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Ted Leib
1671 Neale St.
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 296-7834
Free Demo Download of Compustats
A solid stats program. CompuSTATS CourtSide(tm) for Volleyball enables a single user to keep all NCAA-required statistics, including all hitting, setting, and defensive categories. Events are entered using a single keystroke, followed by two keystrokes for the player number credited with the stat. In addition, a user may keep non-NCAA stats such as total serves, receptions, serves-to-point, digs-to-kill, and receptions-to-kill. The boxscore, produced on plain paper, closely duplicates the official NCAA box, including column separations (very handy when run through a fax machine). Other reports that can be generated include a play-by-play, individual game stats, player game-by-game performance, and a rotation success report. Comprehensive cumulative stats can be generated with SportStat(tm) for Volleyball, which is sold either separately or together with CourtSide for Volleyball. SportStat provides season and career statistics for all players. These may be broken down by any combination of matches (e.g. conference/non-conference, home/away, etc.). As of July 1, 1998, CompuSTATS CourtSide was in use at over 350 colleges and universities nationwide.

PenSport Inc.

PenSport, Inc.
1220 Valley Forge Road Suite 28
Valley Forge, PA 91482
(610) 983 - 3163 phone
(610) 983 - 9548 fax
Email :Seth Loux <>
Since 1991, PenSport, Inc., has been dedicated to the development of computer solutions for professional, college, and scholastic sports teams. PenSport's advanced programming techniques offers coaches state-of-the-art solutions for their information collection and reporting needs. For real-time game charting, the PenSport applications, which run on existing desktop and laptop computers, can also operate on pen based computers that utilize a pen for input rather than a keyboard or mouse. In addition to the live charting and statistics programs, applications such as; player evaluation and ranking, play book design, equipment management, college profiling and recruiting are available. Requires a PC running windows.


111 South Ferguson St.
Lamoni, IA 50140
(515) 784-3479
This program has been in use by the US National teams, since the early 1980's. Rod Schall, former Graceland Men's Head coach has a passion for statistics and information that is matched by few in sport, and with Jim Coleman has been building this program to many levels. Both Mac and PC Windows and DOS versions exist.



Aldis Berzins, Assistant Coach for the USA Women's Volleyball Team, created the statistical-video computer software program called SCOUT. It has been extensively used by both the USA Men's and Women's programs during this quadrennial. During a match, the coach looks at a bench laptop which has statistics transmitted to it through a wireless network. The program also creates a data file which is used by a computer controlled video editing system for the automatic creation of edited coaching tapes (sideout, point scoring, highlight, etc.) A simplified version of the SCOUT program is available for your club or school team. For the availability and cost of these programs, please call Aldis at (619) 229-0909 or send him e-mail him

Volleyball Statistics Manager

Scott Teel
4504 Ridgecrest Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 531-5616
Excellent stats program, used by many NCAA volleyball programs around the nation.



Cliff Ault
PO Box 633
Winfield, IL 60190
(708) 231-5683
Good for during and post match statistics for all skills.

InfoVolley Analyzer

PeterPeter Visual Solutions
Faelledvejens Passage 12 - 2tv
DK 2200 Kbh
Telephone/FAX (DK) 31352850
Only for Macintosh. VolleyAnalyzer on-line coaching and scouting system. Volley Analyzer does Sideout, and is $820. Sideout+ is $1,200. VolleyAnalyzer Gold is complete transition and sideout analyzing.

Best Effort Software

John Lemieux
Best Effort Software
569 Viscount Rd, London
Ontario, Canada, N6J 2Y1
Stats, tourney and other programs.
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E Zee Score

P.O. Box 25113
Greenville, SC 29616
(803) 281-0960
A DOS or Windows 3.1 based program for many sports, used in many countries for soccer and other sports, and very applicable for all volleyball needs at the league/tourney level.  Demo program is at

The League Play Scheduler

J.L. Millikin, 14441 Misty Meadow Lane
Houston, TX 77079
(713) 497-8212
Currently DOS based , a shareware program for league round robin and other events. It will soon to be Windows application with registration, improved tourney scheduling, stats collection and facilities scheduling included.


Schedule Wizard

Timeless Technologies, has created a package called Schedule Wizard that can be used by anyone to created balanced schedules for virtually any sports league (including volleyball). The package is extremely easy to use. For more information you can send him e-mail or URL on the internet is: Wizard This product could be of great use for volleyball organizations, schools, etc. A multi-media presentation of the product is also available on the web page listed above.

Datronics, Inc

331 32nd Ave
Brookings SD 57006
(605) 697-4686
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Match Maker League Scheduler for Windows
Download  or email with questions

VB Statistics

Park Enteprises
R1 Box 188, Hersehey, NE 69143
(308) 368 7327 or FAX (308) 368-7525


SYDEX Computer Systems
5829 Christie SE, Grand SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508
(800) 733-4023 Call for Information