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January 28th 2001 to December 2013.
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Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@earthlink.net
Comments:Hope you like my site

Sunday, January 28th 2001 - 11:03:46 PM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: brian.robinson@nokia.com
Comments:Todd - looks like you and me are the best thing to happen to
Unicorn for a while!! Fantastic site, I'll be
keeping abreast of its progress.

I finally finished re-mixing the "Shed sessions" after
battling with my operating system. I wonder if Pat will
authorise MP3 excerpts from the songs?

All the Best

Brian Robinson
Monday, January 29th 2001 - 12:48:48 AM
Name: Jon Van Horn
E-mail address: jvhsound@cloud9.net
Comments:Great job Todd! Let's do some real audio if it's alright with
Monday, January 29th 2001 - 08:10:11 AM
Name: GilmourWhore#1
E-mail address: gilmour_ho1@hotmail.com
Comments:Congratulations on getting your site up and running! It
won't be long 'til more people are introduced to the fine
work of this talented bunch, thanks to your work! Watch out
for the Cyberspace loonies, and you'll be just fine.

Keep up the great work, and remember, this stuff is

Monday, January 29th 2001 - 08:37:07 AM
Name: Pat Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:I,m the first Unicorn to sign the book.I,m touched and
feeling a bit emotional that that you got this together
Todd.I think we've got Susan to thank for linking us
up.Well done,its great and I still cant believe it
Monday, January 29th 2001 - 01:12:51 PM
Name: Tony Jay
E-mail address: tony.jay@ntlworld.com
Comments:Amazing that I am visitor 54 as that is the year of my
birth and the number that arises most in my life!

I hope I come to know you through your site and I shall
visit again looks decidedly cool so far.

Best regards

Monday, January 29th 2001 - 03:06:59 PM
Name: Susan Patterson
E-mail address: susan.c.patterson@worldnet.att.net
Comments:You just made my day!! Thank you Todd for helping to bring
Unicorn to the world!! I know all their songs by heart and
if others can only hear the magic they created, I'm sure
they will love it too. I thank my friend Carol for sending
me Todd's email that got us all connected. Looking forward
to a great 2001. Everyone keep up the good work, best
wishes from one of the first Unicorn fans, Sue Patterson
Monday, January 29th 2001 - 03:09:43 PM
Name: Mick Procter
E-mail address: mikeprocter@sniffout.com
Comments:Pretty impressive web site.... Just like everything they
ever did.....
From an old Roadie.
Monday, January 29th 2001 - 03:59:00 PM
E-mail address: Kirstie MissFit@aol.com
Comments:I can't believe I'm looking at my dad on the internet.
Wasn't he a handsome devil in those days! I'm glad I didn't
get his chin ( sorry dad )
Seriously though I know you have done him proud with this
site, I didn't know how good they were as I was running
around in nappies when they were playing together. Maybe
now dad will give me a free copy of the "Best of" cd.....
Monday, January 29th 2001 - 04:06:28 PM
Name: Dave DiSanzo
E-mail address: david.disanzo@emicap.com
Comments:I can't believe that this has finally happened...Todd, you
did a great job. It's about time that Unicorn have their
day, and I think it's on its way. They've always been one
of my favorite bands of all time, and now it's time that
others have the same pleasure of hearing their music.
IS AVAILABLE FROM SEE FOR MILES!!! You won't be sorry.
Pat, Ken, Pete, and Kevin: your music has not, and will not
be forgotten!
Monday, January 29th 2001 - 05:48:01 PM
Name: Sev
E-mail address: sev@ntlworld.com
Comments:Great site - well done. Unicorn were a great band, and
certainly deserve this long overdue web site - especially
as they now have a new CD to sell. How about online
ordering? It can be set up for free at www.ccnow.com
Have a look at my site www.nostromomusic.co.uk to see how
easy it is.
Tuesday, January 30th 2001 - 01:48:14 AM
Name: patthecat
E-mail address: pjhlaw@home.com
Tuesday, January 30th 2001 - 07:12:44 AM
Name: Norman Whapshott
E-mail address: normanwhapshott@hotmail.com
Comments:The "Best of" CD reminded me of how good they were and this
is very enjoyable site with good information.
Congratulations to those responsible for both things.
Norman - a very old roadie
Tuesday, January 30th 2001 - 10:55:14 AM
Name: Jim Ottewell and Valerie
E-mail address: jim@jottewell.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:I am pete perriers cousin and remember him singing
"does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bed post
over night" Lonnie Donagan? when pete was about 11 or 12
I also followed the group and bought all the LPs through
the 70's and still play them and enjoy them. Petrer wrote a
very moving song for his mothers when she died and sung it
at the funeral. I have it on a very badly recorded tape. I
told him to let dave gilmour hear it. Try and persuade pete
to get a demo done for all to hear. I think its great. The
Best of is a good cd that i have in the car. Well done for
creating a very proffesional site.
Regards Jim Ottewell
Tuesday, January 30th 2001 - 11:24:19 AM
Name: Jim Patterson
E-mail address: james.patterson@halliburton.com
Comments:Its always nice to see messages from your friends and
family. I know this must mean a lot to Pete, and of course
my wife Sue. Enjoy yourselves and take care everybody.
Tuesday, January 30th 2001 - 04:25:07 PM
Name: Eric Kirby
E-mail address: eric.kirby@unilever.com
Comments:Blimey, that Pat Martin doesn't get any better looking,
does he ?
Nice web-site.
Wednesday, January 31st 2001 - 12:26:12 AM
Name: Keith Jan
E-mail address: raes@thethatch.ndo.co.uk
Wednesday, January 31st 2001 - 10:11:52 AM
Name: Susan Patterson
E-mail address: susan.c.patterson@worldnet.att.net
Comments:Thanks Todd for making this happen! Unicorn have long
deserved recognition for their fantastic music. Lets hope
that their music finally gets heard!!
Wednesday, January 31st 2001 - 11:19:09 AM
Name: Adrian Lillywhite
E-mail address: Adrian@lillywhite99.freeserve.co.uk
Thursday, February 1st 2001 - 06:28:21 AM
Name: Vicky
E-mail address: vickyvickster79@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hi Todd! Cool site! Love the lamps!
Good luck with the site. (I can't wait for the sound files.)
All the best, Vicky xxx
PS - Thanks for the link. :-)
Thursday, February 1st 2001 - 02:41:44 PM
Name: Pete Perryer
E-mail address: co. susan.c.patterson@worldnet.att.net
Comments:Hey! Todd Glenn! How about that Guy! Thank you so much
from all of us. Todd thanks a million - to you - two
million. Best wishes Pete Perryer.
Friday, February 2nd 2001 - 05:57:38 PM
Name: Jackie Helm
E-mail address: davehelm@madhousenet.co.uk
Comments:I have known Ken & his family going back many years as I
lived in the same village-Ockham & was friends with his
sister Pat.I was also there in the early days of the band
playing in Ockham Parish Room calling themselves The Pink
Bears!! (around 1966) and followed them endlessly for years
& have been married to one of their roadies Dave Helm for 30
years now!! I have always loved their music & Pat,Ken & Pete
& others who came & went - I am so thrilled with their new
CD & web site. Congrats to you all.
An everlasting fan - Jackie (ex Meech)
Sunday, February 4th 2001 - 01:57:06 PM
Name: Pat Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:I've got to admit its getting better,its getting better all
the time.If anyones got any Unicorn related questions-send
them in.I would like to confirm from the boys that this is
THE official Unicorn website.
Pat Martin. Unicorn 1963 to 1978
Sunday, February 4th 2001 - 10:57:53 PM
Name: Colin Doherty
E-mail address: colin.doherty1@btinternet.com
Comments:Great to see the new site up and running and to know that
some good things, folk and times are for ever.

The good Norman has provided me with clues of your various
whereabouts and misdemeanours over the years - so I knew
about the CD and the site plan. Both great ideas. Wish you
all well.
Wednesday, February 7th 2001 - 12:06:48 PM
Name: Michael douglas
E-mail address: dougo@tinyworld.com
Comments:I'd like to wish Pat and the band a lot of success. If you
aint got there CD get it. Maybe it's their time be great
wouldn't it
Friday, February 9th 2001 - 02:50:33 PM
Name: Dave Helm
E-mail address: davehelm@madhousenet.co.uk
Comments:Hi Pat, Pete, Ken & Kevin (and everyone involved over the
years). Do you remember that time we ------------!? Great
new CD well done. Todd - really good web site, thanks for
getting it all together.
From not the first but the "oldest" roadie! - Dave Helm
Saturday, February 10th 2001 - 02:42:27 PM
Name: Eva Rasmussen Morton
E-mail address: corinnawilde@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi! Ken, Pete, Pat and Kevin! I want to thank you for all
the good times I shared with you (back in the 70’s when I
lived in England) and for giving your music to us all. It
was great then, it is great now. I have been listening to
your cd, and I am spreading the word! ( I hear Pete has
been singing with Pat not long ago....I wish I had been
there). A Hi! to all you roadies too: Mike, Frank, Dave,
Alec and Norman.

Eva from Norway ( And don’t tell me you don’t remember..I
will tell Mike about it!)
Thursday, February 15th 2001 - 02:36:54 PM
Name: Neil Buttery
E-mail address: neilneilorangepeel@tinyworld.co.uk
Comments:The only recordings I had of Unicorn songs were on a dodgy
sony cassette, recorded on a dodgy dansette circa 1974, so
when this dodgy guy where I work told me he used to play in
the band (Pat- big respec'yo)and Best Of was about to be
released,I slapped my order down.The first thoughts on
hearing some of the songs were "I wish I'd heard these
twenty years ago!"
Superb web site, I'll visit again
Sunday, February 18th 2001 - 01:32:41 PM
Name: Joan Glenn
E-mail address: jglenn37@home.com
Comments:Todd, I am very impressed with the beautiful job you
have done with the web site. I love the format,
the music, the layout and the graphics. GREAT JOB!

(But then, I'm your mother...so what would you expect
me to say!! Seriously, really nice work!)
Saturday, February 24th 2001 - 10:00:17 PM
Name: Trevor Elliott
E-mail address: trevot@hotmail.com
Comments:Great stuff Guys
Sunday, February 25th 2001 - 06:34:08 AM
Name: Rob Birkner
E-mail address: robertbirkner@earthlink.net
Comments:Pretty cool, Todd!
Sunday, February 25th 2001 - 02:00:19 PM
Name: Rachel Reyes
E-mail address: cmguproses@yahoo.com
I really enjoyed the song samples and I am looking
forward to hearing the full songs!!

love a new fan,
Tuesday, February 27th 2001 - 05:46:23 PM
Name: Ingrid Sinclair (formally curnock)
E-mail address: izmanii@hotmail.com
Comments:the best of album is exellent i have really been enjoying it
Wednesday, February 28th 2001 - 12:53:26 PM
Name: John Glenn
E-mail address: jglenn37@home.com
Comments:Good Job! This sight really put me in Orbit.
Wednesday, February 28th 2001 - 06:22:03 PM
Name: stephen
E-mail address: boyspider7@excite.com
Comments:Finally got my chance to hear Unicorn after many
ravings from my friend Dave, and they are very good
indeed...From the clips here, definitly left me wanting
Its a cliche phrase- but, it sounds timeless (and well
recorded). Like many underrated (underselling) bands
history proves what holds water, as this seems to do.
Thursday, March 1st 2001 - 10:14:35 AM
Name: Pat Martin.
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Hey all you cornheads out there,please buy a ''''''Best of
Unicorn'CD.If we sell a few,See For Miles Records will do
another one and then all the three David Gilmour produced
album material will be available and digitally re
processed.This means no more searching for vinyl copies of
the albums and us boys can then retire to a trailor park in
Bognor Regis and contemplate our navels.
Sunday, March 4th 2001 - 08:36:31 AM
Name: Jon Van Horn
E-mail address: jvhsound@cloud9.net
Comments:as Pat said, please buy the "Best Of" CD--you won't be
disappointed! Absolutely terrific music, and the best thing
is: if a second "Best of" is released by See For Miles
records, it will be every bit as fine as the first disc. Yes,
Unicorn are that good! There are a lot more gems waiting to
finally see the light of day on CD release. Please spread the
word and have your music loving friends check out this
website to hear some samples!
Sunday, March 4th 2001 - 08:44:41 PM
Name: Trevor Elliott
E-mail address: trevot@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Pat
How about putting chords to some of the songs then we can
play along with the cd Looking forward to the next album
Tuesday, March 6th 2001 - 05:16:51 AM
Name: Michael Atkinson
E-mail address: matkinson@seymac22.cix.co.uk
Comments:Hi gurlz, great site! I must now get the CD. Yet another
familiar collection on Guildford musicians . . Don Hooley,
Ken Baker, Pat Martin!
C H E E R Z M E D E A R Z!
Monday, March 12th 2001 - 10:16:40 AM
Name: Dave Meckler
E-mail address: davemeckler@hotmail.com
Comments:The music sounds great. If we could get radio stations to
play real, good music and not Britney Spears or Limp
Bizkit, the world would be a better place. What you guys
could really use to get the word out is a tribute album.
Thursday, March 22nd 2001 - 09:47:39 AM
Comments:Known Pat for years since the days of the LATE when Bob
Potter was the manager. I was lead guitarist with WISHFUL
THINKING at the time. Many a good P**S UP had at the
Monday, March 26th 2001 - 08:04:40 AM
Name: Steve
E-mail address: blt2rck@aol.com
Comments:I love it. Keep on Rockin'. Now I know what you are doing
with your free time.
Take care,
Monday, April 2nd 2001 - 07:11:28 AM
Name: Clive Cherry
E-mail address: clive. cherry@ntlworld.com
Comments:Come on guys, get Kevin and do it allover again. Preferably
in my studio. What say you Pat.
Sunday, April 8th 2001 - 12:49:17 PM
Name: jackie helm
E-mail address: davehelm@madhousenet.co.uk
Comments:Hi Ken - where are you? Send us a message that you are
still out there somewhere! If not, any other Bakers out
there - you must be v.happy with the new site & new CD. love
to you all anyway - from a very 'old' friend ! Jackie
Wednesday, April 11th 2001 - 03:16:44 PM
Name: Alan Harvey
E-mail address: aharvey@iee.org.uk
Comments:I first met Pat and the lads (then The Late) on Friday 21st
June 1968 at Bourne Hall in Farnham Surrey. We (Magic
Alice) were the support band, and got blown away. I have a
poster for that gig on my toilet wall!

After that we bumped into one another many times over the
years and eventually I ended up depping for Pat on drums at
a few gigs - and very enjoyable they were, and I hope will
continue to be!

I thoroughly endorse all the good things that have been
said about the music of Unicorn, and this website. Good
luck lads - you deserve it! I will make it a crusade to
get Kevin back in the fold and you boys giggin' again -
zimmer frames or no.

