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(soon to be) FAQ Of YASAC:

  1. Who ARE you?
    A. Keegan & Peter.

  2. What does YASAC stand for?

  3. Why do we need a new religion?
    A. Because all of the existing ones either fail to meet human psychological needs or require people to believe things that are not true. Failure of a religion to meet human psychological needs causes people to turn to pseudo-religion, such as politics.

  4. Why a space alien cult?
    A. We have a number of reasons. In Peter's case he doesn't have a choice; he found that he was worshipping space travel whether he wanted to or not. In Keegan's (my) case, aliens are cool, & we need to be ready in case of space alien invasions. And third, educated people find space aliens to be easier to believe in than traditional religion, yet the belief in space aliens is less dangerous than socialism.

  5. Invasion? What invasion?
    A. Not all aliens are good. We want to enslave the evil ones before they enslave us.

  6. What's the difference between slavery & pets (for space aliens)?
    A. One: human superiority. Two: the pet's intelligence. (Adam Smith wrote in The Theory of Moral Sentiments that moral sense is based on imagination--we act morally towards others because we identify with them.) Three: dogs bark at pets and humans. They run from space aliens.

  7. Where did you get the idea of a space alien-based religion?
    A. Idea? It's the truth, but we were taught this knowlege by Arthur C. Clarke & John Trebes.

  8. Are you kidding?
    A. Yes & no.

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