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The NCAA Clearing House

by Jim Herb

In January of 1993, NCAA Div I and Div II colleges established an agency to help simplify the initial eligibility process of Prospective Student Athletes (PSA's). This process, still controversial, is one which must be followed and completed to become eligible for NCAA recruiting. PSA's must be certified by the Clearinghouse in order to receive expense paid trips to colleges or to be offered an athletic scholarship. Until the formation of this agency, it was the responsibility of each college to insure the academic eligibility of each PSA prior to recruitment. This made the certification process subject to inconsistencies between different schools. The process now provides the same evaluation factors for each PSA by an independent agency, known only as the NCAA Clearinghouse. Each high school in the US is sent registration material each year by the Clearinghouse.

The counselors office should have registration packets available at your request. In order to register, you must fill out the form, attach a check for $18 (payable to the NCAA Clearinghouse) and return it to your counselor. They will then attach a copy of your transcripts and SAT/ACT test scores to forward. If you are a junior, you can save a lot of time by coding a '9999' on your SAT/ACT registration form in the boxes provided to indicate where to send testing results. A '9999' will prompt them to send the results straight to the Clearinghouse. Ask your counselor for a copy of the registration packet sent by the NCAA. It is entitled; "Making Sure You Are Eligible to Participate in College Sports." This is designed for you, the student-athlete, to read and understand it. I urge you to initiate this process during the spring of your junior year to avoid possible delays and a chance to clear up questionable areas that may occur.

This way, you should be ready to proceed at the beginning of the senior year. This is an important step in the recruiting process.... don't overlook it. I am surprised at the responses I received from counselors, coaches and AD's not familiar with it.

Please DO NOT get this confused with any other agency that might have a similar name containing the Clearinghouse verbiage. It MUST be the NCAA Clearinghouse. The NCAA does not endorse or sanction any outside recruiting agency and it is not the role of the Clearinghouse to search or match you up with any athletic scholarships. The role of the Clearinghouse is only to evaluate you academic background and make you are have met the requirements set by the NCAA. Upon certification you will receive a form back stating your eligibility. Review it and make sure you agree with it. You might find that you have been certified only for Div II colleges.

Should you have any questions or cannot find a registration packet, call the NCAA Clearinghouse directly at (319) 337-1492 or write to them at 2510 North Dodge, PO Box 4043, Iowa City, IA 52244-4043.

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