Yer ole mate

Alan Harvey
Tuesday, April 24th 2001 - 01:53:51 PM
Name: Ken Baker
E-mail address: trevot@hotmail.com
Comments:Since the Best of Unicorn CD was released it's been like being a member of a group again,a mini-return to the old days. The work we did all those years ago stands the test of time doesn't it! But it was reading the names and messages on the Website that really took me back! No don't go getting all sentimental now.
Of course I know the danger once you get to the big 50 mark of getting all nostalgic and wandering down that old memory lane. All those sunny memories and familar faces.....?
No fear you won't catch me going all soft! You find yourself slipping into the older generation stereotype. Especially as Rock 'n Roll was supposed to be a rebellion against the old generation! But it happens, yes Dave I do remember the time we........
I was sorting through some old lyrics the other day and I found a discarded verse of "Sleepsong" which reminded me of what it was all about. There had been a house warming party when Pat and Shirley moved to Cranleigh and I had drank too much. To cut a long story short my parent's car got crashed and the next morning I had to be sure to keep a low profile- "to keep out of sight". Does it ring any bells with any one ? Hello to all my freinds out there in computerland, and a big thank you also to our new friends across the Atlantic
Saturday, April 28th 2001 - 09:33:02 AM
Name: corey burke
Comments:If you think "The Best of" is a gem, wait until you
hear the (hopefully soon to be released) "Shed Sessions".
It provides even greater evidence of the remarkable depth and breadth of the band's versatility. Peter Perryer
and Patrick Martin's ethereal harmonies linger long after the last note fades. May I hear some more, please?
Saturday, May 5th 2001 - 03:31:24 PM
Name: corey burke
Comments:Regarding the "Shed Sessions" CD, I seem to have placed
foot firmly in mouth once again.
Ken Baker sings lead on all but about three of the songs (Peter Perryer sings lead on the others) and works out all the harmonies. Peter sings the part above Ken and Pat Martin
sings the one below him. Pat also does the falsetto
above Peter. My abject apologies to Ken Baker for
slighting (unintentionally, I swear) his artistry.
Incidentally, the vocals to "Singing Your Praise" were recorded outdoors in Pat Martin's dad's garden on a
beautiful English summer day. If you listen carefully, you can hear the birds in accompaniment.
you can actually hear
Sunday, May 6th 2001 - 08:17:45 AM
Name: David DiSanzo
E-mail address: david.disanzo@emicap.com
Comments:I wanted to publicly thank Ken Baker for his posting! Sleep Song has always been a favorite, it was great to hear where it came from. Funny, because I always pictured it as something similar...having too much to drink the night before, maybe making a fool of oneself, then that next hungover morning. "I was reaching too tall...". It is such a beautiful song! Thanks again Unicorn for all the great music.
Wednesday, May 9th 2001 - 01:51:53 PM
Name: Jackie Helm
E-mail address: davehelm@madhousenet.co.uk
Comments:Dear Todd
I hate to critisize your beautiful web site BUT there is one major component missing - that is, a joke from Pat Martin - which he is the most famous for. Come on Pat, put your thinking hat on & come up with a good one, that even I can get!
Saturday, May 19th 2001 - 03:38:15 PM
Name: Pat Martin.
Comments:I dont think that would be a popular move Jacky,I'm beginning to realise that people dont groan out of pleasure at my jokes-they just groan.
Saturday, May 19th 2001 - 04:26:51 PM
Name: Trish Young
E-mail address: Trish@lordraglan.fsnet.co.ik
Comments:Fantastic site.
I have just jumped back many years to my youth, spent travelling round with my brother Ken and enjoying the ego trip of being related to one of the band. Looking at the guest book has left me reeling with memories from all the old names, Mick, Jackie and Dave, Norman etc. etc.

Good luck with the site, I shall visit it again
Monday, May 21st 2001 - 02:16:28 AM
Name: Jim Nolan
E-mail address: jimnolan@northernsteam.com
Comments:The marvellous thing about the web is if you think it there's a site on it.
I was scratching round the back of the hi-fi trying to work out why no sound was coming out. When while on my knees I looked down the side of the amp to find a clutch of singles stuck down there. They had been around a bit surviving at least three house moves. I pulled them out to find PF sloane, and the memories came flooding back.

Great song, great band, great times, and a great site.

Can life get any better.

"Talk to you later"
Jim Nolan
Monday, May 28th 2001 - 03:39:29 PM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: nakamichi@lineone.net
Comments:OK - serves me right for assuming that Nokia Media Development needed a musician to develop media. They really needed another manager to attend endless back-slapping meetings. Does anyone else wonder how many managers this world needs??

I needed an alternative e-mail address, see above, below or sideways.

I'm the one who rescued the "Shed Sessions" from imminent oxide degradation and I can do the same for any of you old rockers with dodgy tapes.

Love Unicorn, love you all.
Sunday, June 24th 2001 - 11:21:32 AM
Name: Jill Robinson
E-mail address: j.robinson@surrey.ac.uk
Comments:Kenny, Pat, Pete – hello guys – what memories come flooding back ……….
I, like Jackie(Hi Jackie) also was born in Ockham. I went to Primary School with Kenny and know Pete from St.Bede’s and the band of course and Pat from the band. Like Jackie I was also one of their first ‘groupies’(I even still have the membership card for ‘Senders’ fan club – signed! ermm 1963 I think). Any one remember Ockham Youth Club?
The Web Site is fantastic and they really deserve the recognition – well done.
I got the Best Of Unicorn cd last year (anyone want some second-hand albums – just kidding wouldn’t part with those and I still enjoy playing vinyl).
Finally a big hello to everyone who knows me.
Jill Robinson (nee Smithers) xxxx
Tuesday, July 3rd 2001 - 04:49:06 AM
Name: Pat Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Anyone out there interested in finding out about the 'Legendary Shed Sessions' probably some of the best Unicorn stuff.Never been released but loved by a select few that have heard them.Just checking for any reaction-may put some samples on this site,theres some great songs and performances -all recorded in the Shed Studio where Unicorn rehearsed from 63 to 78-some even recorded outside in the garden (complete with birdies singing along)Working title for the thirteen best tracks is 'Bakers Dozen The Shed Studio Sessions.'If you like Unicorn you'll love this.
Sunday, July 8th 2001 - 06:48:58 AM
Name: Corey Burke
Comments:PLEASE!!!! Do put up samples of the Shed Sessions!
Especially "Open Books", "Rainy Season", "Canada's
a Long Way", and "Singing Your Praise" - my favorites.
And for those of you in the Austin, TX, USA, area,
radio station KGSR (107.1FM)has begun playing Unicorn.
Just last week they played the original version of "No
Way Out of Here". It's good to hear you on the
radio, guys!
Sunday, July 8th 2001 - 08:26:30 AM
Name: John and Clare Vallat
E-mail address: cv@frithhatch.u-net.com
Saturday, July 14th 2001 - 06:18:33 AM
Name: Erik Low
E-mail address: erik.low@c2i.net
Comments: Great site, Todd! I did not see the
Kenny Baker single "Whatever money can
buy/Walking in the night" (Logo records,
GO 357, (P) 1979) in the discography.

Why not try to arrange a CD copy of the
Shed sessions? (And maybe throw in some
extra tracks, like singles' B-sides and
old acetates). I would surely be willing
to pay £ 15 for such a CD.

Wednesday, July 18th 2001 - 01:40:52 PM
Name: pat martin.
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Not out of the realms of possibility ,Eric.It would be nice to get some feedback from people -if they think its worth doing ? I think the Shed stuff is the best we've done.It was recorded in the Shed Studio at my Dads house in Send.We just learnt the songs and played them straight away-no rehearsing the life out of them.We recorded vocals in the garden(Heathrow Flight Path permitting) and used my kitchen too(lots of ceramic tiles gave an interesting echo)I could go on and on-so let me know of any interest.

er.........Roger ,0ver and out
Thursday, July 19th 2001 - 02:32:39 PM
Name: Carol Pyle
E-mail address: cpyle@austin.rr.com
Comments:I understand that Pat Martin and Ken Baker have
been playing gigs together with various
folks in the Guildford/Farnham area. Pete Perryer
also plays at times, although I'm not sure if it's
with the same band. So if you have 3 out of 4 Unicorn members playing and singing, doesn't it make sense
that they should do some Unicorn material?
Like maybe some from the Shed Sessions - which
incidentally might build a support base for having
a CD released? Or how about some of their other songs
folks would still like to hear? I've been privileged
to hear Pete (on cassette) and Pat (on CD) recently
and their voices have only improved with the years.
Also, a mailing list for Unicorn news would
be nice - if it's not too difficult or expensive to
Monday, August 6th 2001 - 11:54:29 AM
Name: Jon Van Horn
E-mail address: jvhsound@cloud9.net
Comments:Hi Pat Ken and Pete,
I know you already know how brilliant a band I feel Unicorn were/are, (one of the all time best!) and I just want to reiterate what others have said: the Shed Sessions are some of their finest music, annd sounds as if it was recorded yesterday! (Quality original music never goes out of style, and kudos to Brian Robinson for the resurrection of the tapes) and it would just be a damned shame not to see it released in one way or another, whether through the usual channels or simply on this site.
I want to suggest that any fans out there copy the link to this site and send it to their friends, if you haven't already. And if your friends like it, tell 'em to pass the link to their friends as well. And if anyone out there has any suggestions of how to stir up some interest in Unicorn, please post it here!
best of luck, and keep the faith...
Friday, August 10th 2001 - 07:35:20 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: susan.c.patterson@worldnet.att.net
Comments:I totally agree with everyone that the shed tapes are some of the best Unicorn songs and most definitely should be released on cd. I want to thank Todd again for keeping the website going, I visit it regularly and I love the new pictures of the group , especially the really young ones, it certainly takes me back a few years. I shall certainly keep trying to pass on the web site to friends, I've bought plenty of best of cd's to give to my friends. There are now plenty of Texans getting into the groove!! I have an old Unicorn tee shirt, back from the U.S.A tour, which I wonder if we could make new copies from it , if anyone is interested? Let me know. Anyway keep up the good work, I shall always be singing along to Unicorn and I hope others will follow.
Tuesday, August 21st 2001 - 08:32:07 PM
Name: Nick
E-mail address: n.wywh@hccnet.nl.nl
Great site, nice info and pictures and a great guestbook!
You can be proud on that.
As fan of David Gilmour i think i must buy the Best of Album.
Good luck and thanks for exchanging links.

Nick from the South of the Netherlands
Wednesday, October 3rd 2001 - 12:40:56 PM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@earthlink.net
Comments:Hello everyone.
Thanks for visiting...please sign the guest too
I heard a "rumor" that Ken, Pat and Pete have gotten together and been practicing some of their songs.
Can we expect a Unicorn reunion tour in 2001?
I sure hope so!!!!!!
Don't forget...Christmas is just around the corner.
"Best of Unicorn" CDs make great stocking stuffers
The gift that keeps on giving!!!!
Take care everyone
Thursday, October 4th 2001 - 11:21:45 PM
Name: Jenny McAllen
E-mail address: toogoodtobeforgotten2001uk@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Pete Perrier! Met him at Ockham in about 1966 when they were playing at the village hall, with Dave McGregor. I was staying with Jackie Helm (Meech) and that was how it all began.
I met Pete recently in town and we chatted more than we ever did in those early days.
He was shall I say, my idol, and to find the words to speak when he was around - well!!!! Pete - did you ever know?
Crazy days, fantastic music and the memories come flooding back- The Late Edition, The Late, The Late Elite Package and Lunar Two.
Sadly, I lost touch after Trevor left the band but I am so glad you put this site together. I wont ever lose touch again. Keep up the good work.

Tuesday, October 9th 2001 - 07:06:03 AM
Name: cpyle
E-mail address: cpyle@austin.rr.com
Comments:I understand that Pete, Pat, and Ken are having a
Unicorn Reunited bash today at Pat's house. They're performing some Unicorn tunes for David DiSanzo of
EMI/Capitol Records. Let's hope this stirs a record
company to some action!
Saturday, October 20th 2001 - 01:40:36 PM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: nakamichi@lineone.net
Comments:I was there! Unicorn's first gig for many moons was a warm and memorable experience - and I got to play with them for three minutes and 27 seconds. I won't forget it.

It was great to meet other friends and fans of the band and a warm welcome was given to David DiSanzo (visiting from somewhere in the Colonies) who ATE MY PIZZA. Despite that he was a really cool guy and we need more like him in the music industry.

I understand there where a couple of bootleggers there - a video? A recording?? Naaaaah - it can't be true.

Jon and Todd - where were you??? See you next time!

Brian Robinson

Sunday, October 21st 2001 - 05:35:31 AM
Name: Jackie & Dave
E-mail address: davehelm@madhousenet.co.uk
Comments:Thanks guys for a wonderful night - one we will never forget.Goes to show you never lose it ! Great to see you and a bunch of our old friends + a couple of new ones - Dave and Brian. A big thanks to Shirl aswell.
Congrats and love to you all.
Dave & Jackie
Sunday, October 21st 2001 - 12:00:55 PM
Name: Jenny McAllen
E-mail address: toogoodtobeforgotten2001uk
Comments:What a night! One to remember! Who would have thought a few days after signing the guest book for the first time I would be sitting in a room listening to the members of Unicorn playing and singing like they used to all those years ago.

What a privilege. Thank you so, so much!
Sunday, October 21st 2001 - 12:46:05 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: susan.c.patterson@worldnet.att.net
Comments:Well I just want to say that I wish I could have been there for the Unicorn get together. My brother Pete Perryer said that everyone had a fantastic time and they didn't want it to end. It must have been tremendous listening to all those songs again, I just hope that I get to see the video and hear the tape at some time in the future. Thanks to Pat and Shirley for making this possible at their home and thanks to Dave for being such a great fan of Unicorn, I hope his trip back to the States was a safe one! Maybe I'll be in England for the next Unicorn get together! Keep playing Pat , Pete and Ken, we all love you. Lots of love Sue Patterson
Thursday, October 25th 2001 - 07:00:46 AM
Name: David DiSanzo
E-mail address: david.disanzo@emicap.com
Comments:Whew, what an unbelievable and unforgettable experience I was treated to last week when Pat and Shirl so graciously put me up. The reunion gig was AMAZING! I will make copies for anyone who wants one. The band had so much fun they did not want to quit. They received a great reception from their friends, likely the nicest people anyone could ever hope to meet. Thanks, everyone for making me feel so welcome and at home. And, Pat, thanks especially for hanging with me all week! I had a blast, and those songs from all those old cassettes ..... I am still reeling....... You guys are the best.
Tuesday, October 30th 2001 - 02:11:51 PM
Name: Erik Low
E-mail address: elow@math.uio.no
Comments:Hallo everyone,
There's a great review of The Best Of Unicorn CD in the latest issue of Record Collector. Written by Daryl Easlea,here it is (the transcript is correct, although
a couple of the sentences don't make sense):
Unicorn were another one of those groups,who, despite
having celebrity patronage and an enormous following in
the US, couldn't achieve domestic commercial success for
love nor money.
They supported the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Chicago.They
backed Kate Bush on her earliest demos, and one Ken Baker,
their drummer,vocalist and songwriter,composition ´No way
out of here´, was covered by David Gilmour on his first
solo album, from 1978. Of course, not everything is judgded
by financial rewards,but when you hear the quality of the
songs,you wonder why groups such as Supertramp made it and
Unicorn were relegated to the dump-bin of history.
After a debut album on Transatlantic in the early 70s, they
had the fortune of playing a friend's wedding reception in
1973.Gilmour,always one with an ear to the ground for talent,was present.He signed them to Pink Floyd's management
,got them a deal with Capitol in America and Charisma in the
UK and,in 1974,produced Blue Pine Trees- complete with
obligatory Hipgnosis sleeve - an album of melodic rock,which
reached no. 129 in the US.
Although Gilmour hangs over the proceedings - the slide on
´Just Wanna Hold You´ from 1974 is very much a dry-run for
the following year's ´Wish You Were Here´ - this collection
of their three mid-70s albums prove that they were much more
than just a band with a celebrity producer.
It's dated,of course,but when you see Toploader and Train
riding high in the charts,perhaps the time is right to sniff
out this collection and hear how it should be done. For
collectors of Floyd-associated ephemera and lovers of
The Best of Unicorn might well surprise a few.
Tuesday, November 6th 2001 - 11:39:46 AM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: nakamichi@lineone.net
Comments:Thanks Daryl - but Ken (as far as I know) never played drums and Pete was the main man on vocals whilst playing his positive, sometimes aggressive, but always musically sympathetic drum lines. Pete's songwriting has yet to be discovered (I'm working on it!)

All the band members contributed 25% each, including Kevin Smith, who doesn't seem to have the "fan base" of the other guys. As a guitarist I can 'review' his brilliant input and say that Unicorn could never have been "Unicorn" without him. I know that Pat, Ken and Pete would agree with me. As a guitarist I'm sure Dave Gilmour would have "heard" Kevin's guitar before he listened to the band at that fateful wedding reception.

