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Please note:  Much of this information is out of date, and in the near future I will not be hosting this information.  I have made all the files available to the Imm staff, and I'm awaiting word that the files are being hosted somewhere else.  If you're seeing this message, please feel free to harass them about the new home ;-) 

As soon as I get word about the new location, I'll change the links here to point to the new location (and leave this page up in case you don't want to bookmark a new place)  There's not a big rush...until then, the information will be here, I'm not planning on leaving anyone high and dry ;-)

Here is where you will find the majority of the data I'm going to be publishing about Mystic Adventure.  Eventually you will find basics for mudding, stuff that's specific just to Mystic, info on building, and maybe even some personal advice.  Check back every so often, as I'll be updating things as I get around to making them current.

First off, you can reach the mud normally at port 4000 or 5000.  If your DNS server is down or there are problems along those lines, try using the numeric address, port 4000 or 5000.  Failing all that, check out the mud status page to see if there are any problems we are already aware of.  There are addresses on that page where you can write or send an ICQ message to one of the immortals if you want to report problems.

Of course, much of the info here is closely related to what you can find on the official Mystic Adventure web page but not all of it.  Some things are updated, some things may be won't know unless you look :-)

So far, the offerings include:

The Mystic Beginner's Guide - a guide to mudding in general, with emphasis on how we do things

The Newbie Imm Guide - for those of you who are just getting started as an Immortal

Building Pages - Info on area building, including Thalen's personal hints and shortcuts

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