Unicorn 2 (1976)
Produced By David Gilmour
Song In White Only Appears On The 2005 Re-release

North American Release Of "Too Many Crooks"

1. Weekend (Baker)  Lyrics
2. Ferry Boat (Baker)  Lyrics
3. He's Got Pride (Baker)  Lyrics
4. Keep On Going (Baker)
5. Too Many Crooks (Baker)  Lyrics
Gilmour - Pedal Steel Guitar
6. Bullseye Bill (Baker)  Lyrics
7. Disco Dancer (Baker)  Lyrics
8. Easy (Smith, St. John, Waters)
9. No Way Out Of Here (Baker)  Lyrics
10. In The Mood (Baker)  Lyrics
11. Nothing I wouldn't Do (Baker)

Track 5. Features David Gilmour as Noted Above.

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