It's a shame Kevin is not in touch with the rest of the band, who will have missed him at their reunion gig.

Anyone who knows his whereabouts, please get in touch. There's a huge reward!


Tuesday, November 20th 2001 - 02:06:18 PM
Name: Judy Messenger
E-mail address: jamcatz@webtv.net
Comments: High Todd, Great website! I remember talking with you about Pink Floyd, and that being our fat orange cat's name. Great website! Unfortunately we were unable to access the audio with the Webtv, but we have ordered a new computer, so soon we shall be able to hear the music! Will let you know. Our email address will probably be jamcatz@yahoo.com, to start with anyway. And jamcatz@msn.net. Will let you know. Take it easy!
Saturday, December 15th 2001 - 01:01:29 PM
Name: Mad Dog Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:I'd like to wish all you 'Cornheads'a relaxing Christmas and a peaceful New Year.Why not overdo it with what ever does the trick for you and send me any good recipes for left over Turkey.(except curried Turkey)
Friday, December 21st 2001 - 10:36:33 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: susan.c.patterson@worldnet.att.net
Comments:Happy New Year to all you Unicorn fans. My email server has been giving me problems, so out of action for a little while. Thank you Todd for making the website even better than before. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a great new Year! Bye for now Sue
Wednesday, January 2nd 2002 - 07:52:09 PM
Name: Judy Messenger
E-mail address: jamcatz@hotmail.com
Comments:High again Todd,

Thanks so much again for all the great CD's you made for me. I'm
really enjoying that fantastic old music that I so love. (I didn't know you knew that San Diego meant something to me). Your art work on them is very very good.

I hope you have a great trip and time over in Britain and meet all kinds of wonderful people. As I'd said, if you'd care for
accompaniment, just let me know!
But really, I'd be glad to cat -
sit if you need. I'll be back
from Hawaii by Feb. 10th.

Take care,

Judy (& cats)

P.S. A lot of that band history is very interesting!
Tuesday, January 15th 2002 - 07:14:49 PM
Name: Laurie Ormsby Ekenman
E-mail address: pekoecat@whidbeyisland.com
Comments:I work with Todd Glenn in Seattle. He turned me on to Unicorn. I really like Blue Pine Trees. Thanks Todd.
Sunday, January 20th 2002 - 12:33:57 PM
Name: roy st. john
Comments:Good to see pix of Pete looking moody!
Tuesday, January 22nd 2002 - 05:05:26 AM
Name: henry hernandez
E-mail address: gwandums@webtv.net
Comments:Excellent site.
Saturday, January 26th 2002 - 07:23:27 AM
Name: John Sved
E-mail address: johnsved@danwilliamsrealty.com
Comments:Dear Todd

Nice website!!! Good work!!
Tuesday, January 29th 2002 - 11:54:36 AM
Name: Becky Haslam
E-mail address: becky@rockchick.org.uk
Comments:Well, gosh! What can I say? I didn't realise what a famous pop star my fellow band member was in his long-haired and youthful days. It is so nice to play with you in Down To Earth - but could you grow your hair long again for me please? You look so cute!

Love BEX

PS Can I have your autograph? xxx
Wednesday, January 30th 2002 - 09:32:02 AM
Name: Kim Maskell
Comments:From Hayes, Kent, England
Old schoolfriend of Pat Martin
Very impressive and informative website
Best Wishes !
Tuesday, February 5th 2002 - 11:05:46 AM
Name: Scott Lennan
E-mail address: slennan@austin.rr.com
Comments:Any chance of Unicorn reuniting for another album?? Come on, Nektar did it, Crispy Ambulance did it... Show the modern-day screechers and moaners how it's done!! Huge thanks to the band for some EXCELLENT music, and thanks also to Todd for doing this site!
Saturday, February 9th 2002 - 12:33:05 PM
Name: Jackie Helm
E-mail address: davehelm@madhousenet.co.uk
Comments:I am busting for some pics or music of that night in October-if anyone has any please let me know.
Please let me know
Saturday, February 16th 2002 - 05:07:26 PM
Name: Vernon Fitch
E-mail address: PFAcrhives@CompuServe.com
Comments:It's really nice to see a site dedicated to Unicorn. Keep up the great work.
Tuesday, March 19th 2002 - 01:46:35 PM
Name: Allan T.
E-mail address: astowns@yahoo.com
Comments:What can I say about Todd's amazing site that hasn't already been said. I'm a television news producer who's dabbled in web construction and I'm blown away by what I see. A good friend of mine led me to the site and it's sparked a new interest in exploring the music of Unicorn. Thanks Todd.
I'm also proud to say I grew up with Todd..went to school with him...partied way too hard with him and he stood by me as I wed my wife. But it's been years since we've talked. I can't wait to see you again Todd!
Thursday, March 21st 2002 - 09:26:53 PM
Name: ken smith
E-mail address: ken.helen.ogwell@bushinternet.com
Comments:hi to all unicorn fans, we met Todd recently at Pats house for a reunion evening and would like to thank him and everyone who been involved in the unicorn website. please keep up the good work. regards Ken & Helen Smith Devon England............
Friday, March 22nd 2002 - 11:26:05 AM
Name: Jill Robinson
E-mail address: j.robinson@surrey.ac.uk
Comments:Wow, have just seen the wonderful newly updated website! Todd you have excelled yourself yet again. Thank you so much.
It was REALLY brilliant meeting you and also some of the other Unicorn groovers (well we do our best!) at Pat and Shirley’s –thanks Ken, Pete, Pat and Shirley for another evening to remember.
Jill xxx
PS Todd, I haven’t forgotten about those cards etc. Will be in touch.
Monday, April 22nd 2002 - 02:34:29 AM
Name: chris guest
E-mail address: chris.guest@btinternet.com
Comments:This site is a too-well-kept secret! Just found it via google (last time I tried it all I got was a Japanese rock group - not a tribute band, unfortunately).
Via that Les Davis (you know who I mean, Pat) I learnt a little about Pat's 'secret' past. I started investigatng and managed to find the LPs at a second-hand shop. I really liked the music and so, having missed them the first time round (despite being from Woking), I became a bit of a fan.
It was a real treat to meet and chat with Ken when he played with Pat & Fiveplay at Tunsgate in Guildford, last year. It was a pleasure to be able to tell Ken how highly I think of his songwriting - even though I was 'new' to them (if you see what I mean).
Of course I did the 'fan' thing and got them to sign my new copy of 'The Best Of . .' CD.
So, a big yes vote of interest in the 'Shed' recordings and to a further CD release.
Some kind of further reunion gig would be a must to attend. How about at The Star in Guildford, or maybe the Lancaster Hall, Send? Keep it going lads!
Saturday, April 27th 2002 - 10:31:03 AM
Name: Graham Brewer
E-mail address: john.brewer6@ntlworld.com
Comments:Dear Pat- When was the early picture taken? You didn't even look that young when we were at school together. Did you join the band when you were 7?
Thursday, May 2nd 2002 - 11:12:37 AM
Name: Elizabeth Dekeyrel
E-mail address: raven@snowcrest.net
Comments:I was looking for a specific song, and I stumbled across your music lyric's. Excellent lyric's.And if I may? What a beautiful bunch of young men as well.Unicorn huh? I don't remember them from my day. I was born in 1959. It's been fun visiting the unicorn web site.
Wednesday, May 29th 2002 - 01:55:33 AM
Name: Mary Elizabeth Dekeyrel
E-mail address: raven@snowcrest.net
Comments:Well I took some more time to back over your web page. Yes you did a fantastic job. I'd like to order a cd. I'll be back tomarrow on the computer. I'll bet anything my ex-husband has an album or two of Unicorn in his collection. He didn't miss a thing.
Wednesday, May 29th 2002 - 02:31:21 AM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: nakamichi@lineone.net
Comments:Hi Todd and friends,

I just upgraded Pat's computer. Too bad I can't upgrade him or his terrible jokes. Did you realise that his hero is James Jamerson of Motown fame and that he owns a limited edition re-issue of THAT bass guitar? The only regret Pat has is that he wasn't born BLACK.

Pat plays tasteful guitar, always "in tune", and I tell him that his Irish forefathers would have been proud of him.

I've just upgraded my studio and my concensus reference material was from the "Shed Sessions". I'm still impressed with the band and their songwriter. Like me they were at least thirty years ahead of the 'quick thief' - Time!

Todd, you're a star.
Thursday, June 13th 2002 - 04:08:25 PM
Name: A. Skaufel
E-mail address: alsbj@mlgc.com

Looks like a fantastic sight for any Unicorn fan. Well done, and keep up the good work.

Best regards,
Friday, August 16th 2002 - 08:02:54 AM
Name: Andrew Bramman
E-mail address: bramman@tesco.net
Comments:Fantastic website. Have hardly heard mention of the band since the mid 1980's (when I got my first Unicorn record, Blue Pine Trees, and was instantly hooked after hearing 'Sleep Song' - I was at University at the time), now suddenly there is this website. Brilliant. It is also great to hear that the band got together last year and performed some of their songs - did they play Disco Dancer? - now that
is one epic tune. Lets just hope they go public next time - a pub gig or something, so that I may finally realise a dream of seeing Unicorn. Keep the website going, Best Regards, Andrew.
Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 01:16:59 AM
Name: John Jennings
E-mail address: lbjennings@supernet.com
Comments:Can't talk now... tiny little unicorns just came flying out of my computer screen...
Friday, September 6th 2002 - 10:30:36 PM
Name: Sandy
E-mail address: shenderson819@netscape.net
Comments:KSHE Classic's show on Sunday Mornings St louis 8-12am plays Bullseye Bill about once every 3-4 months. I DIG it, neighbors don't cause mine goes to "eleven"..ha..some tunes just never leave you, whether it's the words or the melody, Bullseye is both, nobody makes music like that anymore, I love that tune.
Friday, September 27th 2002 - 07:55:28 PM
Name: Dave Essery
E-mail address: Daveye3000@hotmail.com
Comments:Brilliant band, especially that bass guitarist - he had soul! AMAZING Web site too. Can we expect some new tunes?!

cheers from a fan from NZ (about time for a tour down under!)

Dave and Becks
Friday, October 4th 2002 - 05:30:53 PM
Name: Sherry Schena
E-mail address: sschena@aol.com
Comments:I first had the oportunity to know of this band about 2 years ago, and at that time I also met Peter! what a group! They are great! and wonderful to listen to! I would love for all of them to put out some more albums.....Their music is so different from the music I hear here in Texas! My best wishes to all the band members and I am hoping you will come to Texas soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, October 16th 2002 - 09:57:43 AM
Name: Vicky Leatherman
E-mail address: vicky_leatherman@yahoo.com
Friday, October 18th 2002 - 07:51:05 PM
Name: Leeroy Spitz
E-mail address: jjamersonuk@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Wicked site innit.
Monday, October 28th 2002 - 08:51:07 AM
Name: Miles Morris
E-mail address: ickyy@aol.com
Comments: Hello from Portland, Maine! I ran into this band, Unicorn, while living in Michigan in the mid 70's. Someone at the Northern Michigan University radio station played " There's No Way Out Of Here" and I HAD to hear more! Great music, love it all. I was right into these guys then, also bands like Jo Jo Gunne, Spirit, Moxy, Good Rats, Alex Harvey, & Max Webster. That period in my life was really special and this band brings those memories flashing back strong!!! Thanks for the site!!!
Saturday, November 2nd 2002 - 04:54:32 PM
Name: Graham Brewer
E-mail address: john.brewer6@ntlworld.com
Comments:A better site than Marks & Spencer in Oxford Street (the goods on show are better too!)Seriously though (whatever that is),after meeting Pat Martin over 40 years ago at school I can honestly say...you nicked my Beano out of my school bag and replaced it with 'Health & Efficiency'. Thanks man that was a real treat to behold!!
Sunday, December 1st 2002 - 04:20:29 PM
Name: nick powell
E-mail address: nickpowell57@hotmail.com
Comments:If kevin can't be found I know someone who could play guitar and maybe entice him back once some news got around ?!

Thursday, December 12th 2002 - 09:41:06 AM
Name: Jon Kirkman
E-mail address: jon@rockahead.com
Comments:Hi Great website and it's good to see that so many people remember the band. I kind of got into them after I heard the track There's No Way Out Of Here on Dave Gilmours first solo album although I was aware of the name. I am currently putting together a Classic Rock radio station called CLASSIC ROCK RADIO The station will launch sometime in March or April 2003.It will be a national station broadcast across the UK on the Sky Digital Network and internationally on the world wide web. I will be presenting a programme called ROCKAHEAD and I will more than likely play tracks by Unicorn on there. I won't be playing their stuff every week of course but they will certainly get a lot more attention than they have in the past. I certainly think that there is a small but devoted market for their music and as such will be happy to play it on my programme
Monday, December 16th 2002 - 01:23:45 PM
Name: Nick
E-mail address: wywh@mailje.nl-nosp.
Comments:Hello Todd,
Thanks for your support to this great band.
And thanks for the nice words too ;)

Good luck,

Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands,
at www.mostlypink.tk
Sunday, December 22nd 2002 - 05:54:27 AM
Name: Graham Davies
E-mail address: g.davies77@ntlworld.com
Comments:Hullo Pat Martin
Liked the site.
(Pat, remember me from a gig at an RAF base with Chris Willey?)

(Blonde on Blonde)
Wednesday, December 25th 2002 - 11:24:34 AM
Name: Dave & Jackie Helm
E-mail address: davehelm@madhousenet.co.uk
Comments:Just got the new "shed sessions" CD - Shed No Tears & wow what a great start to 2003! Blown away - it is FANTASTIC - can't believe every track just gets better and better. Well done guys you've done it again.
Wednesday, January 1st 2003 - 01:32:13 PM
Name: Jill Robinson
E-mail address: j.robinson@surrey.ac.uk
Comments:Hi Todd
Yes, in full agreement with Dave and Jackie new Shed no Tear album from Unicorn is just brilliant!!! Who would believe the quality of the recordings as well – 3 cheers for egg-boxes, and the brilliant musicians as well of course! Well done to all concerned.
Love to all and Happy New Year Jillxxx
Tuesday, January 7th 2003 - 05:03:53 AM
Name: Andy Bramman
E-mail address: bramman@tiscali.co.uk
Comments:Hello to all the Unicorn fans out there. I now have the 'Shed No Tears' CD and just want to say it is excellent. The album is brimming with great songs right through from start to finish. Have they ever done a bad song? - don't think so. 'Restless', 'Social Shirker' and 'Ballad of John and Julie' are my favourite tracks.
Bye for now,

Friday, January 24th 2003 - 12:42:06 PM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@earthlink.net
Comments:WOW!!! Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of the beginning of this web site. 9712 visitors and counting. 2 awesome years of meeting all sorts of loyal Unicorn fans. And now the new CD has been released......"Shed No Tear" is great, just like all of Unicorn's music. Make sure to check out the music samples page if you haven't already. Best wishes to everyone who helped make the website so much fun.
Take it easy.
Monday, January 27th 2003 - 11:14:15 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Happy New Year all you Unicorn Fans. I can't wait to receive my shed no tears cd, I've ordered three , so hopefully Pat will get them to me soon. Congratulations to Todd , yet again on making this such a wonderful web site. I really can't thank him enough. Everyone out there say a prayer please for my brother Pete Perryer, I hope that he will be feeling better real soon. I miss him so much and can't wait to have the great talks again. Living in Texas is hard when you want to see your favourite brother. Love you all and can't wait to hear the new cd. Lots of love Sue
Tuesday, January 28th 2003 - 05:02:00 PM
Name: Mad Dog Martin.
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Wow two years for Todds brilliant website.I envy his skills at setting it all up but i know its driven by his love of Unicorn and us boys (boys, tee hee)really do appreciate all the thousands of hours and thought he has put into it.If you were going into battle (oops you might be soon)you could have nobody better at your side.Just think a 99cent bargain bin Unicorn album got Todd hooked up to all this.I havent met anyone,yet, who hasnt been impressed by the quality of the site but I've met quite a few who have taken the p**s about some of the old photos though.Heres to many more years.
I used to be the shy quiet one but not since Todd christened me MADDOG-I'll get you for that someday Todd.

