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An essential part of a development project is good documentation. Motorola provides very nice documentation on the 68HC11 and 68HC12 microcontrollers. Some of their documentation is available on the web, including their "pink books"; a must-have for 68HC11 programming. I have also written and collected 68HC11 tool (AS11 and PCBUG11) documentation, plus the details on the S19 fiole format (compiled via conversations and code provided by Randy Sargent). I also include a copy of the hard-to-find manual for PCBUG11--I actually have a Motorola-produced hardcopy of a PCBUG11 manual! In the process of teaching college-level microprocessor and microcontroller classes I have found a few good texts which I highly-recommend.

I hope these references are as beneficial to you as they have been for me.


68HC11 Tool Documentation

Motorola MCU Documentation On-Line

Motorola keeps changing the location of the following 68HC11 documentation. I have the two key documents available as ZIPPED PDF files.

Check out the Motorola Application Snapshots for answers to many HC11-related questions

Essential 68HC12 Documents

There you will find:

To order Motorola literature online, use the online order form.

Recommended Texts

I highly recommend the following text books for 68HC11 and microcontroller information. Be sure to check for the latest edition.

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