The Role Of A High School Volleyball Official
    As a high school volleyball official, your primary responsibility is to ensure equal opportunity and fair play for all participants.  You control the tone of the match by demonstrating an impartial attitude and making decisions that are free from bias and within the spirit and intent of the rules.  Volleyball is unique in that it requires you to judge the skill and technique of players each time they contact the ball, making your job extremely critical in regards to conducting the match.  In other sports, officials do not always make the same kinds of decisions.

    Every time a player touches the volleyball, you must decide whether or not the player's action is legal.  Was the ball held too long?  Was it contacted more than once?  Your judgements become even more challenging when you officiate players who have not yet mastered their skills.  Then you have to adjust your standards by broadening your definition of legal contacts.  With all of the decisions you have to make as a volleyball official, you must be careful not to let your role dominate the match.  After all, the sport is for the players, not the officials.

    Try to remember your primary responsibility -- to provide an environment for fair and safe play.  Because you determine the legality of each and every contact with the ball, you must be consistent in applying the standards that you establish.  Your decisions have to be based on the same criteria, regardless of which team or player contacts the ball, or what skill is used during the contact.  These judgements are your biggest challenges, but they are crucial to assuring that every participant has an equal opportunity to win or lose.
  View yourself as a facilitator, not as an enforcer.  Start by assuming that the participants are doing things legally rather than looking for reasons to blow your whistle and call violations.  Keep yourself in the background until your judgement is needed.  If you make sure that everyone is treated equally and fairly, you have done a good job as an official.

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