Altered State Sampler 1 Cover


  1. Hail Hail Rock N Roll (3:54) - Garland Jeffreys
  2. The Answer (4:43) - Garland Jeffreys
  3. Low Self Opinion (5:24) - Rollins Band
  4. Grip (4:52) - Rollins Band
  5. Girlfriend (3:41) - Matthew Sweet
  6. I've Been Waiting (3:38) - Matthew Sweet
  7. Ripple (6:05) - The Church
  8. Aura (7:00) - The Church



Contains this quote by Steve Kilbey:

"First of all, we made the stupendous decision of just making a record with the sort of music that would be fun to play and listen to. I know that sounds incredibly obvious, but you'd be surprised, honestly."

Also contains this write-up on Priest=Aura:

Filled with haunting vocals, atmospheric instrumentation and kaleidoscopic lyrics, Priest = Aura is the kind of album Church fans wait impatiently for. Fronted by Steve Kilbey, with his horizontal vocal style, Priest = Aura takes you on a journey through another world filled with mystical objects and mysterious characters.