Patrick James Martin (Low notes a speciality)

PS.Oh s**t theres no spell checker on this guestbook.
Tuesday, January 28th 2003 - 11:29:47 PM
Name: Jill Robinson
E-mail address: j.robinson@surrey.ac.uk
Comments:I heard it through the grapevine that a certain web-site has a birthday today?!
Well done Todd for all your efforts, it really is an excellent site.
All the very best wishes from a frequent visitor.
Enjoy the celebrations!!
Wednesday, January 29th 2003 - 02:33:24 AM
Name: David DiSanzo
E-mail address: david.disanzo@emicap.com
Comments:Time does fly, eh? Here's to the great site and here's to all of us with the highest taste in music. Here's to Todd and all of his efforts and here's to a whole batch of great new friends. Here's to Shed No Tear and here's to getting to hear "new" Unicorn! And most importantly, here's to the guys that made it all happen.....Pat (the quiet one with rabies...in remission), Ken (the individual), Pete (the merry prankster), Kevin (the remote guitar player), and Trevor (the even more remote guitar player). It is about time the rest of the world gets it too........Long live the Corn!
Thursday, January 30th 2003 - 10:29:04 AM
Name: Jon Van Horn
E-mail address: jvhsound@cloud9.net
Comments:A well deserved congratulations to you on keeping alive your brilliant site, Todd! Your efforts are SO very appreciated--and not just by the Spiky Ponies themselves. You are so instrumental(!) in reminding old fans just how truly brilliant this band was (and is), and in bringing new fans in to the fold. Your dedication is an inspiration, for which we all thank you.
Thursday, January 30th 2003 - 09:59:12 PM
Name: Neil Murray
E-mail address: n.murray@bathspa.ac.uk
Comments:I'm still in a state of shock. 24 hours ago I thought I was the only Unicorn fan in the world and now I find a whole website. I still have my first Unicorn record, the "PF Sloan" single on Transatlantic from 1971.. played it to death over the years but it brings back happy times. All four LP's too .. now I discover a "new" album which I am ordering immediately. Nice to meet you all and I look forward to future developments.

Friday, January 31st 2003 - 07:06:11 AM
Name: Scott Lennan
E-mail address: slennan@austin.rr.com
Comments:Been listening to the "new" Shed CD, some great stuff! Hard to believe it was actually recorded in a shed... The sound quality is excellent. Thanks to Mad Dog Martin for getting it released, and thanks also to Todd for keeping the Horned Ones website going! So when's the reunion tour hit the States?
Monday, February 3rd 2003 - 07:50:34 PM
Name: Folkert Wagenaar
E-mail address: info@davidgilmour.nl
Comments:Dear Todd,

Thanks for the new information about Unicorn's latest release !
I recently added this info on my site too.
I have linked your page at www.davidgilmour.nl

Thanks again and keep up the good work !
Folkert (The Netherlands)
Tuesday, February 11th 2003 - 10:46:36 AM
Name: Richard Faulkner
E-mail address: rainbowdemon@rainbowdemon.net
Comments:The releases of "Shed No Tear" and "The Best Of Unicorn" are great. The CD's are now a treasured addition to my collection. Thanks Pat, Pete and Ken for taking the time to autograph my copies. Anyone postponing getting these... do it now.

A thanks goes out to Todd for making this site so informative and entertaining. Great work!

I'll hope to see further releases soon.

Thanks guys.
Richard -USA
Friday, February 14th 2003 - 03:49:01 PM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: brian@brianrobinson.net
Comments:Hi boyz and girlz,

When is someone going to do something with "The Backing Track"? It didn't make it to the "Shed Sessions" C.D., although it shone like a little star.

Ask Todd or Pat what I mean. It sounds like Kevin Smith and the band at their best.

We just need to pursuade Ken to write some lyrics and Pete to sing them. I'd be happy to assist Mad Dog and Norman Whapshott with the Production and Engineering :0)

Friday, March 7th 2003 - 03:34:20 PM
Name: Grant Dennis
E-mail address: grant.dennis@ntlworld.com
Comments:WOW what a smart website"
I've always been aware of the music
but only a couple of years ago Pat press ganged
me into buying a CD from him, just after the rights
were released & it was rather smart

Pat is my uncle, I think, during the band's hey-day
I was running around playing action man or footie
with Kirsty,
(actually we were probably being mean to Joanne;-)
Joanne was a bridesmaid at my wedding in 199....something

I seem to have a distant memory of the boys staying at our house when gigging near us in Sussex. Apple pie all round
I think it was!!

this is a great site & although im too young to remember
the early stuff, its a great read

best regards to you all


p.s. anyone remember buff?
Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 12:29:55 PM
Name: Jon Van Horn
E-mail address: jvhsound@cloud9.net
Comments:Great idea Brian--
that backing track Is really fine indeed, and deserves the full Unicorn treatment! Apparently none of the boys can remember how it went, but it's great fun to listen to in the car and make up yer own daft melody and lyrics...I'm sure the guys could write a melody line and some new lyrics...if Ken isn't interested (c'mon Ken!) as I assume he wrote the music (?), then i'm sure that the author of the (in)famous song "Family tree" could do it! Provided he was given the right nourishment of course! (6 pints should do it...eh, Pat?)
Friday, March 14th 2003 - 08:46:16 PM
Name: nick powell
E-mail address: nickpowell57@hotmail.com
Comments:hey just spotted the 'shed' album reviewed in this month's guitarist magazine - good one also !!
Pat we must link up soon............
.....forgot to add that I listened to shed constantly on recent holiday ! Marvelous.
Pat should be in an Alt-Country band !

Saturday, March 15th 2003 - 02:22:17 AM
Name: Win Dennis
E-mail address: grant.dennis@ntlworld.com
this is your aunty win great to see your website good
to recall old times looking through the pictures of you
all congratulations
Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 05:02:42 AM
Name: Christoph Watz
E-mail address: christophwatz@k2.dion.ne.jp
Comments:"The band is just fantastic"

Well done this site, and thanks for offering us all the clips. I am looking forward all these songs to be re-released on CD soon (and to be available in Japan as well!!!). ;-)

Ganbatte!('Good luck' in Japanese) - And thanks for your dedication.


Saturday, April 12th 2003 - 07:10:29 PM
Name: Aaron
E-mail address: aaron@streeta.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:Now this is what i call a site! Great to see that there are people around who can give them the respect they deserve.
Released new albums, now all we need is the next world tour.. Well maybe not but i wait for the day when i hear a Unicorn track on the radio. A great site and should have found it years ago.
Thanks all thoses who set it up, and i hope it stays here for a good many Years.
Sunday, May 4th 2003 - 12:35:44 PM
Name: Mike Wendel
E-mail address: mjwjrdivbell@aol.com
Comments:Just got my copy of "Shed No Tear" a few days ago. Anybody who loves Unicorn (That's why you're looking at this site, right?) needs this CD! Naturally, "Best of..." is a must, too. I'm looking forward to the rest of the Unicorn catalog being released on CD. "Blue Pine Trees" (the only Unicorn LP I ever managed to dig up) is one of the few reasons I still have a working turntable!
Sunday, June 15th 2003 - 04:49:55 PM
Name: Mel Horton
E-mail address: mel_horton@lineone.net
Comments:Brilliant! After all the years of internet searches I've finally found a site dedicated to one of my favourite bands of the 70's. And what's more there's a new album available. Whoo-hoooo!!!!
The cheque's already in the post guys!
When I get the chance I'll dig out my old NME's and Sounds from the loft and try to find some album or single reviews to add to this excellent site.
Friday, June 27th 2003 - 12:40:21 PM
Name: Jeff Amor
E-mail address: linamor@btinternet.com
Comments:Fantastic to see so many people enthusing over one of the most underrated bands of the seventies. Looking forward to hearing Shed No Tear which I've just ordered having read about it in Mojo. Enjoyed looking at the web site. Keep up the good work.
Thursday, July 31st 2003 - 03:51:24 AM
Name: jason bull & mandy trapnell
E-mail address: chezjason@msn.com
Comments:Pat one of the best uncles you can have. Thanks for all the times you let me in the shed to sit and listen to the band jamming, and for a great holliday with Shirley and yourself. Kids enjoyed every min.
Love from your niece Mandy, Jason
and all the kids.
Thursday, August 7th 2003 - 07:43:29 AM
Name: Miles Morris
E-mail address: Ickyy@aol.com

Have had the Shed cd for a while and must say it is wonderful!! I listen to it alot and folks always say they like it. Great songs, talented playing all around. Will enjoy for many years i'm sure!! Thanks Pat!!! Miles *!*
Saturday, August 9th 2003 - 04:47:22 PM
Name: Rob
E-mail address: rdeland@bluesrolls.com
Comments:Thanks for the great website! Excellent and very interesting content. I was hoping to buy a copy of Blue Pine Trees which I taped from a friend's LP in the late 70's, and I love every track. Hopefully that will make it back out one day, I would love to buy a new copy. I'll pick up the "Shed No Tear" CD in the mean time. Thanks again, keep up the good work and let's hope these albums all get reissued soon! Regards from the Chicago area, Rob DeLand
Sunday, August 17th 2003 - 12:12:58 PM
Name: Mad Dog Martin.
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:OK OK I'll sign the guestbook,seeing as non of you do.
Wednesday, October 29th 2003 - 05:33:54 PM
Name: Stephen Luderman
E-mail address: N/A
Comments:I know Trevour Mee he is my guitar teacherand has been for 3-4 years now. i bought all of my guitars from him.
Saturday, November 15th 2003 - 04:06:36 AM
Name: Dave DiSanzo
E-mail address: david.disanzo@emicap.com
Comments:So come on Stephen, have you told Trevor about the site? Let him know that we would all love to hear from him...!
(...listening to the Late demos right now, great songs - I think these need to be made available in some form.)
Tuesday, November 25th 2003 - 08:31:35 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Thanks Todd for sending the email about the radio play. I really appreciate it. Again many thanks to you for doing such a fantastic job with the website. Hope there will be a reunion when I finally get back to England! maybe 2004 will be kinder to me! Anyway love Unicorn and play all their music often. Need to buy some more shed tape cd's for presents. Hope Pat still has some!
Saturday, December 6th 2003 - 09:08:11 AM
Name: Jackie Bailey
E-mail address: jackiebailey1978@yahoo.co.uk

I wanted to see my uncle Peter, and think that it is a very good website!! Will listen to the album.

Friday, December 12th 2003 - 09:11:15 AM
Name: Barnes Newberry
E-mail address: oldberry@ix.netcom.com
Comments:Hello all:
I may be new to this magnificent Todd Glenn website but I am a long-time fan of Unicorn; although here in the States we heard precious little of them on radio in their heydey. I am now trying to make amends for that as I am the host of a Saturday morning public radio show in Boston, MA on Folk Radio, WUMB 91.9FM from 7-11am EST. The show is called Highway 61 Revisited and is a fond and respectful look back at some of the wonderful US and UK folk and folk-rock of the 60's and 70's. Come check us out as we stream live 24/7/365 via the Internet at www.wumb.org . Always happy to play Unicorn. These guys have always been among my favorites and I am thrilled to be in touch with them and do my part to make their music available again. Cheers! Barnes Newberry
Sunday, December 14th 2003 - 05:55:24 PM
Name: Pat Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all you lot out there.Thanks for your support,we are taking turns wearing it.
Give a Shed a home this Christmas and remember a Shed is for life ,not just for Christmas.
Friday, December 26th 2003 - 09:24:08 AM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@unicornmusic.net
Comments:Well, the site is now 3 years old. 15516 visitors and counting. It's been a crazy time in this world. But, a lot of cool stuff has happened in the past three years too..... I've met many cool people thanks to this web site. Unicorn has played 2 small reunion gigs and I was fortunate enough to be present during one of them. I met Pat, Pete and Ken, and I have heard from Kevin. The Shed Sessions CD was released after 20+ years and is now for sale on this site.
Thanks to everyone for helping make this so much fun and for helping to spread the word about Unicorn.
Thursday, January 29th 2004 - 10:35:36 PM
Name: Mad Dog Martin.
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Todd,for your dedication and skills and keeping UNICORN alive.Through your brilliant site we have made contact with so many 'Cornheads'Its about time you visited this side of the water again,you know you are always very welcome.

Pat,Pete & Ken.
Saturday, January 31st 2004 - 06:27:23 AM
Name: Dave Parmelee
E-mail address: vparmelee@sbcglobal.net
Comments:At last, the lyrics to He's Got Pride! Now for a short glass of bourbon and my trusty 6-string. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you've made a middle aged man very happy. Now to share your music with my 19 year old!! You guys are the best.
Wednesday, February 11th 2004 - 09:38:43 AM
Name: Randall Todd
E-mail address: thatRANDYguy@msn.com
Comments:Whooa! I'm impressed, Todd. What a website! I've listened to both the Shed Studio Sessions and the surprise extra CD you enclosed with it (thanks buddy) and found this band to be very easy to listen to. I was reminded mostly of Crosby, Stills, and Nash -with a small taste of The Allman Brothers and maybe just a tiny bit of Simon and Garfunkle flavor mixed in (regarding that comparison to S&G I think it was a slight similarity of the voice to Paul Simon that I was hearing rather than style of music -and that's just my opinion). I LIKE 'em and surprised I never heard more about them back in the day. It's good this stuff is getting a second wind or resurrected here on your site. It's made a Unicorn fan out of me :-).

From one guy with two 1st names to another, Thanks! And keep up the good work...
-Randall Todd
Sunday, February 22nd 2004 - 08:51:08 AM
Name: James
E-mail address: reginald.saker@btinternet.com

My name is James I come from Rainham
The way I know one of their guitarists is because he is my guitar teacher. His name is Trevor Mee and looks exactly like he does in the photos. I think that he is one of the best guitarists there is.
Thursday, February 26th 2004 - 11:26:12 PM
Name: Neil Murray
E-mail address: n.murray@bathspa.ac.uk
Comments:I e-mailed one of my local radio stations that has a folk/acoustic show (BBC Radio Gloucestershire, the show is hosted by Johnny Coppin, ex-Decameron singer). He played a bit of So Far Away from the Shed Sessions. This week he read out three e-mails from amazed Unicorn fans who happened to hear it and gave full details of the CD. The fans were saying things like "is Unicorn having a renaissance ?". Just a little publicity can get quite a response it seems !

Tuesday, March 9th 2004 - 02:46:32 AM
Name: Neil Murray
E-mail address: n.murray@bathspa.ac.uk
Comments:I e-mailed one of my local radio stations that has a folk/acoustic show (BBC Radio Gloucestershire, the show is hosted by Johnny Coppin, ex-Decameron singer). He played a bit of So Far Away from the Shed Sessions. This week he read out three e-mails from amazed Unicorn fans who happened to hear it and gave full details of the CD. The fans were saying things like "is Unicorn having a renaissance ?". Just a little publicity can get quite a response it seems !

Tuesday, March 9th 2004 - 02:46:32 AM
Name: Vince Garvey
E-mail address: vincegarvey@aol.com
Comments:Stunning web site packed with cracking info on a band I had thought to be forgotten.I fell in love with Unicorn in the late 70s after hearing the Blue Pine Trees album after a friend loaned it to me.I was really chuffed to obtain the greatest hits on CD and memories came flooding back.Heady days!! Wished they had included Autumn Wine though!
Cheers Vince
Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 09:26:42 AM
Name: Pete Collier
E-mail address: collierwilco@aol.com
Comments:We live around the corner from Kevin and dogsit his damned canine.

