Shed Studio Sessions

The songs were recorded in Shed Studios, Send, near Ripley in Surrey. The Shed Studio was actually Pat Martin's father's garage. It had been sound proofed with egg cartons. Ken Baker, Pete Perrier, Pat Martin, and a few guitarists ending with Kevin Smith rehearsed in the Shed from 1963 when they were thirteen year old schoolboys until 1977 when Unicorn disbanded. A few months before "One more Tommorow" was recorded a 'lean-to' was added onto the garage and a 4-Track Teac 1/4" tape deck was installed to record demos. Pat Martin produced and engineered these tracks with the help of Unicorn's road manager Norman Whapshott. These songs were then played for David Gilmour when they were choosing what tracks to put on their new album. The 'Shed Studio Sessions' were recorded back in 1977/78 and eventually given to Gilmour to listen to around 1980. The 'Shed Studio Sessions' tapes were re-discovered when David Gilmour's road manager Phill Taylor was clearing out Dave's equipment warehouse. He found a load of old Unicorn tapes stored there. The tapes were returned in 2000 to Pat Martin. The band hadn't heard the tapes since 1978 and didn't have anything to play them on. They eventually purchased an old 4-Track Teac from an advertisement in a local newspaper. When they tried to play the tapes, the oxide started coming off. They didn't play them again for some time. In late 2000 Pat Martin bumped into Brian Robinson through a recording studio where Pat was doing a session. Pat had first met Brian in the early 80's when they played together in a band called 'Grapevine' but hadn't seen him in almost 20 years. Brian was told about the problem, and offered to help using his "Cubase" system. Thanks to Brian's expertise and dedication, the tapes were saved and were digitized and remixed. Finally Pat Martin took the Shed Sessions to Jon Van Horn at Full House Studios in New York City where they were remastered using Protools system. They are scheduled to be released in late December 2002 titled "Shed No Tears" The bonus tracks include a song recorded in David Gilmour's home studio, an out take from 1974's 'Blue Pine Trees' album, an out take from 1977's 'Too Many Crooks' album, a song recorded for Bob Harris' BBC Radio show, and the B side of the Famous Charisma single 'Ooh Mother'. (This is the only previously released track). This 78 minute CD is NOT a CDR and includes a 16 page booklet containing a complete set of lyrics, instrument & equipment lists. Only a limited number of copies have been produced.

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