Coaches Guide to Beginning Volleyball Programs

So you thought you'd sneak in here and no one would know that you teach or are about to teach A Beginning Youth Volleyball Program. Your saying, "Back Row Attack! My kids can't serve the ball over the net". Well, here's the Booklet for you. I just finished reading my gift (Thank You John Kessel) copy of "The Coaches Guide to Beginning Volleyball", a publication of USA Volleyball. It covers Basic Skills, Coaching, Ethics, Motor Skills, all sorts of Drills, Passing, Serving, Setting Defense, Attacking and blocking, Practices and Practice Plans, Use of Officials, Match Protocol and anything else you need to know from start to the end of your season. I was delighted with the knowledge contained in the 94 pages and pleased with the simple yet informative illustrations. I was disappointed with some on the pictures as the contrast made them difficult to see, then again maybe your eyes are younger than mine. The Editor of "Coaches Guide to Beginning Volleyball Programs" may have been trying to show form rather than features, but I felt the clarity of the pictures could be improved.
Would I buy the booklet? Yes! I think that we never grow to seasoned in this sport that we can't go back to our roots and refresh ourselves in the basics.

Information on the booklet from USA Volleyball 800 275-8782

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