Forever Young by Terry

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For over 25 years, Terry Mostman has participated in philosophical, metaphysical, and healing oriented fields.  She is devoted to sharing skills and techniques that allow others to become their own teachers. Specifically featured are methods for developing intuitive abilities, tapping the extra dimensions of souls consciousness, and promoting mental,  emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Terry is an alternative healing therapist, not a state licensed medical practitioner.

"Personal Empowerment Through Enrichment of Consciousness"

Forever Young by Terry

Terry has a unique body and face enhancement program that includes:

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Other Specialty Workshops

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions using energy work and/or hypnotherapy are available to help clients in a variety of ways.

Terry has helped clients with:

The goal is to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, creating more peace and harmony within.

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Terry's office is conveniently located on Balboa Blvd in Granada Hills, CA near the 118 Freeway.

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