A Glossary of Beach Volleyball Terms
Beach volleyball players and fans, as well as beach-goers in general, have developed their own language.
Here is a glossary of volleyball slang as heard on the sand.
Bambi: A player who tenses up and does not play aggressively.

Beddie: A bikini-clad beach girl.

Boom: A ball spiked straight down into the sand.

Chuck: A ball that is pushed or thrown, rather than hit.

Facial: A spike to the face. Also known as a six-pack because volleyball etiquette holds that if you give another player a facial, you buy him or her a six-pack to help ease the pain.

Flosser: A woman wearing a thong or G-string bikini.

Heater: A hard-driven or spiked ball.

Jed: A block.

Juice head: A body builder at the beach.

Kong: A one-handed block similar to the move King Kong performed on the biplanes in the original movie.

Lip: A good dig. Gets its name from the lip-like appearance the arms create when they are placed together for a dig.

Missile: A spike or serve that rockets out of bounds.

Rock: A guy without the body for the beach.

Roof: An excellent block that ignites barking from the crowd, as in "Roof! Roof! Roof!"

Spade: An ace serve.

Stone: A woman without the body for the beach.

Surf hamburger: A swimmer who gets banged up in the undertow.

Team Advil: When two teammates are fighting and edgy with each other.

UC State: An unconscious state where a player or team can do no wrong.

Volley Dolly: A female groupie.

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