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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yes, I remembered I have a blog.
Okay, you're going to think I am crazy.  I bought some plants today and finally (!) started a very small container garden on my balcony.  I guess I'm jealous of my Mom, and sister K., and my friend KittyMommy; they are all so busy growing lovely things and here I am with only a half-dead cactus to my name.  So I went to Menards after dropping DH off at work this morning, and got some good deals, and then went home and played in the dirt, which also came in a bag from Menards.  I bought dirt.  Such a city-dweller am I.

Here is my final product. 
Green things!
(Look!  Twenty minutes and they haven't died yet!) 
On the left is some lavendar; on the right, spearmint, and in the big pot is a "hybrid salsa tomato" which (if it survives) will have 4" - 5" tomatoes that are bred to be "very meaty".  I made sure to get plants that like lots of direct sunlight, and the lavendar and mint are perennials so if I don't kill them this year I'll have another chance next year.  I'm really hoping the lavendar survives.  If it does, I'm going to dry some and knit little sachets from leftover sock yarn.  I might try cooking with the mint, too.

My other big news is about the WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Education Academy orientation I went to Monday.  I got signed up, and spoke with a very nice girl named Meghan who is going to help me organize everything I need to get into the Business Tech Academy.  Next week Monday (June 28th) I go to MATC - oops, Madison College - for a displaced worker seminar.  Then on Tuesday I take the COMPASS exam, which is a placement test that should allow me to test out of the basic classes (English comp, Math, etc.).  Then on Thursday (July 1st) I meet with Meghan again to arrange what to do next.  The Business Tech Academy is just starting up (the curriculum hasn't even been finalized yet) so I am getting in right at the beginning, which is really good.  I'll have the rest of the summer to get the funding (Meghan assured me it will be approved) and everything else I need.  The classes start in September and go about two months.

Then - deep breath - I think I'm going to continue at Madison College (MATC) in the spring 2011 semester and get at least an Associates in IT.  My work situation (which I can't predict right now) will determine if I go full time or part time.  I'm going to continue to apply for jobs, and if I get one, great.  But I'm convinced now that it's time for me to build my skills in a more formal way.  Work experience is all well and good, but I feel like I'm handicapped because I don't have extensive training in the fields where I excel.  Plus, everything is falling into place so effortlessly with this WIA program that I'd feel like a fool if I didn't take advantage of it.  Kind of like as if I were standing out in the pouring rain, and someone opened a door to shelter and said "Come on in, it's warm and dry and there's food and it's all free!" and I said "No, I'll just stand out here and catch my death."  Duh, Linda, go inside - what are you afraid of?  That someone will help you?

So next week is going to be a whirlwind of crazy, but it's the good kind of crazy where you come out the other side a stronger and better person. Have you ever felt that way?  Kind of scared and excited all at once?  Not sure if you'll be able to handle it, but eager to learn more about something you enjoy?
I keep telling myself, "I can do this!".  I look at the 43% anticipated job expansion in IT in the next 6 years and feel good about my decision.  And I look at my new "garden" and think that this is, indeed, a time for growth.
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