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This is going to be a simple listing of some of the web pages that clutter up my bookmarks (yes, a NETSCAPE term, deal with it :-)  I'll give a link and a paragraph explaining what/why...well, look below, you'll get the hang of it.  There may in the future be blatant advertising and click-throughs, but only to places I've found on my own and approve of.  Now, on with the show...

Shopping - this list is long enough for its own page, click through to learn about online shopping, price-comparisons, and online auctions.  Newly added is a list of sites that offer online discount codes, some of which are a must-see.

Google, has surpassed MetaCrawler as my favorite search engine.  I'm not sure exactly how they do it, but they seem to have exactly what it is I'm looking for, every time I use it (although, exactly what search words you use on ANY search engine will make a world of difference...)

MetaCrawler is slightly odd and a little over-commercialized, but it does a nice job of searching (at this time) 14 of the more popular search engines for hits (interestingly, incluing Google, mentioned above).  I use the advanced search page to get a little more specific info.  This isn't the most advanced system in the world, but it's always done well for me.

Yahoo! Games - A bunch of free online (java-based) games, including crossword puzzles, blackjack, backgammon, bridge, and the hugely popular card game Euchre :-) amongst many others.  Many of these are multi-player games, and you go to a 'chat room' to meet or recruit other players.  The games are simple but well done.

Yahoo! Maps - I like the feature that will allow you to find nearby businesses.  Put in your address, and search for a business name (or click through their list of business definitions) and you get the address and distance.  MapQuest has similar information, but I don't like their interface as much as Yahoo's...but, if you want to print out a good map, MapQuest has a better set of features for displaying larger maps.  Interestingly, Yahoo gets the graphics (at least) for their maps from MapQuest...

Gamesville - This site has a collection of online games, including trivia, bingo, and card games.  The hitch here is that you can win money, and it's free to play.  OK, the odds are you won't win much (I won $1.50 the first day I played), and the games that offer up to $5000 (at last count) prizes rarely pay off...but they do pay off sometimes, and since they are free games, it's certainly worth the price.  The games are generally fun and easy to play, so it's worth a peek.

TV Guide Online - Yes, THE TV Guide!  This is another example of what you can find on the web by simply typing the name of what you're looking for in the url (www.<insert_company_name_here>.com).  Stop subscribing to those magazines or Sunday papers just to see what's on the television.  You will have to navigate the listing of all the television/cable companies in the US, but when you get there, you can have a bookmark that brings up the current listings.  It even adjusts the listing based on the current date and time.  It's not QUITE as convenient as a printed listing, but it's close. - This link is of little interest to anyone except gamers, but I had to put it here.  This is the home site for the online gaming community that plays the wildly popular games by Blizzard Entertainment.  Games there include Diablo (and the soon to be released Diablo 2), Starcraft / Brood Wars, and Warcraft.  All hugely popular games, and all playable on line for FREE through servers. is one of the best sites I've found (OK, THE best, hands down) for information on my favorite PC game.  If you want info on that game, you have to go there.

Got something you want to see here?  A site that you'd like to see?  Questions?  Answers?  MAIL ME!!!

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