Steve Kilbey - Freaky Conclusions Cover

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1.Again (5:06) /
2.Blues (3:31) /
3.Fingers In My Skull (4:16) /
4.Mechanism (4:11) /
5.I'm Through (3:41) /
6.Weird Old World (2:50) /
7.She Me We (4:41) /
8.All Of These Questions (3:33) /
9.The Collector (5:57) /
10.Stone Gods (5:06) /
11.An Arrangement (7:19) /
12.Travel Light (3:38) /
13.Freaky Conclusions (7:56) /

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All songs written by SK
except 'She Me We' (SK & Russell P. Kilbey)
Drums & percussion Darren Ryan (The Fuddha)
All other instruments SK
Originally engineered and produced by SK
Additional engineering and production JLK
Mastered at Studios 301 by Dave Macquarie
Original artwork by SK, design by Kate McMenomy
WARNING: there's more where this came from!!



Sales blurb from Karmic Hit:

"...get ready for - "Freaky Conclusions" a collection of SK's songs from 1978 to 1983, the period which includes the writing of the first three Church cd's. Recently recovered, these songs are being lovingly restored and they are going to blow your minds! Some are classic SK tunes, some experimental, some really melodic, some rocky, some you may be familiar with in other contexts. Let's face it, with over 60 tracks to choose from, we are going to be putting together an album to rival Unearthed and then some. For the first time, this cd will feature a cover and artwork by the man himself."

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