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All about Thalen's history
Thalen's History of the World
The now-famous story of Bob the cricket
More about Bob, and proof of life after death
Some of Thalen's other interests
Where Thalen wastes his other time online
Advice on purchasing online, and links to online discounts and coupons
A few snapshots of the view from Thalen's apartment

This revamped site is brought to you as a result of my new domain, Thalen.net.  Keep in mind...the old pages are still here, and they're still located at earthlink.net where they used to be.  I just have the thalen.net address pointing to the old home page (or, in this case, the NEW home page where the old one was).


My latest obsession, Blizzard's World of Warcraft, has enticed me to add a few pages about the game.  My contribution to the community can be found here.

I've uploaded a satellite picture of the (not so) recent fires in California, showing my proximity.  No worries :-)

Take a peek at the latest addition to Thalen's family!  Don't miss the drama, the action, or the touching surprise ending! Read the whole story here





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