It's Raining Pleasure, the rockumentary, follows Australian music legends, The Triffids, first full shows since their demise in 1989. Featuring the best of the Saturday and Sunday night performances with interviews with members of The Triffids and their guests, it's raining pleasure showcases the extraordinary songwriting genius of the bands frontman, the late David McComb.

The Triffids and Guests: It's Raining Pleasure DVD Cover


  1. Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think - The Triffids
  2. Tarrilup Bridge - The Triffids, Rick Maymi
  3. Bury Me Deep In Love - The Triffids, Mark Snarski
  4. Life Of Crime - The Triffids, Mark Snarski
  5. In The Pines - The Triffids, Rob Snarski
  6. Hell Of A Summer - The Triffids, Rob Snarski, Rick Maymi, Julian Wu
  7. This One Eats Souls - Rob Snarski, Chris Abrahams
  8. The Good Life Never Ends - Blackeyed Susans
  9. Seabirds - The Triffids, Mick Harvey
  10. Setting You Free - Mick Harvey, Evil Graham Lee, Martyn P. Casey, Rick Maymi
  11. Lonely Stretch - The Triffids, Steve Kilbey
  12. Wide Open Road - The Triffids, Steve Kilbey
  13. Embedded - Melanie Oxley, Chris Abrahams
  14. I Want To Conquer You - The Triffids, Melanie Oxley, Mick Harvey, Rick Maymi, Julian Wu, Chris Abrahams
  15. Jerdacuttup Man - The Triffids
  16. Calenture - Chris Abrahams
  17. Save What You Can - The Triffids, Toby Martin
  18. Thanks For Everything - Youth Group
  19. Trick Of The Light - The Triffids, Toby Martin
  20. Personal Things - The Triffids, Toby Martin
  21. Raining Pleasure - The Triffids
  22. Red Pony - The Triffids, Rob Snarski
  23. Fairytale Love - The Triffids

  Includes over 25 minutes of exclusive extras.



From back cover:

"It's Raining Pleasure" documents a four-night reunion of seminal 1980s Australian band, The Triffids, and an impressive line-up of guest singers and performers at the Metro Theatre during the Sydney Arts Festival in January 2008.

It marked the band's first Australian concert performances in almost 20 years. The four concerts were stages to celebrate the song-writing genius of The Triffids' late lead singer, David McComb, who died in February, 1999.