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Friday, January 30, 2009

Attention Employment Recruiters -- Why You Might See "Knitter" on my Rťsumť


10.  Knitters are patient.  An average pair of socks is made up of over 22,000 stitches.  Thatís a lot of loops to pull through loops.


9.  Knitters think outside the box.  If the item they are knitting needs to be a bit wider or longer in order to fit, a Knitter will stray from the pattern and improvise.


8.  Knitters are team players.  If a Knitter canít knit an entire patchwork charity blanket, other Knitters will each knit a square and sew them together so the recipient will get it right away.


7.  Knitters are prepared.  They keep bins of yarn, containers of needles, and books of patterns.  When the call goes out for knitted items, they are ready to go.


6.  Knitters are industrious.  They donít waste time playing video games or viewing sleaze on the web.  When they have spare time, like waiting at the doctorís office or at the DMV, they knit, and when they are done they have a useful product to show for it.


5.  Knitters are helpful.  If a Knitter canít figure out what an SKP is, a simple online query will result in 100 other Knitters offering to show how itís done.


4.  Knitters are proactive.  A Knitter knows that eventually socks get holes in them.  A Knitter will carry a strand of woolly nylon along when knitting areas that will see wear to prevent that.


3.  Knitters are resourceful.  In a pinch, they will use chopsticks for needles, rubber bands for point protectors, and paper clips for stitch markers.  They will knit with anything; cut up T-shirts and plastic grocery bags, even old videotape.


2.  Knitters are innovative.  If a pattern for a hat canít be found, a Knitter will grab a measuring tape and a stitch dictionary and write one.


1.  Knitters are thrifty.  Instead of spending ten dollars on a sweater from WalMart that will shrink, fade, and fall apart in one year, they will spend eighty dollars on the supplies and knit one that will last fifty years.  Cost savings: 84%, or $420 (not counting tax).


Now, if that isnít an impressive skill set, I donít know what is!


Hire a Knitter!


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