Very funny to see old photos of him. He didn't smile so much.
Monday, April 5th 2004 - 06:01:22 AM
Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 10:41:19 AM
Name: rose
E-mail address: THEGOODGIRL232004@YAHOO.COM
Wednesday, June 30th 2004 - 12:18:48 PM
Name: orcus
E-mail address: orcus@ekoterm.NOSPAM.net
Comments:I know nothing about Unicorn but the "pipe game"(http://home.earthlink.net/~tdglenn/unicorn/pipegame.htm) is great...
Name: robert long
E-mail address: mainman1950@yahoo.com
Comments:many thanks to the band members for giving me the chance to hear more great music from my past. As a collector of British rock and folk living in the states it has not always been easy to hear the more obscure bands from the 60s and 70s....but thankfully now it is. There will never be music of this quality made again and we are lucky to still be able to hear it. Anyone who has a passion for British bands such as Unicorn please feel free to write me. Rob
Sunday, August 22nd 2004 - 09:47:27 AM
E-mail address: andrej.maver@email.si
Comments:HELLO from FEEDBACK group! we met Kevin Smith in Slovenia in a petrol station.. He saw a Fender Rhodes piano in the back of our car (we were just going on a festival nearby), and he just followed us.. We invited him on a jam-session in our place.. and he came (with his MARTHA) :) he is a great man! Please say Hi to him..
Saturday, September 25th 2004 - 04:20:07 AM
Name: Dudley Bokoski
E-mail address: dbokoski1@triad.rr.com
Comments:It's fitting that a fine band that didn't get all it deserved in recognition has this excellent website that starts to make up for the oversight. I was a small (very small) town disc jockey in North Carolina when their records came out and we used to get promo copies of all the Capitol Records material. When "Blue Pine Trees" came out I about wore the grooves off of it playing cuts like "Electric Night". Unicorn reminds me of The Byrds, in that they combined great songs and musicianship in a way that you can listen to them now and they don't sound dated. Thanks to Todd for helping us reconnect with a terrific memory and outstanding group.
Friday, November 5th 2004 - 10:50:53 AM
Name: Geoff Main
Comments:Floyd Fan from Australia looking forward to hearing some unicorn
Tuesday, November 16th 2004 - 03:22:58 AM
Name: Dean Sciarra
E-mail address: dean@itsaboutmusic.com
Comments:Not every band gets to (or even should) survive for 30 years but Unicorn has done that as one of the best bands I've ever heard. If I were cast away on a desert island and could only take 10 albums with me - one of them would definitely be "Blue Pine Trees" or "Too Many Crooks" - who am I kidding? I'd take both of them.
Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 04:55:05 PM
Name: Tony King
E-mail address: tonyking@springvalley.go-legend.net
Comments:As a Unicorn fan since 1974, when I heard a track from 'Uphill all the way' on a sampler, I was blown away to find this site.

Not only do I now posess my treasured Vinyl and 'The Best Of' CD, which gave me cristal clear recordings of all my fave tracks, but I now have 'Uphill' (which I searched for in vain for years) and the amazing 'Shed'. I feel like I've known these songs all my life. No one has a voice like Pete (Ken comes close), no-one plays bass like Pat. Add some excellent guitar from Kevin and there you have it!

The Unicorn from which they take their name was a myth, but these guys are real, immortal for their music and that timeless sound.

The world is a better place for Unicorn. Let's hear it for the boys!

Tuesday, December 14th 2004 - 12:53:11 PM
Name: Pat Madog Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse
Friday, December 24th 2004 - 09:19:23 AM
Name: Heart Fulla-Soul
Comments:Great songs played from the heart,I love everything I've ever heard by this band THEY MEAN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, January 26th 2005 - 06:39:38 AM
Name: Todd
Comments:Oops! I missed the 4 year anniversary of the website by a couple days. 30,000 + visitors and counting. Thanks to everyone who has signed the guestbook.
Monday, January 31st 2005 - 11:06:07 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:I can't believe it's already 2005 and the website is even better than before. I still haven'tn yet made it back to England, due to poor health, but I have all my Unicorn albums and cd's and am playing them all the time. Unicorn are the best group I've ever known. best wishes Sue Patterson
Tuesday, March 22nd 2005 - 07:13:23 AM
Name: Dave Nicholls
E-mail address: danicholls@ntlworld.com
Comments:Been a fan of the band since I first heard P F Sloan and when I lived in another Nightingale Crescent in Bracknell, Berkshire (there can't be that many!). I look forward to seeing the entire Unicorn catalogue on CD - I have been able to digitise and de-crackle the Blue Pine Trees album, so I'm happy for now.
Friday, April 22nd 2005 - 02:01:06 AM
Name: small flower
E-mail address: mahdi2220@gmx.de
Comments:the winner rides a white horse.
maybe it`s a UNICORN?
Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 03:35:29 PM
Name: Mark Miller
E-mail address: amiller@kwom.com
Comments:I bought what was known as "Unicorn 2" in the states in 1976. In the UK, I understand it was called "Too Many Crooks". I especially liked the songs "He's Got Pride" and "Keep On Going" where the former reminded me of the Stones in a country groove (Dead Flowers, Honky Tonk Women, et.al.) and the latter had that guitar hook that sort of sounded like Memphis soul meets LA country rock. I later bought "Blue Pine Trees" and "one More Tomorrow", but "2" is my favorite of the three. I've only heard snippets of "Uphill All The Way", which I may order some day. Your greatest hits compilation would have been better if you included "Keep On Going". I wish my radio station (WXRT in Chicago) would play your version "There's No Way Out Of Here" or at least acknowledge the original performer and writer when they play David Gilmour's version.
Friday, June 24th 2005 - 07:37:14 PM
Name: Todd
Comments:It's good to hear that all the Unicorn music is now available on CD at http://www.itsaboutmusic.com
Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 05:09:21 PM
Name: Ed Mitchell
E-mail address: edward.dale@mweb.co.za
Comments:Hey Pat-greetings from India! I'm on business in Bombay (still live in South Africa and work in the travel industry) but was bored on a Saturday night (had too many curries on this trip already!) so thought I'd surf the net and look up your bands.

When I was resident in the UK, up to '82, was in Acton based band "Heroes" (with Pete Townshend's younger brother Paul on guitar) and found an old tape the other evening in some packing cases-not bad after about 30 years! Very Clash, but that was the thing at the time,wasn't it? Speak soon, Best wishes always, Ed (ex West Byfleet School)
Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 08:19:53 AM
Name: Todd Glenn
Comments:I am deeply saddened to report that on Sept. 6th, 2005 Unicorn's lead singer and drummer Pete Perryer passed away.
I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Peter and hear him sing during a visit in March of 2002. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him.
Saturday, September 10th 2005 - 12:07:54 AM
Name: Nitsi
E-mail address: nitsdestin@yahoo.com
Comments:Thank you for e-mailing me regarding Pete's death. Truly this is loss to all those who knew Unicorn. It's nice seeing the pictures of the guys as they first started and their "grown up" stages. We have their music to listen to for a very long time. I for one will always remember him.
Saturday, September 10th 2005 - 05:08:31 PM
Name: Jon Van Horn
E-mail address: jvhsound@hotmail.com
Comments:Pete, you will be missed by so many, and I'm sure you couldn't even imagine how many people's lives you have touched through your music. I only wish I'd had the privilege of meeting you in person.
I've heard so many stories of your kindness and humor, as well as quite a few tales of adventure (and misadventure!) from Pat, that I almost feel I'd known you. That probably also comes from having your voice running through my head for the last 30 years. And I know it'll be there for the next 30 as well.
Peace be with you.
Saturday, September 10th 2005 - 08:53:10 PM
Name: Mike Wendel
E-mail address: mjwjrdivbell@aol.com
Comments:Very sorry to hear of Pete Perryer's passing. If there's anything positive, it's that he lived to see the Unicorn catalog re-released on CD. I'm sure it was gratifying to know his music lives on, and there are plenty of fans out there. We will enjoy the music forever, and will continue to introduce our friends to this incredible, yet underexposed, band.
Sunday, September 11th 2005 - 01:51:24 PM
Name: Robert Long
E-mail address: mainman1950@yahoo.com
Comments:My deepest sympathies to Pete`s family and friends. We are all showing our age.....but the music is timeless and will live on....I thank him..and the rest of the band for all the memories.
May he rest in peace.
Sunday, September 11th 2005 - 02:39:07 PM
Name: Aaron Street
E-mail address: davey_street@hotmail.com
Comments:Find it so hard to believe the mans gone!
His greatness rose so far above just his tallent in music.
He was a great friend, and his visits to this house where always filled with a love that poured from him.

Pete my friend rest in peace, and thank you so much for all the things you taught me. Life just won't be the same with you not around.


Sunday, September 11th 2005 - 06:19:50 PM
Name: Dave DiSanzo
E-mail address: davedisanzo@yahoo.com
Comments:It's a tragic loss and a sad, sad time. Pete was not only an amazing musical talent but a sweet and sincere guy that had a postive impact on all lucky enough to meet him. Thankfully I had that honor, but I only wish I had more of an opportunity to let him know how much he has meant to me. Rest in Peace and God Bless.
Sunday, September 11th 2005 - 06:25:59 PM
Name: Tony King
E-mail address: tonyking@springvalley.go-legend.net
Comments:As a long time fan of the band and particularly Pete's superbly moving voice, I feel a sense of loss at this news. I immediately thought of him singing P.F Sloane when I read your e-mail, the first time I heard him and the band.

He will always hold a special place in my memory.

Sunday, September 11th 2005 - 04:14:12 AM
Name: Barnes Newberry
E-mail address: oldberry@ix.netcom.com
Comments:Very sorry news, indeed. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the rest of the band.
Sunday, September 11th 2005 - 10:21:23 PM
Name: kieran escritt
E-mail address: kieran_escritt@msn.com
Comments:hello everyone , ive sat here and sat here determind to find the appropriate words for a man so special to me in my life time,tears in my eyes knowing im never to see my uncle pete anymore, but not sad as i know in my heart he would not have wanted me to be, my memories are of the man , music aside ,even though we had our times of playing and singing together, as well as laffing the whole time fooling around with your favorite uncle as you do when your around 10 years old !!! thankyou pete for everything you gave, all them special times we had, when times were so hard for me, i will always remember, truely an inspiration to so meny in your music and being the loving person you were . god bless you man . kieran x
Wednesday, September 14th 2005 - 12:36:24 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts at such a sad time in our life. My brother Pete was always my hero and I still haven't begun to think of life without him. I shall be leaving Bastrop, Texas on Friday to go back home and say my farewell to one of the most talented, witty and such a loving person, one could wish to meet. Sing a song in Heaven for me Pete, from your "sweet sister Sue"
Wednesday, September 14th 2005 - 03:37:33 PM
Name: nick powell
E-mail address: nickpowell57@hotmail.com
Comments:I'm so sad to hear that pete perryer has died.
Pete's talent and memory will live on in unicorn's music.
Thanks so much to Pat Martin for all his efforts in recent years to ensure that the band's recordings could be released on cd and reissued.
Thursday, September 15th 2005 - 02:41:53 AM
Name: Dave & Jackie
E-mail address: davehelm@madhousenet.co.uk
Comments:just wanted to say something about Pete now he has gone - gone but never forgotten. He has left us so many memories, music & a voice that will go on in our hearts forever. I hope you know that Pete - know how special you were to us & so many people & what a special part of our lives you have always been. In the words of Alec "keep on singing" Pete & you will always bring pleasure wherever you are. We will always remember your smiling face & laughter.
We love you.
Jackie & Dave

Saturday, October 1st 2005 - 02:56:05 PM
Name: Pat Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:To Pete Perryer,my friend since 1950.

Where the hell am I going to find a drummer who knows what I'm going to play on my bass before I do ?
Where am I going to find a drummer who doesn't need two sticks to play 16's on the hi hat and can sing with all his heart and soul at the same time ?
Where is Ken going to find someone who can sing his songs with as much thought,love and enthusiasm as if you wrote them yourself ?
I definitely ain't going to find someone who can make me laugh until my body aches like you could.
I'll never find someone who can't tell a lie or even exaggerate.
Pete,you had more talent in your little finger than I have in my entire body.This is the end of a bloody good rhythm section that played together for the best part of fifteen years.
Thank God we have some of that talent captured on CD for ever,so that we can keep reminding ourselves how special you were.
You sure you're alright with just three quarters of that seat Pete !!!!
Peace and love. There's no mine,there's no yours................'ere who knicked me bike ?
The boys from Wharf Lane did good.

Pat Martin.
Proud to have been the bassist in Unicorn.
Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 07:09:11 AM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: j.robinson@surrey.ac.uk
Comments:It is now a month since Peter passed away, and it is still very hard to imagine not being able to see him again. I particularly remember how genuinely pleased Pete always was whenever we met, such an amazing smile - so much enthusiasm. This of course showed through in his singing - always from the heart. Pete's wonderful voice will stay in my memory for ever.
Thanks Pete for helping to create my love of music. Shall always love you Pete, Jill XXX
Saturday, October 8th 2005 - 04:28:22 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Pete's voice is booming out of the speakers in my sun room and I still can't quite believe that I can't phone him any more and hear his voice. My Birthday's coming up this week and usually Pete would sing Happy Birthday to me and make me laugh. He was always my idol growing up, and I just wasn't ready for him to be taken quite yet. I have to believe that he's singing away again,chatting up all the pretty angels and making everyone feel at ease, with his wonderful smile lighting up the room. I would like to thank all the good friends and family that came to the funeral, it really was an incredible day that poured forth love from all walks of life. Pete had touched so many lives and he will live always in my heart. I miss you Pete so very much, it's going to take a very long time for the pain to ease up. I think of you all the time and I listen to your wonderful music every day. All my love, Sister Sue xxx
Monday, October 10th 2005 - 04:51:58 PM
Name: Roy St. John
E-mail address: roystjohn@yahoo.com
Comments:Just a few words to add to the feelings of all who ever knew Pete - he was as lovely a person as you would ever meet and an absolute treasure as a friend. And very patient, putting up with my silly banter with a serene smile. Probably needless to say, he was a terrific singer and drummer.
Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 04:06:20 AM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:I would like to say a big thank you to Todd and Pat for their correspondence over my re-discovery of the band. I would like to comment that after 30 years, the music sounds as good now as it did then. One More Tomorrow remains my favourite track but I am looking forward to receiving Shed No Tear.
God bless Pete. I've written to Bob Harris to try and get a track played in November as a tribute to his memory in particular.
Take care all,

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 01:41:55 AM
Name: Vincent Pizzey
E-mail address: vincent.pizzey@ntlworld.com
Comments:I have just recently discovered this website with a mix of great pleasure and excitment and also some sadness - with the recent news of Peter Perryer.
I first heard Blue Pine Trees in '74 when I was 15. I had an older brother who worked in a hi-fi shop and introduced me to a whole lot of great music that I would never have discovered myself. Unicorn stood out for me alongside the other greats - Eagles and Steely Dan. Years later I was able to replace cassettes/LPs of those two bands with crisp, clear CDs. But my literally worn out Unicorn tape couldn't be replaced - no music shop had ever heard of the band or could find them in any back catalogues. The Blue Pine Trees and Too Many Crooks albums have haunted me for the last ten years as I feared I would never hear them again. Imagine my joy at finding through this site that the music still lives on - even better than before (actually my partner foun


Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Happy Birthday Pete, you would have been 58 today. I miss you so much and how you always made me laugh. I think of you every day and I listen to your wonderful voice on all the cds. Keep singing in Heaven and know that we all love you so. Your sweet sister Sue
Monday, December 17TH 2007
Name: Pat Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk

