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Welcome New Homeschoolers!

This website is for the sole purpose of helping families that are New to Homeschooling or New to Our State get started. 


Pages on this website are broken down to make it easier to help you find what you're looking for.  Our handy Links page contains over 40 separate websites for curriculum, homework helps, DNPE, HSLDA and NCHE.  Our  Getting Started page contains general information on Homeschooling, testing and how to get started.  There is also a handy Support Groups page to help you find a local support group. 

Our  Sports, Activities & Classes page contains useful information like fencing, football, tutors, various classes, and more.  Be sure to add us to your favorites and check back with us often for latest updates. 


If you have a question and/or need additional help, please us the Contact Us page to the left.

Community Announcements

Mastiff/Hound mixed Puppies

We have 9 Mastiff/Hound mix puppies in the Kernersville/Union Cross/ Walburg/North High Point area that are ready for good homes, 6 male and 3 female.  All have great personalities, very smart, playful, protective and great for home or farm.  Most will be medium to large dogs with most being short-haired.  You can view their photos using the link below and/or interested in adopting one or would like to see them in person, email contact is also below.


Email Contact

See Sports, Activities & Classes for Voice Lessons in Kernersville.

Please note that most of the info on this site is a few years old.  With this in mind, do use the contact info and through that you should be able to find the current contact person/s.  Sorry for not having current updates as I am no longer homeschooling but do continue to help all I can, and I replaced my pc with a mac 4 years ago which my earthlink site builder was not compatible,  until now.  Go figure. So, I have now gone through all but the Links page, took out what was old and no longer available, left what could be used and will post updates as often as I can.  If anyone has anything homeschool related that you would like to post or advertise, please contact me using the Contact Us link to the left of this page.

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