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Saving The Tight Pass

From time to time, your passers will overshoot their target, and the ball will begin to drift over the net. Instead of cowering as the opposing hitter smashes it back at you, take steps to save the tight pass. On a tight pass, your first priority is to make a set. On a tight and high pass, the first option is to use a jump set. This requires a pretty good jump and good arm and hand strength. Angle your back toward the net to keep from netting, jump straight up and contact the ball with both hands. Angle your hands back to your side of the court to help keep the set off the net.

A second option-one that's much harder to execute-is the one-handed set reach high with your outside hand (the one closest to the net) and keep your hand, fingers and wrist stiff. You need to kind of poke at the ball. This is the safest way to do it without being called for a lift. The softer your hand and wrist are, the more likely it is that the ref will blow the whistle for a lift. If you can't reach the ball and you're a front-row setter, try to attack the ball either with a hit or a tip.

Or you can put up a block against the opponent's attack. If you're in the back-row, the last-ditch options are limited. If the ball is out of your reach and drifting over the net, try faking a set. This will confuse your opponents and might keep them from attacking the overpass. Another thing you can do is fake a block by jumping, and then pull your hands down. This can also affect their options.