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68HC11 Tools

I do my 68HC11 work on an old '286 machine using DOS 5.1, and also on a 233MHz Compaq running Windows 95. There are various DOS-based tools for assembling HC11 code, and for loading it into the HC11. I have settled on a set of these tools which works well for me, while friends of mine use a different set of tools; whatever works for you is worth using. There are also Macintosh tools which my students have used successfully.

Below, you can load the DOS ZIP file with the tools I use (and some which I don't). I also have pointers to other sources of 68HC11 tools.

Click to download the PCBUG.ZIP file (145K): which contains PCBUG11, AS11, and other tools.

This ZIP file contains the following files: Note: I have ordered file files in the following table for ease in describing them. They are ordered differently in the ZIP file, and thus will also be ordered differently in the directory.

The PCBUG11.exe file has been modified by Karl Lunt to work well with today's faster PCs.  Thanks Karl!

At the end of the table are 17 files which I've written to make your life easier; take a look at them.

File Size Date Description
PCBUG11.EXE 171,392
11-19-98 3:01p
The program which allows the PC to talk to the 68HC11 (in bootstrap mode), allowing you to load programs into it. See my PCBUG11_Primer.html for details on using it.
PCBUG11.HLP 55385 11-14-90 7:06p Help file for PCBUG11.EXE.
PCBUGRTN.EXE 3584 03-21-90 12:06p A supporting program for PCBUG11.EXE.
READ.ME 6761 09-26-91 3:42p A text file of interesting things about PCBUG11.EXE.
AS11.EXE 25647 01-13-92 4:59p The program AS11 is used to assemble the 68HC11 assembly language into 68HC11 machine code ( a .S19 file). See my AS11_Primer.html for more details.
ASMHC11.EXE 38992 10-23-90 7:12p Another 68HC11 assembler program. Some prefer it over AS11...
12-11-90 12:08p
04-03-90 11:34a
04-03-90 11:44a
04-03-90 11:31a
04-03-90 11:47a
04-23-90 12:14p
04-03-90 11:31a
04-03-90 11:48a
05-05-90 11:33a
"Talker" programs used by PCBUG11.EXE with the various types of 68HC11 devices.
04-03-90 11:27a
03-06-90 5:26p
04-03-90 11:32a
Code for a "talker" program.
08-14-91 10:28a
08-14-91 10:37a
08-14-91 11:28a
Code for another "talker" program.
CONVERT.EXE 7440 02-09-90 2:52p A PCBUG11 Macro Conversion Routine. I've never used it and I'm not sure what its for.
CODES.P11 1994 05-05-86 7:40p A list of 68HC11 instruction codes with some "magic" numbers. I'm not sure which program needs this, but don't delete it.
OFFSETS.P11 336 02-05-86 8:41p More magic numbers for some program...
06-27-96 10:22p
04-16-95 8:19p
06-02-95 11:04p
Not sure about these either.
6811REGS.ASM 3584 10-11-91 1:18a A list of the 68HC11 registers and their memory locations. Some people "include" this file in their code and use the definitions.
File Size Date My custom files follow:
STARTUP.MCR 199 03-12-96 9:54p A PCBUG11 "startup" files. If you tell it to, PCBUG11 will read this file when it starts up and will execute the directives in the "AUTOSTART" block. I use this to set PCBUG11 into HEX mode, to set the EEPROM range from B600 to B7FF (for an 'E1), and to read in the file E1MM.S19 (see below).
STARTE2.MCR 220 08-20-95 5:12p Same as above, but with an EEPROM range for an 'E2 chip (F800 to FFFF).
STARTUPE.MCR 216 01-26-96 3:49p Same as STARTUP.MCR, but I also load the file EXPAND.S19, which puts the HC11 into expanded mode. This allows PCBUG11 to use the HC11 for programming an external RAM or EEPROM.
TEST_RAM.MCR 226 07-07-96 11:05a A macro for testing external RAM by block-filling with various values and verifying.
E1MM.ASM 24 08-09-94 4:50a File which contains:
   ORG  $1035
fcb   $00

It sets the memory location $1035 to the value $00, which allows the internal EEPROM in the HC11 to be programmed (it defaults to being write-protected).

E1MM.S19 26 11-28-94 7:13a The machine-code for E1MM.ASM.
EXPAND.ASM 24 01-20-96 3:56p File which contains:
   ORG  $103C
fcb   $E5

It sets the memory location $103C to the value $E5, which allows external memory to be accessed.

EXPAND.S19 26 01-20-96 3:56p The machine-code for EXPAND.ASM.
Expanded memory note: If you want to use external memory with an HC11 and keep it in bootstrap mode, just place the following code in the internal EEPROM (assuming an 'E1)
   ORG  $B600
   ldaa   #$E5
   staa $103C
   jmp $8000
   ORG  $8000
* External code...

Where 8000 is the start of your program in external memory.

JMPTO200.ASM 93 01-26-96 9:02p Code to jump into external EEPROM at $2000.
JMPTO200.S19 40 01-26-96 9:02p The machine-code for JMPTO200.ASM.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - OK, the really cool stuff to make your HC11 programming easy!!!
PCBUGE1.BAT 69 02-18-96 5:28p The first line:
append d:\6811\pcbug
adds to the DOS PATH the location of the PCBUG11 and AS11 files.
The second line
d:\6811\pcbug\pcbug11 -e port=2 macro=startup
invokes PCBUG11.EXE for an 'E1 device, specifies that COM port 2 is being used to program it, and tells PCBUG11 to read the STARTUP.MCR file. Remember the STARTUP.MCR file? It sets PCBUG11 into HEX mode, defines the EEPROM range, and opens up the EEPROM for programming, all in one easy command!
PCBUGE11.BAT 33 09-10-95 9:44a Same as PCBUGE1.BAT, but for serial port 1.
PCBUGE12.BAT 33 03-12-95 11:28p Like PCBUGE1.BAT.
PCBUGE1E.BAT 70 03-23-96 10:38a Like PCBUGE1.BAT, but it calls the STARTUPE.MCR file, which puts the HC11 into expanded mode.
PCBUGE2.BAT 33 04-16-95 7:23p Uses the -A option for the 'E2, and calls STARTE2.MCR to set the EEPROM range at $F800 to $FFFF.
PCBUGA1.BAT 33 07-01-94 5:59a A version for an 'A family HC11 device.
PCBUGE1.BAK 33 06-02-94 9:35p A back-up of PCBUGE1.MCR (without the append line).
47 file(s) 292748 bytes This is what my DOS "DIR" command gives me.

Other 68HC11 tools

OK, I know assembly language it not for everyone. Here is a short list of some of the other tools available for programming the 68HC11 devices.