Shed No Tear (2002)
(MDR 1001)

1. Open Sea (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
2. Don't Want To Go Home Alone (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
3. Canada"s A Long Way (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
4. Singing Your Praise (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
5. Social Shirker (Baker) (A)  Lyrics
6. You Can Have A Dream (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
7. Get It Back (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
8. Rainy Season (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
9. Open Books (Baker) (B)  Lyrics  Music Sample
10. Restless (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
11. Is That A Shame? (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
12. Stay Out Of My Dreams (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
13. Can't Stop Thinking About You (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
14. You Tell Too Many Lies (Baker) (A)  Lyrics
15. Don't Tell Me I Know (Baker) (A)  Lyrics
( Demo Recorded At David Gilmour's Home Studio, Oxfordshire. 1979/80 )
16. Rio De Janeiro (Baker) (A)  Lyrics  Music Sample
( Demo Recorded On Cassette At Easy Street Studio, London. 1977 )
17. Volcano (Baker) (B)  Lyrics  Music Sample
( Out-take From 'Blue Pine Trees' Album, 1974 )
18. So Far Away (Baker) (B)  Lyrics  Music Sample
(Out-take From 'Too Many Crooks'/'Unicorn 2' Album, 1976 )
19. Ballad Of John And Julie (Baker) (B)  Lyrics  Music Sample
( Recorded For BBC For 'Bob Harris Show', 1974/75 )
20. Bog Trotter (Baker) (B)  Lyrics  Music Sample
( B-Side Of Single 'Ooh! Mother', 1974 )

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(A) Ken Baker lead vocal + Pete Perryer & Pat Martin harmonies
(B) Pete Perryer lead vocal + Ken Baker & Pat Martin harmonies

Unicorn Are........
KEN BAKER-Guitars,Keyboard,Harmonica,Vocals
PETE PERRYER-Drums,Percussion,Vocals.
PAT MARTIN-Bass Guitar,Guitar,Vocals.
KEVIN SMITH-Lead Guitar,Slide Guitar,Mandolin.

Robert Jacob played guitar on track #13.
Gary Smith played drums on track #15.

Tracks #1-16, & 19. Produced & Engineered By Pat Martin
Assisted By Normal Whapshott
Tracks #1-14 Restored & Digitized By Brian Robinson  Click Here To Have Your Old Tape Recordings Saved And Digitized
Tracks 17,18, & 20. Produced By David Gilmour

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