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Jumping Jim's Gym Room

Jim Herb is the co-author of In Search of the Athletic Scholarship (his wife Marcy is the other co-author). In his locker are other narratives and links as well. Watch out for the "Jim Shorts" and other dirty articles of clothing on the floor (grin). Jim is also a Special Contributor to the Prodigy Sport Pages. 
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  • West Side--Southern California Volleyball 

    Westside Volleyball Offers a variety of opportunities for Adult teams to play in Leagues and Tournaments. They have hundreds of teams playing Coed, Men's, Women's, or Reverse Coed (If You Gals Want To Share The Hunk In Your Life) Volleyball in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. They Claim That There's Even A Place In Their League For Ravi Narasimhan, Corey Glave And All The Gals On Baywatch. If You See Director Harry Gunther Around Tell Him I Know Some Good Ref's.  Find A Team Send West Side Volleyball an e-notel.

    This Italian Cries "AaaCcccEeeee" 

      Rick Capone is a 1985 graduate of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. He has spent the last 15 years working as a technical writer in Florida and North Carolina.  He discovered the sport of volleyball on the beaches of South Florida in 1990, and has been enjoying it ever since. He has worked with the women's volleyball teams at Florida Atlantic University (1991-1993) and at Duke University (1994-1998), and has worked at a number of professional beach volleyball tournaments as well. 
      Rick became involved in sports writing while working part time as the assistant volleyball coach at Florida Atlantic University and writing some copy for his friend in the sports information department. Since then, he has written for a weekly newspaper in South Florida; for Service Line Magazine, an east coast volleyball magazine that is now out of print; and for other volleyball related publications and organizations. He has been writing a bi-weekly sports column ever since 1998 and enjoying the experience. 
    For Rick's latest articles tickle Rick's nose and give it a click.


    Corey's Corner

    Corey Glave is an Attorney at Law, professional beach volleyball player, an agent for Pro-Beach players, Legal Advisor to the Federation Council of High School Officials in Southern California and Legal Advisor to the Southern California Volleyball Officials Association. His articles encompass the legal responsibilities of Coaches, Officials, Players and Fans. As a pro-beach player and can be seen pictured in the Roof Volleyball Sportswear Ads. Ask Corey for an autographed Roof poster, beach volleyball questions or the Roof shirt off his back. 
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  • Holding Court

    Holding Court by  Bob Borello

    Gee, it's August already and soon, all too soon, the autumn winds will begin to blow and the beach season will be a memory .  With that in mind, we have our first Div. 1 poll of the year in this issue. Also, be sure to check out the article by my great friend Tom Fakehany on ball handling.  We also take a look at the pro beach tours and dip into the mailbox for some thoughtful words from our readers.  Here we goHolding Court