The Tip

The Tip is often used by setters who receive a too-tight pass, but by using it only as an emergency play, they lose out on the offensive power behind the tip. The best time to use the tip is on a good pass because the defense won't expect it. You need to execute the tip fairly quickly, but being deceptive is more important than being fast.

Good setters can combine both speed and deception when they tip. When executing the tip, use a firm hand and a quick wrist. Avoid using your elbow as a lever because this "slam dunk' technique will usually get you called for a throw. You can tip with either hand, and you can direct the ball forward, behind you or to the middle of the court.

A tip can be hit short or deep. Setters usually tip to the middle because it allows them to be the most deceptive. If the defense changes strategy or is covering the middle well, then tip toward the sidelines. It's a good idea to stick with your strong tip, but still throw in a little variety. You should go with your favorite shot, but other times you should target a different area. And your opponents start expecting the short tip, You should go to the deep corner.

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