Remember the Young Woman in the Mirror

A letter from a high school coach to her players

By:  Stephanie Benjamin

Tape this up on your bathroom mirror, in your bedroom, and locker.  Look at it every day before and after every practice and every game and remember it’s importance.  Ultimately, you are accountable for the choices you make.

If you can look at yourself and say:

I have given all I had to give and the did the absolute best that I could do today... you are a success.

I made my team better today, by building their confidence and helping them... you are a success.

I met my challenges with confidence and self esteem and did not doubt my abilities today... you are a success.

I worked harder today than I have ever worked... you are a success.

I was not concerned with personal glory, but impassioned with making our team as good as it could be... you are a success.

The choices I made today were in the best interest of the team... you are a success.

I pushed myself beyond my limits and failed today so I could be better tomorrow... you are a success.

I forgave myself; and my team mates; and my coach’s for mistakes we might have made today.  I did not judge them.  I just forgave them... you are a success.

When you come to practice and look in the mirror and see a tired, burned out, physically and mentally exhausted girl; when you just want to go home and crawl under the covers, remind yourself: the sacrifice of going to practice and working harder than you have ever worked when it is not easy, is what makes great players great.  Meet the challenge, push yourself beyond your expectations.  Become great.  Great sacrifices always come back to you ten fold.

When you look in the mirror, remember you are looking at someone who your coaches care about very, very much.  Someone who your coaches trust and believe in.  Treat the girl in the mirror nicely.  She is the best there is.  Do not abuse the person looking back at you.  You deserve your love too.

When all is said and done, tomorrow is another day.  You will always have this standard to measure your success.  Use it until the day you die.  Only than is it out of your hands.  Remember the young woman in the mirror.  It is always your choice to be a winner, every day.  Never judge yourself by the score of a game.  You are successful and a winner by the choices you make day in and day out.  What kind of person will you choose to be today.
         - Love Coach