I have been a huge Pink Floyd fan since the mid '70s. In the early '80s my interest in Floyd led me to begin searching all the used record stores in the Seattle area looking for anything related to Floyd or its members. After considerable searching over a period of several months I came across a copy of "Unicorn 2". It was in a bin with all the other obscure artists whose names began with "U" & "V". It cost me 99 cents. It was one of the best dollars I've ever spent. When I first played it I was a little disappointed. I was looking for synthesizers and all the high tech Pink Floyd sounds.

Fortunately I didn't file it away like so many other albums. I would occasionally play it for my friends who were also big Floyd fans. The more I played it the more I found it to be a great album. Their music was so clean and refreshing. Just four guys who played their hearts out. They are one of my favorite groups. Over the years I have managed to find almost all of their recordings. They are all excellent.

Unfortunately it seems that most people have never even heard of Unicorn. I want to help change that. In 1999 I was amazed to discover that after 22 years of being out of print, Unicorn has released a new CD. It's called "The Best Of". It is a compilation from their last 3 albums. I learned that with the help of David Gilmour they were able to regain the rights to Unicorn's music. The members of the band had their songs back! After years of sitting in some basement somewhere, everyone has a second chance to hear these amazing songs. I just want to do whatever I can to give people the opportunity to experience Unicorn.

Thank you for visiting my site, and by all means give Unicorn a listen.

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