Thursday, December 27th 2007 - 03:43:44 AM
Name: Rick Halfacre
E-mail address: beagleboy82898x@aol.com
Comments:Wow,what a GREAT find! I wore Unicorns albums down over 30 yrs. ago. I have been looking for a very long time.This is GREAT NEWS!
Monday, January 7th 2008 - 06:04:03 PM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hi Todd
7 years old today, Happy Birthday Website! Had my first introduction to the site in July 2001 and have been a frequent visitor ever since. So good to keep in touch…
Love Jill
Monday, January 28th 2008 - 08:43:38 AM
Name: Pat Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Wow !!!!! Can Todd Glenns Official Unicorn Website really be SEVEN YEARS OLD TODAY Thank you Todd for all the effort and love you have put into making this a great site.I'm always proud to give the address to anyone who is interested in Unicorn.When we first got in touch there was just one CD (The Best Of Unicorn) available.Now there are SEVEN.Through the website I have found many real friends and had my ego massaged on many occasions.We really appreciated you coming all the way from Seattle USA to Pete Perryers funeral in Send,England.Here's to many more years and it's about time you came over and visited us again.
Monday, January 28th 2008 - 10:21:53 AM
Name: Dave & Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@googlemail.com
Comments:Can't believe it has been 7 years since this site started - so glad you got it together Todd. What great memorabilia to keep of the bands history & what is still happening. It would have been a real shame for it not to have all been saved. Well done to you & just a huge thanks !
Hope you are doing OK.
Dave & Jackie
Monday, January 28th 2008 - 01:56:21 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Congratulations Todd on the website being seven years young! I have been trying for a few days and had problems bringing up the website, but thankfully I succeeded today. We all so appreciate your hard work in keeping this site so amazing. I certainly check it on a regular basis and it helps me so much. Here's to another seven!! love Sue Patterson
Thursday, January 31st 2008 - 07:33:09 AM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: brian.robinson62@ntlworld.com
Comments:SEVEN YEARS? Todd you need a long service medal and LOTS of kudos for bringing so many people to the Unicorn community. I don't post many messages but I visit now and again and I often find "I can't believe I found this site I wore my Unicorn album out 30 years ago" type messages. So it's still happening because of you. Cheers!...and "Yo Pat!"
Thursday, January 31st 2008 - 01:02:45 PM
Name: Susan Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Thank you so much Todd for an amazing seven years. All your hard work and dedication to such a fantastic group has so been worth it. I cannot thank you enough, it has brought such joy to me and I know to so many others. I hope this site continues to wow everyone that happens upon it. Unicorn are truly the best thing that ever happened in the 70's and they sound as fresh today as they did then. Thanks again, Sue Patterson
Monday, February 4th 2008 - 09:03:28 AM
Name: Stuart Mathis
E-mail address: stuartmathis@btinternet.com
Comments:I knew them when!
Pink Bears first, yes?
All the best.
Monday, February 11th 2008 - 06:18:10 AM
Name: Jon Van Horn
E-mail address: jvhsound@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey Todd,

Congratulations & thank you for keeping this site going for seven years now! (I'm sorry to be so late--inexcusable!)

You are the most amazing fan of the world's most amazing band. Thank you, thank you, thank you...
Monday, March 10th 2008 - 07:09:33 PM
Name: Luis Fernandez
E-mail address: luisfer@quicknet.nl
Comments:I'd like to pay tribute to Pat Martin, and the bass part on Electric Night. I just can't get enoug of..
Intuitively,Pat knew how to bring out the best in this tune with his impressive gloomy bass lines,that amazingly captured the song's restless atmosphere,that might be called a point of impasse...
Great achievement!...to state the obvious...need I say more??

Love and respect,


Sunday, May 25th 2008 - 05:52:11 PM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@unicornmusic.net
Comments:Hello everyone. Hope everyone is getting their daily dose of Unicorn.
Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 11:14:15 AM
Name: Luis Fernandez
E-mail address: luisfer@quicknet.nl
Are you Pete Perryer's sister?? I'm amazed 'bout the merging of true and perfect feelings of "brother and sister". I have found in many places, brothers and sisters competing between themselves.It's a process for most of us, and it can be pretty excruciating.
By being vocal and supportive about Pete,everything you've said about him done nothing so much as emphasize how much you loved him.
There is no cure for love lost, but what he left behind is his gift to you and to us.

Bless you!


Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 06:22:30 PM
Name: Ken Baker
E-mail address: kennbakerr@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:I don't usually leave messages - being the songwriter it's a bit like stroking my own ego - but I do enjoy seeing who's been dropping by. Thanks Todd.
Stuart Mathis ? I remember, up at the top of the school field, Stuart and Trevor Grossmith beat me up. I tell you ! they were just lucky I wasn't in one of my aggressive moods.
Now there's memories and then there's memories. But the records show I took the blows and did it my way !!!!!!
Thursday, June 26th 2008 - 09:24:38 AM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hi there
Have been doing a bit of browsing this morning and felt the need to visit some friends...so where else but the Unicorn website...
Just love scrolling down and reading the messages from all the many friends and Unicorn avids that pop up...
Please keep writing everyone...... (yes Ken I remember Stuart Mathis... also remember the 'top of the field' at St Bedes!.....)
Listening to music from Unicorn holds special memories and thoughts for all of us...
SO let's keep playing, listening and enjoying....I know I will..
Love Jill
PS What about 'Songs from the Family Tree' (The Late) then?..... Terrific! "Go Pat"!.......
Friday, August 8th 2008 - 06:07:17 AM
Name: Dave DiSanzo
E-mail address: davedisanzo@yahoo.com
Comments:Hey Everyone,

I was listening to Unicorn last night on my evening commute out of the New York City concrete jungle. For some reason it was "Lenny Dee" and "The Sweeter Life" that I just could not stop playing over and over for the entire hour long journey. The latter is just such a beautiful tune in every way. It's so ..unicorn. "Lenny Dee" just cracks me up and I love the way that it's sung. The music is so serious and dark yet knowing the story behind the song I can't help but cracking up every time I hear it.

"Their faces turned to me, twisted in agony!" ..... "No one even mentioned Lenny Deeeee!" Such great stuff. I could just see Ken (Ken, correct me if I'm wrong) being turned off by the bandwagon nature of group adulation and really imposing the music of Lenny Dee onto a crowd of hipsters.

I know the feeling. I was often apt to insert a Carpenters tune in the midst of a set of party music when I used to DJ. But hey, I love the Carpenters so why not? You'd actually be surprised how well "Superstar" works in that situation! At least it forces people to pay attention!

Anyway, I do thank God for the music of Unicorn.

Listening now to The Late. Anyone reading this and remotely interested in Unicorn should get this new release. "Working Man" is a 60's CLASSIC.

Best to All Reading!

Tuesday, August 12th 2008 - 05:53:42 AM
Name: Dave & Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@googlemail.com
Comments:May we have the privilege of being the first to remember Pete's date of leaving us. I know it is in a couple of days but didn't want to miss it - as if we would ! Still can't believe he has gone when we are still here & thankfully our best friend Pat & special friend Ken.

Still feels so bad about Pete not being here & what he could be singing - thank goodness we have him on recordings forever. We will always love you Pete - I hope he knows that

We would also like to say how much we love 'Lenny Dee' on the Anthology & especially knowing the story behind the song !!& probably being there !
Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 02:43:23 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Well it's just a couple more hours to the 6th September and the day my world fell apart hearing the news from Ken that my wonderful hero of a brother Pete had died. I still just can't believe you are no longer here with us Pete, I listen to your beautiful voice and see your smiling face in my mind. I just miss you so very much, at times the pain is so hard to endure, but then I thank God that I have your voice forever to listen to and think how fortunate we all are to hear the wonderful music of Unicorn. Today I sat in my little wood and looked at the tree that Pete loved so much when he came to Texas, and I could feel you looking down and smiling. I love you so much Pete and miss you so!
Friday, September 5th 2008 - 08:50:36 PM
Name: Pat 'Mad Dog' Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Oy Pete !!! Always thinking about you and telling all those great stories about you.I'm still playing that bass and I've played with some real good drummers but none give me that buzz I always got playing with you.I wish I hadn't taken it for granted how fantastic a singer you were too,I just expected everyone to sing with so much feeling,boy did I get a shock.I'm so glad we've got the Unicorn CD's to listen to and remind us of how wonderful a drummer,singer and person you were.Who'd have thought that Wharf Lane,Send would provide such a good rhythm section ? maybe it was something to do with those throbbing diesel trucks going to and from Wintons yard.
Monday, September 8th 2008 - 03:31:41 PM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: brian.robinson62@ntlworld.com
Comments:I only met Pete Perryer twice, once at a Pat Martin gig at the 'Three Lions' in Godalming and again at the first Unicorn Reunion. He was a completely open book, his smile and his faith radiated like a beacon. There was something about him that made me feel as though I'd known him for ages.

In a way, I had. When I was remastering the Shed Sessions I was listening to every detail of every track of 40+ songs over and over again. I knew I was listening to a master
class in drumming, bass playing and song-writing, and a pretty stunning guitarist as well.

One of the things I had to do was erase tape noise, burps, farts, laughter (well, nearly all the laughter), mic stands being kicked, raucous remarks - and Pete Perryer's hand-claps on the backing vocals overdub tracks. Pete REALLY enjoyed doing backing vocals - I guess he could savour singing without part of his brain having to do drums too. I erased several hundred of these whilst cleaning up the recordings, and I knew the sound of Pete's hand-claps. In fact, I knew what they looked like too, in my sound editing software.

Pat invited me to the Three Lions gig and told me that Pete might turn up. There was quite a crowd and after the fourth number, in the middle of some enthusiastic applause, I heard THAT hand-clap. I 'homed in' on Pete and he laughed when I told him how I knew he'd arrived. He bought me a beer too, but that's not why I think he was one of the nicest people I've ever met, and one of the most talented.

Rock on Pete, wherever you are. When I get 'there' too, will you show me how you got that groove in 'Sitting In Line'? I'll get you a beer.
Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 01:57:40 PM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@unicornmusic.net
Comments:Hi Everybody,

It was a wonderful suprise to see all the new guestbook entries since my last visit. Thanks to everyone who has visited & signed.
I was lucky enough to meet Pete during my 2002 visit & hear the band play together for possibly the last time. Even the Pink Bear was there!
I remember Pete as always smiling whenever I saw him.
I have fond memories of an afternoon spent at Pete's apartment drinking tea & listening to music. It was clear to see why Pete is loved & missed by so many.
Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 04:14:27 PM
Name: Todd
Comments:Even Ken is smiling in this one!
Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 04:18:43 PM
Name: kieran escritt
E-mail address: kieran_escritt@msn.com
Comments:hey guys,
been a while since i was last here!
its still a very cool place in deed, a great place to see my legend of uncle live on .
hope pat and the rest of the guys are well .
realy getting into unicorn lately awsome listening for a local lad from send - must be something in the water round send and ripley , unicorn, weller , clapton,
lots of love to aunt sue hope you guys are all well in texas.x
and a huge thankyou to todd
take it easy

Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 - 03:40:37 PM
Name: Ken
E-mail address: kennbakerr@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hello all !!! Thanks for your testimony Brian. Yes Pete was an open book. He was always an extrovert but when he became a Christian in 1990 he was ......well as you can see from the photographs, just about the most alive person you ever did see !
I love the fact that someone enjoys the humour of a song like Lenny Dee(thanks Dave). I was speaking to Alec on the phone recently and we got talking about Bullseye Bill. That's another joke that passed for a song.
Drop by again soon
Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 06:29:18 AM
Name: Tinisha a-k-a TEA
E-mail address: dog1lynn@yahoo.com
Comments:My life is not real but my power is to all out there who do not feel that they belong... you are not alone so keep hoping and dreaming for one day i shall show you the way home... love always,
Thursday, October 2nd 2008 - 09:32:53 AM
Name: Paul Erbe
E-mail address: perbe@rap.midco.net
Comments:I'm glad I found Unicorn's music after all these years. Their music still sounds fresh and exciting. It's a joy to listen to and play along with on the guitar. Thanks guys.
Thursday, October 16th 2008 - 07:39:46 AM
Name: Todd
E-mail address: todd@unicornmusic.net
Thanks for signing Tinisha,
Thursday, November 13th 2008 - 09:43:49 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Happy Birthday Pete! Pete would have been 59 on the 17th Dec. I miss you more every day, your wonderful smile that could lift our spirits when things seemed hopeless! I think of you all the time and have such fantastic memories of things we shared. You always could make me laugh so hard. It's been a hard year for me medically, but I know that you were keeping me safe through all the surgery and I thank you for being my guardian angel. I know it was you that helped me come through it all. I love you so much Pete, I just wish we could chat one more time. Keep smiling Pete, lots of love Your sweet sister Sue.
Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 07:51:30 AM
Name: Norman Whapshott
E-mail address: normanwhapshott@hotmail.com
Comments:Dancing in t’Street

Some of the more sedentary readers of this list might, like me, have seen in the new year from the sofa while watching the TV.

Those doing this in Britain were probably watching the Jools Holland new year show. It is always the best bet. Some of the featured contemporary singers and bands are a bit perplexing but there is always the playing of the first class house band, the Rhythm and Blue Orchestra, to enjoy. The line up for the show always includes a veteran ‘legend’ act and this year it was Martha and the Vandellas. They gave us their biggest hits: Jimmy Mac, Heatwave and, just after midnight, Dancing in the Street.

I wonder if I was the only one to mentally substitute the northern English locations of Accrington Stanley and Crewe for two of the American cities from Martha’s version.

Pete invariably made this change when he sang the song in the days of the Late and Late Edition.

(I particularly remember him doing so on a gig in Romford. The show had several bands of a similar status performing on a notably wide stage. It may also have been the occasion of a fan club coach trip organised by Mr Martin and there may have been a second show somewhere else that evening but I cannot now be sure.)

It was a daft joke but a good one and remembering it gave me the first laugh of 2009.

Happy New Year

Friday, January 2nd 2009 - 02:51:26 AM
Name: Quitty
E-mail address: iamquitty@hotmail.com
Comments:I heard Uphill All the Way for the first time last year and I'm in love. The songs and arrangements are really deeply impressive. Don't Ever Give Up Trying is a really wonderful song.
I suppose it's worth noting that I was able to hear it in the first place by downloading it for free but am still gonna buy the real one... These things work out sometimes... Take care.
Saturday, January 17th 2009 - 09:05:55 PM
Name: Dave DiSanzo
E-mail address: davedisanzo@yahoo.com
Comments:Ah, reading that comment from the last poster makes me happy. With each passing year the legacy of Unicorn will continue to grow and attract more and more fans. Unicorn are positioned to gain a lot of attention and credibility in the next decade, so long overdue. Seems rather silly for me to thank God for giving such a band to us, but that's how important their music has been to me and will certainly continue to be for the rest of my life!

Dave DiSanzo
Friday, January 23rd 2009 - 07:51:17 AM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@unicornmusic.net
Comments:8 years, 73995 visitors.
Wednesday, January 28th 2009 - 04:26:15 PM
Name: Ken
E-mail address: kennbakerr@yahoo.co .uk
Comments:Hey Norm ! Yeh I saw it. I even had a glass of sherry to go with my Jools Holland new years eve ! wild !
Hi Todd, Thanks for the email. I'll try to get the songs to you in the next few weeks.
Wednesday, March 11th 2009 - 02:26:27 PM
Name: Danilo Souza
E-mail address: daasringo@yahoo.com.br
Comments:It´s a nice work you´re doing here...keep on going this way, Unicorn and Unicorn fans deserve it...
Thursday, March 19th 2009 - 03:34:02 PM
Name: Phil Wyborn
E-mail address: phil@sleepingwarrior.com
Comments:Ah happy days, memories of the best period of my life are stirred up,
So much comes back to mind at sight of the word Unicorn. Is Chris Pidgeon who played keyboards sometimes still about ?
I sold him a motorcycle and we became friends.
Good health to you all..... Phil.
Friday, March 27th 2009 - 10:26:22 PM
Name: David Simes
E-mail address: dwsimes@comcast.net
Comments:I just want to take this opportunity to thank the band for the album Blue Pine Trees. It is still at the top of my list of favorite albums after thirty five years and is simply the greatest country rock album of all time (too bad the world missed it)! You definitely are not forgotten. What are the chances we can get a reunion album from the band??
Saturday, May 23rd 2009 - 06:21:02 PM
Name: Dave & Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@googlemail.com
Comments:Great to hear Unicorn on You Tube !! & also a link to this site aswell. About time too !!
Jackie & Dave

Monday, May 25th 2009 - 12:06:51 PM
Name: Dave & Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@googlemail.com
Comments:Great to hear Unicorn on You Tube !! & also a link to this site aswell. About time too !!
Jackie & Dave

Monday, May 25th 2009 - 12:11:39 PM
Name: Paul Grimes
E-mail address: paulgrimes@grimes.eclipse.co.uk
Comments:Hi folks!
Found these classics on You Tube. Copy/paste the links(not the titles) into internet explorer or mac safari and crank those speakers up...

