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1.The First Waltz (1:42) (instrumental)
2.Zara Thustra (3:26)
3.One Thing Before I Go (1:48)
4.Something Out There (4:35)  
5.African Jesus (3:08) /
6.The Truth Is Not Enough (4:55)  
7.Aero-space (5:36)
8.Can't Believe You (4:30)
9.Oh No Baby (2:24)  
10.Swift 1 (4:28)
11.Shot Through With Change (5:16)
12.Pitstop (5:04)
13.Rock Song 13 (3:26)
14.Alienne (3:46)  (co-written by Alien Skin)  
15.Mist Your Opportunity (6:03)
16.The Idyllist (2:13) (instrumental)

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Written, Composed, Recorded, Produced and Mastered by Steve Kilbey
Art and Photography by S. Mayfair
Distributed by The Time Being Records



Marketing blurb:

Songs from a lazy summer, songs that write themselves, songs that fall out of the blue & into my head, songs that you catch in the ether, little strange songs, songs looking for a home, songs that float on the breeze, songs containing sand & sea, songs that I wrote unintentionally, songs that are just songs. Steve's first offering for 2013, The Idyllist is now available for preorder, delivery is 1st February 2013. The first 100 people to purchase The Idyllist will also receive a free 11" x 17" limited edition poster, signed by SK.

CD art comes to you as a 'Green Forestry Sleeve'. Made with 100% Green Forestry Practices Certified board only and using 100% vegetable inks. We here at TTB Headquarters care about what happens to our planet.

This is how Steve described this album on his blog on January 29, 2013:

so why the idyllist?
and all i can really say is
i think it may make you smile for awhile
its silly its stupendous its preposterous its...cosmic rock...
its noisy its warm n cosy its out there its in here
how amazing i never succumbed to her-0 in
and i'm still around doing this
fucking its there in buckets..its gushing vim...
it aint no tired old lame brain kilbey by numbers
it contains all my obsessions beatle dylan bowie bolan floyd etc
its derivative and original at the same time
i love those contradictions
its messy and accomplished
its everything its nothing
plus theres some good singalong numbers
if you wanna hear someone unwearied by age here i am
at almost sixty i have experience and enthusiasm
that is the idyllist
smart enough to know better you could say....

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