ever bless a family.

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We hope you enjoy our page about our puppies. They are such a joy to have around. We hope you learned something about Border Collies. If you have any questions, please e-mail us.


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