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Timothy Everingham is a consultant in San Diego, California and is President/Owner of Timothy Everingham Consulting.


Timothy is a former Chair (CEO) of the Los Angeles Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH. SIGGRAPH is the Association for Computing Machinery's special interest group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technics. ACM is the world's oldest computer professionals organization. The Los Angeles Chapter is especially known for its connections to the entertainment and media industries, espcially in the fields of visual effects, animation, and computer games. However, it also includes scientific and medical imaging, including biotech applications; computer interfaces; and sensor technology.
Timothy is a past President of the Los Angeles Area Alumni Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, the national business honor society.
Timothy is a former member of the Advisory Board for the Information Systems Program at California State University, Fullerton. He graduated the University with honors with a double major of Management Information Systems & Accounting.
He is a former Vice President of Windows Media Users Group of Los Angeles, a user group of web/streaming video professionals and semi-professionals in the Greater Los Angeles Area.
He writes for Southern California computer publications. His articles have been published across the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Japan through an international network of publications. See his Media Page for details.
He is interested in Virtual Terrain, realistic computer generated images of real and fantasy world locations. He did the first public demonstation of the Linux version of The Virtual Terrain Project's software at the 2002 Southern California Linux Expo. See his Virtual Terrain Page for details, including images and video.
He was the leader of the Videoconferrencing Pilot Project, a project to explore the uses of videoconferecing and videocasting in computer user groups. Video libraries developed out of it, one which he still operates.
Timothy also was the Secretary of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups, an international association of computer user groups in 7 Countries with over 300,000 total members in its member groups.
Timothy served as President of the San Diego Computer Society for 3 years. While there he started and managed an internationally award winning community service project to help schools with computer technology.
He is was active in Motion Graphics Los Angeles, an association for professionals creating imagery for video and film; Linux Movies Group, a multinational forum for users of content creation software using the Linux operating system; iHollywood Forum, an organization for technology and entertainment professionals; Vojo, an association for technology, entertainment, and media professionals; the Los Angeles Cinema Club; American Motion Picture Society; and San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group. He is still particpates in North Orange County Computer Club and TUGNET(The Users' Group Network) in some capacities.
Timothy Everingham lives in San Diego, California. He can be contacted via email at teveringham@earthlink.net.

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