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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Location, location, location...

You know how sometimes you see a For Rent sign, and you get an irrational desire to move? Even though the place is smaller, in an older building, and upstairs of a busy retail/restaurant establishment that opens earlier than our alarm clock usually goes off? And I dont know the landlord, or who would be our neighbors, or how many rooms there are and if utilities and water are included? And there would be no bus for Dear Jay to take to his work (because we only have one car), and the apartment is ten miles farther from my work, and gas is $4.00 a gallon? Even though we love where we live; its quiet, convenient, and has secure underground parking: all of which this apartment does not have? And wed have to give up the new washers and driers and cool loft bedroom and newly paved driveway and charcoal grills in the backyard that anyone can use? Because the allure of this place is so strong that I, if only for a moment, considered breaking my lease and stuffing the prodigious amounts of crap that we own into boxes and bags and trucking it down three flights of stairs and out to this suburb and up another flight of stairs? Including a sofa sleeper that I think weighs more than our car? And Dear Jay would seriously flake if I told him we were moving without asking his opinion first? And Id probably have to fight off dozens of my acquaintances who would all be competing with me for the right to sign the lease?

Oh, it may sound like Ive lost my mind. Gone stark, raving bonkers. Taken up permanent residence in the land of loopy-loo. But you, my fiber friends; five little words and you will understand completely.

The apartment?

Its above The Sows Ear.

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