Cricket Anthems Volume 1 Cover


  1. Kick (3:12) - INXS
  2. Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia) (3:54) - GANGgajang
  3. No Second Prize (3:58) - Jimmy Barnes
  4. Eagle Rock (4:10) - Daddy Cool
  5. One Perfect Day (3:40) - Little Heroes
  6. Leaps And Bounds (3:24) - Paul Kelly
  7. The Horses (4:12) - Daryl Braithwaite
  8. Bound For Glory (3:59) - Angry
  9. Live It Up (4:13) - Mental As Anything
  10. Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight (3:35) - Models
  11. What's My Scene? (3:47) - Hoodoo Gurus
  12. The Unguarded Moment (4:14) - The Church
  13. It's Only The Beginning (4:42) - Deborah Conway
  14. The Boys Light Up (4:39) - Australian Crawl
  15. Take Me Back (3:26) - Noiseworks
  16. Down Under (3:37) - Men At Work
  17. Khe Sanh (4:14) - Cold Chisel
  18. True Blue (4:12) - John Williamson



This CD is a repackaged reissue of Australian Crickets Classic Cuts. Includes this introduction:

Over the years, the list of visitors to the Australian dressing rooms has been like an Aussie music legends roll call - members of INXS, the Hoodoo Gurus, Paul Kelly, Screaming Jets, the Wiggles and many more - we've met them all. Even with all this exposure to such musical talent, some players still haven't developed a lot of taste. Fortunately, there are so many great Australian songs that everyone has been able to choose a track for the album without embarassing themselves. If they'd been asked to nominate the song that they had listened to most in the dressing rooms over the years, a completely different impression would be given.

Surprisingly, in the early nineties, the head-banging ranks were led by David Boon, and I shared his love of Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath and the great AC/DC. As a young player in the team, I struggled to get more than a few seconds' airplay of one of these bands on the Rock Box in the dressing room. If I got Boonie to put it on, no one would dare remove it until we had heard at least three tracks. Australian dressing room music suffered when the great man retired.

The team hierarchy still operates today. I am no longer surprised to see how new players of those aspiring to high office within the team all seem to know the words to True Blue. In fact the only time I have seen a tear in the eye of Steve Waugh was the day that John Williamson played True Blue at the 1999 World Cup celebrations in Melbourne. Damien Fleming