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I am a resident of Silver Springs, Florida for the last 3 1/2 years.  I retired from the U.S. Army in June of 1990.  I used to work for a major long distance carrier, WORLDCOM, but after Worldcom bought MCI, things went down hill real fast! I ended up working for an MCI manager and was terminated in the lay-offs and for the only reason was that I was a die hard Worldcom supporter and he was an idiot MCI buddy buddy system manager. The question I want answered is; How much of the Worldcom financial problems was a result of MCI's hidden debt? MCI was the preverbial "Buying a pig in a poke!" deal. Riddled with debt, corrupt employees, and just poor management, how long would MCI have lasted if Worldcom had not bought the Corrupt MCI organization. Ah, I could go on, but I will do that on another page!   


But let me bring you up to date with what I am doing now. I tried working for a couple different contractors doing Telecom and Cable TV work, but that didn’t pay well. So I talked Kat into starting up Ballard Communications. I do custom wiring for Cable TV, Telephone and Computer Networks. It was rough starting up, work was sparse, paying for everything and then some. But, I have built a nice customer base up and things are looking up. I have been doing mostly Cable TV work. Replacing the old RG-59 wire with RG-6 double-shielded cable for High Speed Internet. It is pretty good work, hard at times and easy sometimes. I’ve got a good reputation as being reliable, very good and reasonable. So, with a lot more work, I hope to expand and start looking for an employee or two. So if you need Cable TV work in the Ocala, Gainsville Florida area, give me a call.


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