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I'm in the (very long) process of removing my Earthlink pages and moving things to a new location.  I've made some updates and changes to this list, and I'll be hosting it at my new blog site - the direct link to the post with this information can be found here.  The new site I'm setting up is and in addition to maintaining this list, I'll be posting a few of the better / more interesting deals I run across.

I'm also setting up a Facebook page, though that's a little farther down the road.  There's not going to be much there until I get the rest of the site stuff done, but you can find it at

Please update your bookmarks, there will be no more changes or updates here in the future.  Also, please feel free to look over the changes at the new page, and let me know if anything needs to be updated, corrected, adjusted, tweaked, etc.  I'm still in the process of getting it set up and formatted, so there's plenty of things to suggest!  As always, you can drop me a line with any ideas or suggestions (thalen at thalen dot net).


Top list: Companion site to a Mac deals page (  Good deals, a mix of Tech and other, and categorized as well as time-stamped. Very targeted, but not as extensive as other sites.  A mix of Tech and other deals.  Almost always only great deals. Always worth a loot. Complete, with a mix heavy on Tech, but other things thrown in if the deal is good.  New deals list at the top of the page throughout the day.

Good, worth checking regularly: Seems to have fallen a bit, lots of higher ticket items but still has a mix of things.
Ben's Bargains Smaller selection, but seems to be pretty well filtered for just good deals A very promising site, with mostly 'techie' bargains listed.  Not a huge number of specific deals, but the ones they have up seem like a goot bunch.  (Thanks Blair!)
Coupon Girl (New)
Newer coupon site (Thanks Jessie!)
Coupon Cabin (New)
ANother newer coupon site (Thanks Kristina!) Another new one, a little differently organized.  Not too bad looking, though the deals seem a little older than the best sites above. Seems to have a fairly small selection of deals, but so far it looks to have a pretty decent filter, most of the ones it does have seem pretty good.  (Thanks Rahvin!) Another VERY extensive list, and very well organized - sorted by category or store name.  I'll be checking this new page out a little, but it sure looks like a keeper

OK, not usually worth checking, but may occasionally have something good:

FatWallet This site looks to be fairly extensive, with a mix of tech, electronics, and home deals.
Coupon Paradise Smallish, just coupon lists, but fairly thorough
Coupon Craze Listed mostly by store...takes a little to get through this one, but it seems OK
GoGo Shopper Simple, deal list by date, nothing fancy, deals seem mostly non-tech Seems to have changed to mostly food and Amazon links At least temporarily dead, check back later Mix of deals, well written but not extensive
MoreStuff4Less Doesn't look groundbreaking, is date-sorted nicely, but deals seem sparse. Little tech stuff, but a good list
Funtasia's Internet Coupons Usually a pretty good list of non-tech stuff Decent number of mixed deals, usually not too bad Big list, mostly non-tech Not bad, not great Decent site, but I am not fond of the organization Not that amazing, though the list is good...ugly formatting OK, mostly so-so deals and quasi-ads
Not open yet, keep an eye on this one (Thanks Kimmy!)

Dead and 'should be dead'

American Shopping Online Seems to be too commercial, and few deals.  A few coupon links.
Incredible DVD Doesn't seem to have DVD deals any more, just links
Coupon Madness Turned into a shopping blog
Flamingo World Usually ick
PriceZilla Seems to be gone now Updated...I think.  Maybe not.  Now with popups! Not sure why I saved this one at all.  Now seems to be a forum page for posting deals.
ComputerLandCentral Appears to be dead for now A site specifically dealing with a landing page, may be dead Getting a landing page, may be dead.
Coupon Finders May be dead
Coupon Garden Getting a landing page, may be dead May be dead Getting a landing page, may be dead Getting a landing page, may be dead

Most of these link straight to the page you need to see, but explore a little and see what all they have to offer.  They are listed more-or-less in the order of my preference.

For those of you who have been using this page for many years, you realize that I haven't changed anything here in quite a while.  Hopefully that will be a thing of the past, I'm back in a position where I can spend a little time looking up shopping sites and adding links that people send me.  It took me a little longer to get running than I'd thought (I recently left California and moved to southern Florida), but things have settled down a bit and I'll have at least a little time to get this thing back under control.

Comments below are from the old page, but updated slightly, so take a quick look if you're interested.

I haven't bought anything online through auctions in a long while (with the exception of a rare Ebay spree, go figure).  For the most part, online auction sites are not worth looking at except for ultra-cheap junk (and often not worth it even with that clarification).  The sites that seem to allow you to 'bid' on items for pennies on the dollar are almost without exception 'scams' - not stealing from you, but once you understand the details of how the 'bidding' works, you'll see that most are really a lottery more than an auction.  Avoid them.

Discount code sites have been around a long time, and sometimes you can take advantage of special discounts through them, but weeding out the junk, expired codes, and outright false links can be tricky.  I encourage people to take a look, but look carefully, and if you notice any problems with any of the sites I list here, please drop me a note (thalen at thalen dot net) and let me know.

The way discount code sites work:  Specific online stores will offer a special code, often time-limited and sometimes with limited number of uses, that you can enter in a special box before you check out that will give you a discount, extra items, free or discounted shipping, etc.  Always verify that the code does what is claimed BEFORE finalize your purchase, and ignore any that want you to click the 'buy' button before you see what it is giving you.

Before you buy ANYTHING online, or at a store for that matter, you should check and see what the thing is really worth.  This is especially true when using online auctions, as I've seen to many items going for MORE than the list price (and tack on shipping after that).   Research a little, search Google! for stores, check places like Cnet Shopper or PriceWatch for computer and electronic items.  Search around on Ebay or for comparable items

ALSO:  For ALL online purchases, KNOW WHAT YOU'RE BUYING!  Never buy anything you're not familiar with, including brand and model info, because people will sell you anything, not just what you might like.  I've bought real crap on perfectly good sites because I assumed that I knew what I was buying.  RESEARCH EVERYTHING!  Want to know more about whatever it is you're looking for?  There are dozens of product review sites. also has a good review area for a lot of it's products...lately, I've been going there to find out more on some of the things I've bought, and a number of other sites offer similar review areas - volume is king with reviews, it's rarely worth making an opinion about a product based on a few reviews, and sometimes it takes hundreds before you can totally trust the average.  And remember, more people will log in to complain about something, few ever bother to make reviews if they like the product.

Also, a few people have asked, so I'll reiterate what I said on my home page...if you would like to put up a link to this or any other part of my web site, feel free to do so.  I don't need to OK the link or the way you use it, I'm cool with however you see fit to build your own site.  I'd appreciate a quick note letting me know where the page is, but even that is optional :-)

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