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What Volleyball Columnist Rick Capone of E-Sports says about this site.

"This is a very informative and fun site about the sport of volleyball created by Tom Fakehany. A resident of Malibu, California, and a volleyball fanatic, he has created a site that is full of information about every level of the sport. One of its strongest features is the information provided about the junior and high school game. There are also sections about officiating (of which Tom knows a lot about since he is a colligate volleyball referee; a section titled "411 Volleyball", which is set up like a dictionary and contains information on many different topics such as the basics of the game, recruiting information for high school and junior players, a glossary of beach terms, and much more; and a section called "The Other Court" where you can find stories and articles written by friends of Tom. This site is definitely one of the more fun sites to browse through."

Hello Everyone,  I am Tom Fakehany, The Board Chair and Rules Advisor for California Central Collegiate Volleyball Officials Association CCCVOA Web site.  I Am Also Rules Advisor For USA Navy Leagues and numerous USA Air Force Bases Around the World and the Master Instructor for the San Fernando Valley Unit of the Southern California Volleyball Officials Association.  This Site Both Know As 411 Volleyball And Earlier Volleyball Southern California Style. This Site Was Moved To The Current URL In 1995 and Specializes In High School Rules Volleyball Information.  However, There Are Pages For All Sets Of Rules and All Levels Of Play. This Site Is Designed For Officials, Players, Fans And Coaches On Training, Offensive And Defensive Systems And Lots Of Other Stuff. There Is A Section For Obtaining The Latest Volleyball Rule Book Comparisons And Books On The Sport Of Volleyball And Even A Rule Book Download Or Two.




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Enlightenment Via Publications On Miscellaneous Areas Of Volleyball  Articles From A-Z Defense To Scholarships And Physical Fitness, Nourishment And Sports Injuries.

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Rule Books NCAA/USA downloads link--NCAA has changed to revising rules in all sports every 2 years ---NFHS Rule Book must be purchased at their site as rule book and case book are not online.

Latest 2008 Rule Comparisons NCAA/USA/NFHS

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Players, Coaches And Others From Around The World Visit Here Leaving Greetings, Asking Questions And Providing Answers.  Even USA National Team's Coach Marv Dunphy Drops By From Time To Time To Answer Your Questions.

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MALIBU, CALIFORNIA USA 90265  I Live Here! Come Inside And See What's CoolSinfully Rich.  Twenty Seven Miles Of Something-For-Everyone Coastline: Broad, Sun-Baked Beaches, Hidden Coves, Tide Pools, World-Class Waves, And If You're Lucky, Bay Watch Bodies.  But See For Yourself.

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Hello!   I'm Here To Say, It's Nice You're Visiting This Time Of Day.  So If It's Morning, Or If It's Night, Leaving Your Name And Comments Would Be, All Right.   In Addition To Me, Your Notes Are Answered By Coaches, Players, Teachers, Officials, Mothers And Fathers Who Know The Sport Of Volleyball And Have Asked To Help With Your Questions.  Remember To Leave A Valid E-Mail Address If You Want Return E-Reply To Your Questions.

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Come Visit The Other Court! There Are Links Around The World And Articles On NCAA Scholarship Information, Adult Volleyball Programs In Southern California, Rules Interpretations, Juniors Volleyball Programs and Beach Volleyball Programs. Many Volleyball Programs Have Linked Courts And Lockers Over Hear, Conversing On Subjects From Volleyball Play To How To Write An Athletic Resume. So Drop In And Visit !

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The Second Oldest Volleyball Site On The Internet--Numerous People Take Credit For The Oldest Site.

Originally Created by Tom Fakehany 9/14/1994