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Age:  52 Years Young?
Residence: Weaverville, NC
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Info about me!!!!
Born in Bowling Green, Ohio on December 3rd, 1949, to Albert Henry Ballard & Nellie Marie Ireland. Graduated from Bowling Green High School in 1967.  I have two daughters, Shiloh Christine Ballard, born November 18th 1974 in Okinawa, Japan & Michelle Marie Ballard, born January 18th 1978 at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, Washington DC.  I spent 20 years in the U.S. Army and retired in 1990.  Moved to Weaverville, NC and bought a house in 1991.  I currently work for WorldCom as a Field Service Engineer.
Places I have lived:
    Bowling Green, Ohio                             Port Clinton, Ohio
                   Fort Bragg, North Carolina                    Fort Monmouth, New Jersey
Naples, Italy                                           Okinawa, Japan
     Fort Ritchie, Maryland                           Wichita Falls, Texas
      Donnersberg, Germany                           Ashland, Wisconsin
Fort Gordon, Georgia                             Livorno, Italy
                 Charlotte, North Carolina                      Weaverville, North Carolina
Hobbies & Other Entertainment....
I like all types of entertainment that some people would call hobbies.  I like Bowling, Fishing, Guns and Shooting, Reading, My Lawn, and Nascar Racing.

This is my favorite picture! Took some big men to get me back out. All I wanted to do was take it for a spin. I would have come right back, really! KAT, this is the Real Dale's Car! 3-8-1
We will miss you Dale Earnhardt. You will always be the best there ever was or ever will be.


One of my favorite pastimes would be building and modifying my computer....  It is a hand built lovingly cared for Pentium III 450MHz, 768 meg of ram, 56K V.90 US Robotics Modem & Cable Modem, 4.6 & 3.2 gig hard drives, Voo Doo 3 Video Card W/16 Meg RAM, and a 17" Monitor....  and of course sound and a CD Rom & a CD Rom Burner....  So it runs pretty fast with a lot of FM.... (Flippin' Magic)....  I also like to spend a lot of time re-modeling my house....  and yes, paint can cover a lot of mistakes....  But I won't tell you where they are, ok????  But I would have to say that one of my favorite pastimes is bashing the Non-Truth Tellin Joke, some called our president.  I don't like him, and I didn't vote for the commie, coward, flag burning, dope smoking, immoral, woman molesting, joke that was in the White House....   That is my freedom of speech....  and if memory serves me right, MR. & MS. Klinton haven't been able to take that away from us, yet!!!! But then that depends on how you define FREEDOM!!!!
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