Groom Epoch - Scalar Trails Cover



1.Endless Wars Endless Lies (3:53)
2.Moonshine Art Collective (4:36)
3.Drug Against Wars (4:17)
4.Cloudy Day Sundial (5:32) /
5.Museum of High Altitude (4:02) /
6.Stargates Wormholes Portals (3:23)
7.Sun Grazer (3:26)
8.Comet Temple (3:29)
9.Light Sprinkle (3:52)
10.Safe Rebellion (3:33)
11.Remote View (4:13)
12.Magnetic Levitation (2:53)


Richard Ploog - vocals, drums and percussion (?)
Cub Callaway - guitar and backing vocals
Phil Hall - bass
John Hoey - keyboards
Alex Ross - brass

Written and produced by Richard Ploog and Cub Callaway
Recorded at Broken Knee Studios



Marketing blurb:

Groom Epoch's debut album Scalar Trails is a showcase for the diverse musical talents of Richard Ploog, the former drummer of The Church. Richard's musical magic contributed to many of the well known hits from the 1980s such as Reptile and Metropolis. Groom Epoch also features former members of The Saints (Cub Callaway), Died Pretty (John Hoey) and The Lime Spiders (Phil Hall).

Scalar Trails was written and produced by Richard and Cub, and recorded at Cub's Broken Knee Studios. Cub Callaway has played a significant role in Australian independent music over the last 30 years, working with Ed Keupper, The Triffids, Louis Tillet and Damien Lovelock, and producing many internationally acclaimed albums.

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