The AMCO Album Cover


Side 1:

  1. Big Beat - The Numbers
  2. Stay Young - INXS
  3. Break Your Heart - Honeymoon
  4. Don't Let The Flame Go Out - Rupert B.
  5. Shout And Deliver - The Reels

Side 2:

  1. Scarred For Life - Rose Tattoo
  2. Money - Dee Minor and the Dischords
  3. Fantasy - Heaven
  4. It Is What It Is - The Hitmen
  5. The Night Is Very Soft (Alternate Mix) - The Church



This album was put out by AMCO - The Australian Jean Company - as "A Salute To Australian Music." Back cover states "This album is not for retail sale."

Fan Edgar Aldrett later included this alternate mix of "The Night Is Very Soft" on his bootleg CD version of "Sing-Songs" as a bonus track.