68HC11 Information LED lights in JAVA

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Sorry about the change in URL. My old ISP (Verizon) changed things out from under me without any notification or explanation. I've switched my ISP to NW Link. You should be able to access my pages here for quite some time, or through my domain-name tomdickens.com/68hc11. If you point to my pages please update your links. Thanks!

With this page I intend to make available information to aid in the development of 68HC11 microcontroller systems. I have seen a wealth of information about the 68HC11 on the web (see 68HC11 links), but I have not seen a good collection of How To information and examples, especially for people who are new to the 68HC11. This I will try to provide here.


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About Me

I was introduced to the 68HC11 by the good people at the Seattle Robotics Society (SRS) back about 1991. I purchased a BOTBoard from Marvin Green, found the parts needed, got the "pink books" from Motorola, and started experimenting with the HC11; I was hooked! I currently have dozens of 68HC11 systems, including BOTBoards, BOTBoard 2s, Zorin's ModCom board, and several custom built HC11 boards. During this time I was teaching college-level engineering classes at Henry Cogswell College located in Everett WA, and incorporated the HC11 and BOTBoards into an introduction to microprocessor class. The students loved it.

Currently I am using the 68HC11 in a variety of robotics projects and also in some designs at work. I also offer my microcontroller design and programming services for select projects, please contact me for additional information.

profesan.gif (25680 bytes) I am an Associate Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company, I do Java contract programming, and I teach engineering classes in the evenings at Boeing and Henry Cogswell College. I also teach in the Java certificate program at the University of Washington. In addition to work, teaching, and my family, I recently finished with a Masters in Computer Engineering from the National Technological University (NTU). In an NTU class on advanced computer graphics I created a self portrait, seen below.
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Four more RayTraced images.

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