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Timothy Everingham has been published in at least 5 countries. He has written articles for the following publications through December 2006, which are part of an international network of publications:
Orange Bytes-Orange County, CA
Keywords-Granada Hills, CA
(Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley: Home of Disney, Warner Brothers, and Universal Studios)
These are both print publications with public web verions in HTML and/or PDF formats. Through the international network of publications these publications are members of Timothy Everingham's articles have been published in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, and possibly other countries(at least 4 countries in 2003). Most of these publications are part of an advertising coop based in Houston, Texas, USA(The coop has 62 publications with 89,000 circulation and 193,000 combined readership). Timothy is a Contributing Editor for Orange Bytes and a writer/reporter for Keywords.
Dimension Online-Los Angeles, CA
Windows Media Los Angeles-Los Angeles, CA
Dimension Online and Windows Media Los Angeles are webzines directed at the entertainment, media, and streaming media industries which Timothy also writes for.
Timothy has covered the following conventions and trade shows: National Association of Broadcasters, SIGGRAPH, E3, DV Expo, Showbiz Expo, Entertainment Technology World, Game Developers Conference, LA DV Show, Videomaker Expo West, Streaming Media West, Fall COMDEX, Spring COMDEX, PC Expo, CT Expo, and Spring Internet World.
Timothy Everingham's Published Articles
Timothy Everingham lives in San Diego, California. He can be contacted via email at teveringham@earthlink.net .

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