This project came about when The Church had some studio time in 1996, but Marty was unavailable to record.


The Refo:mation - Pharmakoi / Distance Crunching Honchos With Echo Units Cover

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1.1:07 (1:08)
2.Don't Move (4:21)
3.Traitor (5:21)
4.She Comes In Singing (3:39)
5.All See It Now (4:42)
6.Trying To Get In (5:38)
7.Florian Trout (4:35)
8.5:28 (3:29)
9.Who Is The One? (5:34)
10.Get Over It (3:45)
11.Take Your Place (3:46) (sung by Tim Powles)
12.Towards Sleep (5:22)
13.The Moon And The Sea (4:56)
14.Stop (4:51)

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Produced by The Refo:mation
All songs by The Refo:mation
Steven Kilbey: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Peter Koppes: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Tim Powles: Mapex Drums, Percussion, Bass, Lead Vocal on "Take Your Place"
Additional Musicians:
  Sandi Chick: Vocals
  Chris Campbell: Guitar on "5:28"

Recorded at Karmic Hit Studios, Rozelle, Sydney, Australia
Engineered & mixed by Tim Powles
Assistant Engineer Chris Campbell
Album artwork by Julien Klettenberg



In an interview with Joann D. Ball for Consumable Online (from Sept. 19, 1998 - 2nd day of the Hologram of Baal US Tour), Peter Koppes spoke about this album:

There's another album, The Refo:mation, that Steve, myself and Tim did previous to the Church reforming which was another stint towards us deciding that The Church has just gotta get back together in that format. It would be, like, something to really come back together for. It was a big, big evolution in our songwriting style and relationship—musical relationship, that worked toward the new album [Hologram of Baal].

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