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This is a list of my interests, favorite things, etc.  A waste of time for the most part, unless you REALLY want to get to know me better.

Mystic Adventure (Mudding):

I have moved all the Mystic Adventure mud files <--- here.

Online Shopping:

I've been a fan of shopping online, through retail outlets and auction sites, for many years. A little of the experience I've gained has been placed online for those of you fairly new to the subject.  The link HERE will take you to the page with the information, and can also be reached through my LINKS page.


I have read and enjoyed many, many books, and I have a certain penchant for sci-fi and fantasy literature.  Check the list below, and if you enjoyed many of the books listed, you might try a few of the ones here you haven't read.  (insert shameless plug for purchasing these books through some online store by clicking the link)

Piers Anthony has published a large number of books.  Some of the best sci-fi genre books are his, including his 'Incarnations of Immortality' series, wherein he puts human faces on all the good immortals / deities (death, war, nature, fate, time, as well as God and satan).  This is a classic series, and shouldn't be missed.

He also published a series that I think work well for younger readers, and though well written, are a little more juvenile (and horribly FULL of puns), called the Xanth series.  I've read many of them, and enjoyed them.  He has published other series in the fantasy and science fiction areas, too numerous to mention, and few if any are not worth reading.

Terry Goodkind has a series called 'The Sword of Truth' that I personally found fascinating.  It's pretty standard "boy meets girl and saves the world from the evil magician" fare, but very well done and with some new twists.  It contains some of the most original ideas since JRR Tolkien.  One warning, reading these books isn't for the feint of heart -- the first books are in the neighborhood of 1000 pages, almost too large to comfortably hold while reading.  It is worth the effort, however.

Joel Rosenberg has written a number of books, including his 'Guardians of the Flame' series.  Again, fairly standard settings, this one involving players of a game remarkably like the old Dungeons and Dragons game by TSR, who inadvertently get sucked into the fantasy world they play in, and the series takes off from there.  The series is nicely developed, and the character development really makes the story enjoyable.  His series 'Keepers of the Hidden Ways' actually starts in a fairly similar setting, but turns very quickly in a completely different direction, rolling the story line into a new twist on Norse mythology.  This was another series that kept me driving back to the bookstore.

Another series (I hope) that Rosenberg wrote is completely different, but turned out to be two of my favorite books.  'D'Shai' and 'Hour of the Octopus' are set in a very interesting world of political intrigue as well as magic.  Some very unique concepts come out in these books, and I can honestly say that these are among a very small list of books that I can read literally over and over without tiring of them.  I haven't checked recently for additions to this shoreline, but now I think I'll have to...

L.E. Modesitt, Jr. wrote a series called 'The Recluse Saga' about magic, order and chaos, and the development of technology in a magical society (in later volumes).  It is written from a very interesting viewpoint, but rather than give anything away, pick up the first book, 'The Magic of Recluse' and see what you think.  If you like the first one, you'll really enjoy the rest.

Mercedes Lackey is another very prolific author.  She has several series all set in the same world, with concepts and topics ranging through quite a range despite the seemingly limited.  I can easily recommend books by Lackey simply by knowing she wrote them, as I've never been disappointed (and I've read much of what she's written).  These are pure fantasy literature, and I would do the series no justice in even trying to describe what it is about.  Just pick a series and start in, you'll be hooked after that.

If you like vampire books (which I don't) or detective/mystery books (which I also don't), you should enjoy the 'Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter' series by Laurell K. Hamilton.  Oddly, I really enjoyed the series, even though I had to be lead kicking and screaming to read them.  The characters and the writing style have an enjoyable combination of humor, egotism, and supernatural suspense, and above all else the material is quite obviously well researched.  Far from being simply about vampires, the subjects in the books range from were-creatures to voodoo to faerie magic, all in a very contemporary setting.  Reading the last page of one of these books was a sure sign I was on my way out the door to the bookstore.

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