Caution: Life Ahead! - Artists For Recovery Cover


Disc 1:

  1. Hurt - Jimmy Barnes
  2. Guiding Star - Neil Finn
  3. One More Kiss As You Fly Away - Powderfinger
  4. Used To Get High - John Butler
  5. (Explain) Live - Sarah Blasko
  6. Coma - Paul Kelly
  7. The Mighty Ocean Of Alcohol - Dog Trumpet
  8. Buy Now Pay Later - The Whitlams
  9. Walk Thru Fire - Mark Seymour
  10. You're Not Alone Tonight - Keith Urban
  11. Wrong Side Of The Tracks - The Living End

Disc 2:

  1. Beds Are Burning (Tamarama Mix) - Midnight Oil
  2. Blind Leading Blind - Grinspoon
  3. The Mob Has Spoken - Spiderbait
  4. Left Behind - You Am I
  5. Keep It Alive - Hoodoo Gurus
  6. Snowfaller - The Church
  7. Emotion Sickness - Silverchair
  8. Brandy Of The Damned - James Reyne
  9. By Yourself - Diesel
  10. Frequency - Pete Murray
  11. Hurt - The Buttery Residents Choir



Sony BMG Music Entertainment is proud to release Caution: Life Ahead!, a double CD compilation album featuring some of Australia's great singers and songwriters. All featured artists have donated the tracks on the CD to raise funds for The Buttery, the rehabilitation centre in Northern NSW that offers treatment to those seeking recovery from addiction. The man behind this project is Hoodoo Gurus bass guitarist Rick Grossman. A heroin addict twenty years ago, he always vowed to give something back to the organization and the people who helped him get off his personal addiction and gave him his life back. Two years in the making, Rick Grossman personally contacted his friends and colleagues in the Australian music industry to garner support for the project. Most of the tracks featured on this double CD are rare or previously unreleased tracks. The first song received was from Neil Finn, a previously unreleased and beautiful work of his called 'Guiding Star'; Jimmy Barnes then recorded the Nine Inch Nails, come Johnny Cash track, 'Hurt'. The cover art has been done by Reg Mombassa, who also generously donated the artwork for this project. The money raised from the sale of Caution: Life Ahead! will go towards the building of a new Buttery centre to cater for more patients and provide additional facilities and treatments for those who need help the most.