Ooh Mother

No way out of here


Thursday, May 28th 2009 - 12:18:27 PM
Name: Jillywinks(courtesy of Ken!)
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Unicorn on YouTube excellent!, agree with Jackie and Dave-at long last! Their music still sounds absolutely stunning and brilliant! Where else can you find such writing, musicianship and singing like they gave us?
Unicorn will always remain my favourite band (the Beatles?-oh yes they were a great band too!)
Love Jill xx
Tuesday, June 2nd 2009 - 01:42:52 AM
Name: Pat Martin
Comments:I'm sad to announce the passing of Ricky Hopper.We first met him when he was a plugger at Transatlantic Records back in 1971.He loved Unicorn and our first single 'P.F.Sloane' and really put his heart into plugging it.One of his succeses was getting it played on Alan'Fluff'Freemans 'Pick Of The Pops' on prime time BBC Radio.Fluff even predicted Unicorn had a great future and I nearly bought that house I promised my Mum when I got famous.
Ricky left Transatlantic and we really noticed the difference.In 1972/3 he phoned me up to ask if Unicorn would play at his wedding for free,with the promise that there would be lots of famous people there and that we might benefit from it.We took that with a pinch of salt but figured we owed him a favour.There were several famous people there,one being David Gilmour who was just reaping the success of Dark Side Of The Moon.He had a jam with us at the end and asked me for a phone number.A few days later he phoned me up and offered us some free time in the studio he had just had installed in his Essex home.He went on to produce three albums for us and his manager became our manager too.
Ricky was always talking about a young female singer songwriter who was the sister of a friend he went to Cambridge with.He asked David Gilmour to listen to her and David asked Pete Perryer and I to play on her first recording sessions in his home studio.That female singer songwriter was Kate Bush.David Gilmour is always credited with discovering Kate but it was Ricky Hopper.
His funeral will be held at Haycombe Cemetary & Cremitorium,Whiteway Road,Bath.BA2 2RQ. on Thursday 25 June at Noon
Sunday, June 21st 2009 - 08:42:31 AM
Name: Cindy McCord
E-mail address: lakegal51@yahoo.com
Comments:I originally bought one of the albums for the cover and ended up loving it. I got rid of my albums years ago and started replacing my favorites. This was one them. They are a great band and I love everything UNICORNS anyway. Thank you guys.
Monday, July 20th 2009 - 08:26:01 AM
Name: paul grimes
E-mail address: paulgrimes@grimes.eclipse.co.uk
Comments:Barbeque Summer!!!?
I lit the BBQ and found the shed sessions CD.
A perfect evening!
Thanks Pat!

Paul Clare and family
Saturday, July 25th 2009 - 11:51:19 AM
Name: Paul Grimes
E-mail address: paulgrimes@grimes.eclipse.co.uk
Comments:Doing a time check now...
its July 25th 19:55pm
bet it says different when this gets posted...

Saturday, July 25th 2009 - 11:56:30 AM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hey, can't stop playing 'One More Tomorrow' on YouTube. My colleagues in the office love it too! Excellent,thanks Jon!
Love Jill xx
Friday, August 21st 2009 - 12:53:42 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:A huge thanks to Jon for the wonderful UTube video of One More Tomorrow. I can't stop playing it and have emailed it to many friends. I so appreciate everyone that has anything to do with keeping Unicorn alive. Thanks Todd for this amazing website, How about making a video of the Hymn? Anyway thanks a million, Sue Patterson
Friday, September 4th 2009 - 10:06:55 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:It's hard to believe it's four years since my brother Pete was taken from us and is now singing with the angels. I miss you more and more each day and am so thankful I have your beautiful voice to hear each day. Pete you were such a sweet, kind and loving brother and you always made me laugh. I am so lucky to have had you for a brother, friend and mentor. I love you so Pete and miss you so. Keep singing, love your sister Sue.
Sunday, September 6th 2009 - 08:24:34 PM
Name: Dave & Jackie
E-mail address: dutchelm2@googlemail.com
Comments:Haven't forgotten you Pete - still missing you. Love you.
Wednesday, September 9th 2009 - 02:39:55 PM
Name: Pat Martin
Comments:Still remeber stuff about Pete every day,will never forget him.He came down my road on the Butchers bike (c.64) when he was briefly their delivery boy.The bike blew over in the wind and shot all the meat over the road,he picked up the bike,kicked it and then proceded to pick up the meat and throw it back into the basket on the bike.Pete and joints just didn't go together.
Sunday, September 20th 2009 - 01:44:13 PM
Name: Dave DiSanzo
Comments:New reissues on the horizon for Uphill, Blue Pine, and Too Many! Wider distribution - turning more people into fans! The "godfathers of country rock" they are now being called. Whatever - it's about time more people discover the healing powers of Unicorn!
Friday, November 6th 2009 - 01:43:47 PM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:I'm with you on that one Dave, here's hoping!
Had a listen to Uphill all the Way cd this afternoon....'Don't Ever Give Up Trying'really does it for me every time...Pete's voice....just amazing, miss you Pete!
So come on beautiful people get listening to Unicorn, you won't look back!!
Love Jillxx
Saturday, November 14th 2009 - 08:10:36 AM
Name: Paul
E-mail address: paulgrimes@grimes.eclipse.co.uk
Comments:Hi sports fans!
Found Unicorn on Last.Fm. Most if not all is there for your enjoyment.
Tagged as Swedish!!! Someone needs to correct this.

Monday, December 7th 2009 - 03:19:42 AM
Name: dave disanzo
Comments:Well Last FM has 14 different artists with the name of Unicorn defined in their database (they run the gamut in styles but tracnce seems to be the most recurring genre). In any event, Last FM is linking the Swedish Unicorn to the Blue Pine Trees album; let's hope they don't send Unicorn's income to Sweden!
Monday, December 14th 2009 - 02:26:01 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Happy Birthday Pete!! You would have been celebrating your sixtieth Birthday today. I still miss you so much, but am so grateful that I can listen to your beautiful voice every day. Keep singing Pete! I will always hold you close to my heart. Your sweet sister Sue
Thursday, December 17th 2009 - 06:00:53 AM
Name: Pat Martin
Comments:HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE (aka Rudyard Mudguard & Wilfred Eyes-Wright)Funny how you only really appreciate how good stuff is after it's gone.I've played with many drummers since you but can never quite get that thing we had.As for that voice of yours,it's up there with Aretha for me.Of course I was always the younger half of the rhythm section,I'm not sixty till March.
Love from Jill too.
Thursday, December 17th 2009 - 03:01:39 PM
Name: Paul
E-mail address: paulgrimes@grimes.eclipse.co.uk
Comments:Happy New Year everybody...

Did you know Jim Morrison was born in a van and Van Morrison was born in a gym...

Wednesday, December 30th 2009 - 05:47:31 PM
Name: Todd
E-mail address: tdglenn@unicornmusic.net
Comments:Today is the 9th anniversary
This web site was launched on January 28th, 2001
77560 visitors & counting.
Thanks for stopping by.
Thursday, January 28th 2010 - 06:23:00 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Congratulations Todd on keeping such a great website going. We all appreciate your dedication and hard work.It is so wonderful to visit the site and enjoy everything.
On a different note, I just want to warn all of my friends, that if you get an email saying you have an email from me on Badoo! Please do not respond! This is some sort of scam, and I have not written to anyone. I also got an email saying I had a message from a friend and when I tried to open the message, there wasn't one. I'm not sure what the scam is, but I know that many of my friends are getting these false messages. Thanks, Sue
Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 09:33:48 AM
Name: Pat Martin
Comments:Hey Todd,I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to help,not only keep the name of Unicorn alive but spread the word.
One of the luckiest things that ever happened to Unicorn was when you found one of our albums in the $1 bargain bin all those years ago.
If you don't soon come over and stay with us I'm gonna come over and getcha.I know whwer your secret cabin is remember !!!
Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 09:45:12 AM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Todd, you are amazing!9 years old, you must be so proud! Just to endorse what Patrick has said, love to see you this year, 'specially as it's a 'special' birthday one for some people!
Love Jill XX
Monday, February 1st 2010 - 01:01:45 AM
Name: Dave DiSanzo
E-mail address: davedisanzo@yahoo.com
Comments:I was just thinking about this site this morning wondering if it was about 8 years old and low and behold it just turned 9. Time flies. Nearly a decade of having this site and forum for all things Unicorn - Todd you've done a great job. I remember when Todd and I had a brief conversation one day about how there needs to be a Unicorn web site. The next day he called me and sent me the link and asked what I thought! I was duly impressed and still am.

I spent the morning today listening to Unicorn tracks, they never lose their freshness. Ever. I listen to Unicorn more than any other artist. The artistry astounds me more the more I listen. Thanks again Todd and thanks to Pete, Pat, Ken, and all the others that were involved in getting this music recorded in the first place....and especially Pat for keeping the Unicorn archived material safe and sound throughout the decades so that we were all able to benefit in recent years with the releases of the Shed Sessions, The Late acetates, The Anthology, and other goodies... Little did I know ten years ago how much great Unicorn music had yet make it to my ears....

So here's to the 1st 9 years! Let's see what we can accomplish in the next 9!

...perhaps a Unicorn convention!
Monday, February 1st 2010 - 10:57:31 AM
Name: Alan Pettit
E-mail address: apettit@pt.lu
Comments:Call it nostalgia or whatever, but I recently googled Unicorn and came up with this site. I used to be the bass player/vocalist in the Elite, with Kevin Smith and Chris Harding. There's even a photo of us as 'The Late/Elite Package 1966' - I'm the nerd on right next to Pat Martin. I lost touch with everyone around '67 or '68.
I felt a real lump in my throat when I heard that Pete had passed away. I know it's more than 40 years since I saw him but it was still very sad.
I still play and listen to music so I guess it never leaves you. I even own a couple of Unicorn albums - on vinyl of course!
It seems that the Unicorn legend still lives on so congratulations to you all on your legacy.
Best regards,
Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 12:14:17 PM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: brianrobinson5@ntlworld.com
Comments:Nine years??? Never!
Monday, February 22nd 2010 - 09:51:59 AM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: contact@brianrobinsonmusic.co.uk
Comments:Kevin Smith and his son Francis paid me a visit on his way back from Newcastle where he bought a guitar. (Newcastle is just up t' road from here). He turned my Variax guitar into a jazz-box while Francis played my grand piano (actually Edirol Orchestral via midi keyboard) and I jammed on the bass. Kevin is a great guitarist (but you knew that) and Francis is a talented musician. There - I've jammed with all of them now!
Wednesday, April 14th 2010 - 05:57:14 PM
Name: Chris Willey
E-mail address: chriswilley656&yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Did I leave a cap at your place?

When's that RJ stuff coming?

Noel Gueye,s landed in Totton, Southampton Dakar next.

La Loot continoo!

bw Chris
Sunday, June 6th 2010 - 01:52:59 AM
Name: Glenn Morris
E-mail address: gabagool@hotmail.com
Comments:I loved Unicorn back in the mid 70s. My brother had 2 LPs which are still listened to today
Thursday, July 1st 2010 - 05:23:09 AM
Name: Ken Baker
E-mail address: kennbakerr@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hi guys. I was working on a song the other day and I thought folk might appreciate the middle eight....
I knew a man he was a simple man
No philosophy no master plan
He gave everything till there was nothing left
It's all we had from the beginning I guess
Nothing but heart.
Thursday, July 1st 2010 - 06:20:48 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Wow Ken they are such beautiful words!I can't wait to see the whole song when it's finished. Have a wonderful holiday. Best wishes Sue
Thursday, July 1st 2010 - 10:36:24 AM
Name: Elizabeth Smith
E-mail address: edotliz@tiscali.co.uk
Comments:Just been going thru my records and came across Unicorn. Think I was ten years old when I first came across them in the Martin's house in Surrey. My Dad was friends with Pat's Mum and Dad.

I've got 2 albums - one has been signed by all the band.

Wasn't Pete our Butcher's delivery Boy too with the old-fashioned bike?

Eliz Smith nee Crane
ex- 193, Send Road, Send
Thursday, July 8th 2010 - 05:44:48 AM
Name: Norman
E-mail address: normanwhapshott@hotmail.com
Comments:There is a song called 'Nothing was delivered'that was written by Bob Dylan and recorded by the Byrds.

Whenever it was played or mentioned Pete would always explain that it was because the butcher's boy had fallen off his bike.

Monday, July 19th 2010 - 05:03:14 AM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Would you believe it, had the iPod on shuffle on the cross-trainer, what was the first track? 'In the Gym', swiftly followed by 'All Night Long'.....thanks chaps! xxxx
Saturday, August 28th 2010 - 01:23:35 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Tomorrow will be the fifth anniversary of losing my incredibly talented brother Pete! He had the most amazing voice and I'm so very thankful that I can listen to the music of Unicorn every single day. It never ceases to move me! I love you so Pete and hold you forever in my heart. Love Sue
Sunday, September 5th 2010 - 08:25:02 AM
Name: Pat Martin
Comments:Hey Pete,Richy Hayward has joined you,wow !! must be some grooves going down wherever you all are.I'm still chasing them but ain't found nobody near you yet.
Sunday, September 5th 2010 - 12:40:09 PM
Name: Jenny McAllen
E-mail address: toogoodtobeforgotten2001uk@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Can't believe it's been five years Pete. Thinking of you today. I can feel you tapping on my shoulder all those years ago, always drumming! We still have your lovely voice thankfully and the memories live on. God bless.
Monday, September 6th 2010 - 12:35:49 AM
Name: Ken Baker
E-mail address: kennbakerr@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:It's THE day for visiting the Unicorn Website isn't it ? I wonder how many others will be dropping by. Thanks Todd for makings this "place" for us where we can come and connect and .....remember.
Monday, September 6th 2010 - 08:42:24 AM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hello Pete
Remembering you today (especially), but also nearly every day!
Love Jill xx
Monday, September 6th 2010 - 11:05:06 AM
Name: Dave & Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@gmail.com

Hey Pete
Hope you're having a great time - wherever you may be !! Us mere mortals are still thinking of you & living off what you left behind - your memories & your music - your voice !!
Love you forever
Jackie & Dave xx
Tuesday, September 7th 2010 - 03:52:30 PM
Name: Todd
E-mail address: tdglenn@unicornmusic.net
Comments:Wow!, It's cool to see everyone stopping by to remember Pete.
It doesn't seem like 5 whole years. Thankfully, your amazing voice will live on forever.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by.
Wednesday, September 8th 2010 - 11:28:09 AM
Name: tim oliver
E-mail address: janisowner@hotmail.com
Comments:hey bassloves i met ya on youtube-great music unicorn-really dig your sound-thanx
Wednesday, September 15th 2010 - 11:47:13 PM
Name: pete ives
E-mail address: peter19591@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:just wondering if you can contact kevin smith if so can y
ou please pass on my e-mail address.
p.s glad i found the website
Thursday, September 16th 2010 - 03:27:12 PM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:What a tremendous thrill it was on Saturday when Ken played one of his new numbers and the wonderful, as he says his claim to fame, 'No Way Out Of Here' on Saturday!
Once again, thanks so much Ken!
Love Jill xx
Wednesday, September 29th 2010 - 12:39:10 AM
Name: otis woodard
E-mail address: otis.woodard@sbcglobal.net
Comments:there is a park in st.louis mo. it is otis woodards peace park.for near 40 years it has been the place where i give food, blankets, firewood,soap,babythings,shelter ,and whatever i could do to help the poor.the park is a pretty place thanks to friends want people to rember what happened there when im gone. i am 73 and cancer and other things are soon taking me away.death does not scare me but leaving so many hungry and hurting people who depended on me makes me very sad.if you come by my park leave a can of food. leave a prayer. we love those.
Friday, October 8th 2010 - 11:04:13 AM
Name: Keith Large
E-mail address: keith_large@yahoo.com
Comments:I missed the band when they played at 76 Club, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs, UK.... my friend in Australia recently sent me his Unicorn cd, hence I am now a very belated fan.
Monday, October 25th 2010 - 09:24:26 AM
Name: Patrick McDonnell
E-mail address: loei@oink.co,uk
Comments:I'm an aged hippie who used to love Too Many Crooks back in the 70s but I lost the album long ago so I was delighted when I found this site. Its great to see that fresh work is still coming out.

