By Tom Fakehany

Your attitude is everything..

· Reliability is important. Live up to your commitments

Consider how your performance is viewed by those who do not personally know you. Spectators, coaches, players and administrators need to scrutinize you as a neutral party. ·

Every match is important to the participants and they deserve a 100% effort from you, no matter the level of play or importance of the match in conference standing. ·

Volleyball is a team sport and this includes the officials. You will get further by working with others instead of going off on a personal power trip. ·

Check your previous experience at the door. Every match is a fresh start.

Don't let a previous match affect how you call the next match -- you work for the team. ·

Remember that your role as an official is to provide an environment for fair play. Use the rules to promote the fun and competitiveness of the sport. ·

Improve your skills by reviewing each match with your officiating crew. What could you have done better, what did you do well. Take that to your next match. ·

The sport volleyball is quickly altering and you must constantly move forward if you want to remain a part of the game.

Officials cannot remain motionless --you must be constantly working to improve your game, or you become a liability instead of an asset to the game.