Oct. 2001 Reunion Gig
Pat Martin had invited Unicorn fan David Disanzo to visit from New York. When David took Pat up on his offer to fly over to London Pat contacted Ken Baker, and Pete Perryer. They volunteered to get together and play a few songs for David. A few weeks before Dave's arrival they got together and practiced some of their old tunes. They were just planning on meeting their fan and just playing to Dave and maybe a couple of old friends. As people learned of the upcoming get together the potential audience grew until they ended up with about 20 people in Pat Martin's living room. The audience included family, old friends and roadies going back to when Unicorn first started. According to Pat "it was indeed like the old times when we first started playing to them". Ken played acoustic, Pat played on electric guitar or bass, and Pete played percussion. They played The Farmer, Sleepsong, Disco Dancer, Open Book and Open Sea (See Shed Studio Sessions) , Electric Night, I'm Alright (When I'm With You), My Back Pages.(Dylan song, Byrds version), and Nightingale Crescent. It went well and as planned until they finished the rehearsed nine songs, and the audience all still wanted more. So they played what they could including Weekend (hadn't been played live for at least 20 years), I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, and a 'shuffle' version of Corina Corina with Brian Robinson (See Shed Studio Sessions) on lead guitar. There are a few sound samples posted on the "Music Clips" page, and several entries in the Guestbook from lucky audience members. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time.

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