Sugaroo! Music Licensing Sampler Cover


Disc 1: New Music

  1. Kiss The Sky (3:41) - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (feat. Nino Moschella)
  2. Don't Ya Know? (3:53) - The Moonbabies
  3. 78% H2O (3:32) - Ani DiFranco
  4. I Think I Love You (3:35) - The Guggenheim Grotto
  5. National Express (4:10) - Mark Olson
  6. I Hear You Call My Name (2:46) - Gasoline Cowboy
  7. Each Moment New (3:42) - Lou Rhodes
  8. A Dancer's Feet Are Not So Neat (1:58) - Bikeride
  9. Loopy Loopy Love (2:47) - The Brunettes
  10. It's Not Over (4:28) - The Last Town Chorus
  11. Mornin (3:45) - The Dukes
  12. Ships (2:39) - The New Ruins
  13. Something You Ain't Got (5:19) - Cracker
  14. It Is What It Is (3:38) - The Lift
  15. Rocket (4:53) - Working For A Nuclear Free City
  16. White Lillies (3:31) - Peder (feat. Ane Trolle)
  17. Bee's On Mars (3:17) - TM Juke
  18. Hip Hop No Parres (3:21) - Mexican Institute Of Sound
  19. I Wanna Make You Move (3:10) - Freddie Cruger
  20. Close To The Crime (3:00) - Southerly
  21. Penelope's Song (4:22) - Loreena McKennitt

Disc 2: Sugaroo! Classics - New & Old

  1. The Hop (3:36) - Radio Citizen
  2. Check Me Out (2:12) - Litle Denise Stevens
  3. One By One (3:55) - The Black Seeds
  4. When You Feel It (4:50) - Brett Dennen
  5. Canyon Arrow (4:59) - The Autumn Defense
  6. You Shine (3:32) - John Cunningham
  7. Bring The Good Boys Home (4:27) - The 1900s
  8. Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want To Get Over You) (2:41) - Norah Jones
  9. Fables (3:23) - Chris Robinson
  10. It Beats Me Everytime (3:39) - Peter Bjorn & John
  11. Monokini (3:22) - Nous Non Plus
  12. Too Happy (4:13) - Ben Vaughn
  13. Tatita (4:21) - Bitman & Roban
  14. Psycho (2:04) - Airwaves
  15. Long Ago (3:42) - Ohmega Watts (feat. Othello)
  16. Nu Tones (3:42) - Nomo
  17. It Ain't Supposed To Be (2:27) - Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners
  18. Best Day Of Your Life (3:24) - AntiProduct
  19. Easy (4:12) - The Church
  20. Didn't I (3:31) - Darondo
  21. The Right Way To Play Chess (3:46) - Pedro
  22. A Eme O (3:28) - Andrea Echeverri



Sugaroo! is a music licensing company that represents record labels, artists, and music publishers for visual media song placements, primarily in film, TV, advertising, theatrical trailers, and video games. Sugaroo! also has a music clearance and licensing division, and provides personal management to a small roster of artists. For more information, visit their web site at, or their MySpace page at

From the back cover:

A Note from the Head Chef of the Sugaroo! Kitchen...

I started Sugaroo! back in January of 1999 when the concept of repping independent labels and artists for visual media licensing (film, TV, advertising, trailers, video games, etc.) was still in its nascent days. In the subsequent eight years we have had the good luck and pleasure to license more than 3,000 songs (and counting!) to virtually every kind of project and production, from major TV advertisements to hot TV shows to cutting edge trailers to the most indie of indie films, and everything in between.

Our recipe is simple. We start by finding great independent labels and artists, sending their music to the right projects and clients, and then providing the best possible service to the people and productions we pitch music to. In short, we see ourselves as being in the service business, and it is our mission to do everything we can to make your challenging job as easy as possible. We know how busy you all are, and how many options you have when it comes to choosing music for your spots, and it is our hope that whenever you interact with someone at Sugaroo! you are left feeling like you've had a positive, helpful and productive experience.

This all said, we hope you enjoy the fine music on our inaugural sampler and find some great songs for the projects you're working on today, tomorrow and in the months ahead. In the interim, we thank you for patronage and professionalism and, for goodness sakes, please return our phone calls.

Yours in music & the visual image,
Michael Nieves