NCAA Clearing House Hotline

by Jim Herb
for Volleyball Southern California Style

    There is a new service directly from the NCAA to help high school student athletes and their parents with the NCAA recruiting process. This is a very valuable service being provided from the NCAA and contains a tremendous amount of valuable information for you. This is a touch tone, menu driving system that will allow you to hear pre-recorded messages in many areas of the recruiting process. Currently topic include; General Recruiting Rules, NCAA Clearinghouse Information, Freshman Eligibility Standards and Transfer Rules. The NCAA Hotline is from recent increased efforts of the NCAA to make PSA's (Prospective Student Athlete's) aware of recruiting guidelines and eligibility requirements. The target of this hotline is PSA's, their parents and their HS or club coaches. This is a toll free number and I urge every one to take advantage of this NCAA offering and keep the toll free number handy. You can also use this number to order some free publications such as the "NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete" or even your NCAA Clearinghouse registration packet. You also are given phone numbers of different offices within the NCAA organization such as Legislative Services to handle specific questions and concerns. The toll free number for this NCAA service is (800) 638-3731.

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