I now live in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and was hugely disappointed to find that the various commercial download sites refuse to download music to the ROU... perhaps the MAN wishes to encourage bit torrenting?
Tuesday, November 2nd 2010 - 03:25:48 PM
Name: Patrick McDonnell
E-mail address: loei@oink.co,uk
Comments:Credit where its due!

The excellent Dean Sciarra of www.itsaboutmusic.com/ has personally intervened with my South American download problems so I'm now re-Unicorned after 33 years.

Many thanks to all concerned and massive applause from Nueva Helvecia for the wonderful Dean :-)

Thursday, November 4th 2010 - 09:16:05 AM
E-mail address: BETHAN2112@HOTMAIL.CO.UK

Saturday, December 4th 2010 - 04:40:28 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Dear Pete the 17th would have been your 61st Birthday! How I wish you could be here to celebrate. I thank you for being such a wonderful brother and friend, I miss you more with every passing day, but I'm so very thankful that I can hear your beautiful voice, and I'm sure everyone in Heaven is enjoying it too! Love you, Sweet sister Sue xxx
Thursday, December 16th 2010 - 02:32:09 PM
Name: Pat Martin
Comments:Listening to the iPod,on shuffle,through the Hifi in room lit by blazing log stove.Every now and then a Unicorn track comes on (well I guess there's a lot of 'em on my iPod) Still get knocked out by by Pete's,from the heart,voice and drumming and the Chillean Merlot helps too.Happy Birthday to my oldest friend sice we was babies.
Thursday, December 16th 2010 - 05:32:02 PM
Name: Dave & Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@gmail.com
Comments:Happy Birthday Pete. Still loving your music - it will go on & on & on - if we can't have you atleast we have your music & your voice is second to none !!xx
Friday, December 17th 2010 - 04:13:46 PM
Name: Dave & Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@gmail.com
Comments:If you are on facebook - I have put a really nice pic of Ken playing guitar & singing at Pat & Jill's 60th Birthday party - get in touch & I can send it to anyone who wants it!! It was a magical moment !!
Jackie Helm (check it out out if you are on facebook & want to be my friend) !!??
Friday, December 17th 2010 - 04:28:35 PM
Name: John Kerans
E-mail address: jepkearns@gmail.com
Comments:"Unicorn" were a superb band who got nowhere ; The story of many other great Bands ("Patto" in particular.)
I never got to see them live for a variety of arcane reasons but thought them superb from the continuous playing of the 3 albums.
I recently heard " Holland" on BBC at some ridiculous hour on the radio, brought out the 3 albums and have started playing them again to my wife's chagrin and to my son's delight!
Not a duff track in sight/hearing and many ("He's got pride;" The Night;" "Disco Dancer") worthy of multiple playing and appreciation.
I am 65 with GOOD HEARING(!) and still appreciate good records and bands.
Monday, December 27th 2010 - 01:19:39 PM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@uhicornmusic.net
Comments:10 YEARS!! 81,277 visitors and counting. We miss you Pete.
Saturday, January 29th 2011 - 08:33:18 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Congratulations Todd, I can't believe it's ten years already. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I never tire of coming to the website and seeing who's left a message or just re-reading all the wonderful reviews. I feel close to Pete when I see his beautiful smile on the photos. It takes me back to a time when I thought we could live forever and the music never fails to amaze me. Unicorn are without any doubt the best band that ever was!!
Saturday, January 29th 2011 - 09:46:17 PM
Name: Pat Martin (Bassist Unicorn)
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Fantastic Todd well done and I bless that day that you found your first Unicorn album in a bargain bin.Before you made this fantastic website Unicorn were almost totaly forgotten and you have done the most in spreading the word.I can't thank you enough for the wonderful e mails i have received from people who still love the band.Long may it and you last.Boy do I miss Pete too.
Sunday, January 30th 2011 - 03:54:13 AM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hi Todd
Brilliant! Congratulations on clocking up a decade of the wonderful Unicorn web site. You certainly are a gem and we all thank you very much Todd! Want to echo the previous comments in saying also miss dear Pete. Just off to play some Unicorn now.........xxxx
PS When are coming to visit Todd?
Sunday, January 30th 2011 - 05:00:59 AM
Name: Dave & Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@gmail.com
Comments:Proud number 81394 visitor to this site in 10 years - unbelievable how many hits it has had but well worth the effort of getting it up & running Todd - Thanks so much for all our sakes for getting it all together.
Unicorn just goes on & on forever. They are the best & always will be.
Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 03:41:23 PM
Name: Don Swancy
E-mail address: donswancy@netzero.com
Comments:how freakin'cool !! Fairy Boats! I met you guys back in 1974 or 75. You played a concert at Texas Tech University in Lubbock,Texas. I think it was with Bonnie Raitt and Jackson brown maybe. You guys hit a home run that night in Texas. I was the Music Director for the local FM station that sponsored the show and we'd been playing your album for several months before the show.. I also did a taped interview the next day with Ken and Pete. It's just wonderful to find you guys...
Monday, February 21st 2011 - 01:27:22 PM
Name: Steve Baum
E-mail address: sbaum@bt.com
Comments:Just rediscovered Unicorn after 36 years. Oh the songs,so fantastic. They should have been huge and would have been if it wasn't for the then powerful music journalist's who tried to push punk rock down our throats. I'm sorry to learn that Pete Perryer had passed on. May the positive vibes of his singing continue, they will in my house until I go to the same place. Power to Unicorn.
Wednesday, March 23rd 2011 - 02:59:24 AM
Name: Alan Barnsdale
E-mail address: alan.barnsdale@btinternet.com
Comments:Came accross your site whilst investigating an Lp I have and found it very informative and interesting.
White label demo Lp,One more tomorrow c/w typed info page with the following comments;
An act which has been around for some time,and which is still searching for that elusive hit.
Regards, Alan.
Thursday, March 24th 2011 - 02:31:05 PM
Name: Paul Johnson
E-mail address: paulusj21@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey Pat it's ya long lost cousin Paul, Elizabeths brother, Ray And Annies lad, Still have your vinyls in my collection,
loved them all these years, I can remember when you and the lads crashed at our house, when you were supporting Stefan Grossman at the city hall. the front room was littered with bodies. Also the time you were supporting Nils lofgren i was privelleged to be in the audience, (thanks for the tickets) hope you don't mind me getting in touch, just something made me look for your site.
Wor kid told me a while ago you's had been in touch.
Please send my love to the family...all the best
Saturday, April 2nd 2011 - 11:38:21 AM
Name: Brian Ainger
E-mail address: batlan@slingshot.co.nz
Comments:Blue Pine Trees is the only album I have and 37 years later I still love it.

What a pity this band didn't get the airplay or recognition they deserved whilst so much of the dross succeeded.

Wednesday, April 6th 2011 - 03:08:34 AM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:Have uploaded a further 2 old Unicorn tracks to You Tube, hope you approve. Please comment on the videos especially if you want me to improve on the notes and sorry I left off 'Shed No Tear' on the video credit. Still not up to the class of 'One More Tomorrow'. We are doing fine at Stage Parades and would be happy if anyone cares to sign our guestbook too.

Monday, April 11th 2011 - 07:16:31 AM
Name: Doyley
E-mail address: peter.doyle1@btinternet.com
Comments:only recently got my 1st computer.felt I had to check out UNICORN.so glad I did, brings back so many memories.love to you all including pete. XX Doyley
Tuesday, April 12th 2011 - 04:21:29 PM
Name: Tod Howard
E-mail address: TodHoward@mail.com
Comments:Cool site! I like the band
Saturday, April 16th 2011 - 07:24:28 AM
Name: Phil
E-mail address: drbanting@hotmail.com
Comments:So pleased these great songs and recordings are available again. First found the records in bargain bins in the mid-70's and was delighted to recently discover their availability on CD.

The site is terrific and greatly appreciated.
Friday, April 22nd 2011 - 02:11:13 PM
Name: Gaye Goddard
E-mail address: gayegoddard@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:this brings back so many amazing memories. listening to you practising in Patrick's parents garage in Send, your parents were brilliant. But I can understand it now as my kids use the garage as 'the Shed' for their mates and drum and bass.
Monday, May 2nd 2011 - 11:28:18 AM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:Hi guys, Hope this finds you well, thought it was time to do another Unicorn upload on You Tube, one we fans can all sing a long with the band. Hope you don't mind. Have a great UK bank holiday weekend. Link below, Cheers Steve
Friday, August 26th 2011 - 01:25:57 AM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:Having a wonderful bank holiday playing my Unicorn tapes, CD's and mp3's. Thanks to Pat for allowing me to use some of your photos for the 3 videos done this weekend. You can now find 'Is That A Shame' 'Don't Want To Come Home Alone' and 'Rainy Season' all uploaded on my 2 You Tube channels. That makes 8 in total and look forward to perhaps some future involvement in promoting the great Unicorn.
Sunday, August 28th 2011 - 02:34:16 AM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:Just wanted to let you know we did a little video of The Late for You Tube and also uploaded 'Don't Ever Give Up Trying' which must be everyone's life motto.
That is me done now, except for any video requests via Pat. Very grateful to Pat for your kind assistance in helping me share some of the finest music ever to come out of the 70's. This website is and always will be my favourite and hope through our latest efforts some new fans might be found. Best Wishes to all, Steve :-)
Thursday, September 1st 2011 - 06:05:24 AM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:To advise, one more upload to You Tube, the wonderful track 'Don't Ever Give Up Trying'. Can I just thank Pat for his kindness over the past 10 days in making it possible to upload a better quality sound for the videos. This website is and always will be my favourite and remember if like me, you sometimes feel a bit downhearted, listen to the words of Ken Baker and don't ever give up trying even if some days it seems uphill all the way. Best wishes, Steve.
Thursday, September 1st 2011 - 06:11:18 AM
Name: Todd
E-mail address: tdglenn-AT-unicornmusic.net
Comments:Thanks for all the hard work & great videos.
Thursday, September 1st 2011 - 08:57:24 AM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:It was a pleasure to do those Unicorn/TheLate videos and as I said on your guestbook, take your life motto to be 'Don't Ever Give Up Trying' even if some days it is 'Uphill All The Way'. Best wishes to all, Steve
Friday, September 2nd 2011 - 12:32:22 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Hi everyone, I just wanted to say I had wanted to leave something on the web site, as it's now six years since we lost the most wonderful singer, brother, friend, hero! That was a few days ago on the 6th. Unfortunately the huge fire in Bastrop started on the 4th. September and I had to flee our home of twenty three years, without hardly a thing to my name. Our house burnt down to the ground, along with all it's contents, on the anniversary of Pete's passing. I have lost all my Unicorn cds. albums, cds. of Pete's songs he wrote and most special of all, his guitar and bible. I shall find a new home, but I can never replace all the things that were most precious to me. I should be feeling so glad that Jake and I are alive, but at this point in time I just feel so sad that I have lost all the photos, films and anything else I ever had related to my wonderful brother Pete. I miss you even more every Pete and I wonder when the Uphill Struggle will end! For sure I will never Give up Trying. I love you Pete, love Sister Sue
Tuesday, September 13th 2011 - 07:43:50 PM
Name: Pat Martin
Comments:Just back from Italy and always remembering stuff about Pete Perryer,his great sense of humour,his many quotes,his gifted playing and singing.Not many days go by when I don't have some reminder of him.
I'd like to thank Dean Sciarra of Its About Music,as soon as I mentioned Sue Perrier had lost all her Unicorn albums in the Texas fires he asked for an address to send her some new copies,without hessitation.Good man Dean.
Wednesday, September 14th 2011 - 02:36:30 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:i would just like to thank Dean Sciarra for sending me the Unicorn CDs , I just don't know how to thank him, this means so very much to me. It's the music that helps me through all the many struggles I encounter through life's journey. Dean you are truly the best and if you ever visit Texas, you will be made most welcome!!
Sunday, September 25th 2011 - 08:14:05 AM
Name: ken
Comments:Hey you lot out there, how are you doing? I'm enjoying Keith Richards book "life" at the moment. They were so committed to their art, it's no wonder they were so big. Unicorn were serious but we were more about being ordinary lads and enjoying music and life.
God bless Sue!!! If it gets hard my advice- sit down and listen to the man singing "Dont Ever Give Up Trying"(if you've got it that is).
When we were playing darts and it wasn't going so well Pete used to say "It's a good game to win". Why don't I just let him have the last word?
Wednesday, September 28th 2011 - 06:31:46 AM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:Just wanted to make sure I said 'Keep On Going' to the website and Unicorn fans everywhere. Best wishes, Steve
Friday, October 14th 2011 - 06:28:00 AM
Name: Hans Wallbäcks
E-mail address: wallbacks@yahoo.se
Comments:I visited my son the other day and he has got my vinyl collection wich is nice since he playes the albums alot.
I dicovered two Unicorn albums there that I really enjoyed listening to a long time ago.
I picked them out from the shelf and told him to listen to them and I´ll hope that he will enjoy the music as much as I did.
I´ll will tell you later about what he thought about the music.
A really enjoyable site this.
Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 - 12:17:25 PM
Name: Dee Dee Baxter
E-mail address: jazz.singer@rocketmail.com
I'm Ricky Hopper's step-daughter. I'm sorry to give you the news that he passed away a couple of years ago, but you may know this already. I didn't realise everyone called him Ricky back then, it's amazing to see his name in so many places online. Reading up about this band and being transported back to a time before I existed has brought me a bit closer to him which I'm truly thankful for. I hope you are all well, love, Dee
Tuesday, November 29th 2011 - 06:48:14 PM
Name: John Whitehead
E-mail address: villagemotor@hotmail.com
Comments:I stumbled across your website, which triggered what few brain cells I have left.
It all makes for interesting reading, and I hope everybody is alive and kicking.
I always remember "Tub" finding it difficult to climb five sets of stairs to reach my office. I expect I would also struggle as I approach my 67th birthday.
If you remember me, please make contact, lots to talk about.
Monday, December 12th 2011 - 06:59:25 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Happy Birthday to my dearest brother Pete! You would have been 62 today and I wish you were still here, I miss you so. I don't think I will ever fill the void you left, you were always there for me, through thick and thin. Love you so, and miss you with all my heart. love Sister Sue
Saturday, December 17th 2011 - 12:00:51 PM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: brianrobinson49@sky.com
Comments:Big hugs Sue - we exchanged emails today and yours reminded me that Pete would have been 62 today.

Also, Pat Martin sent me a link to a fat kid playing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on bass. I returned the compliment by sending him a link to a Japanese transvestite playing superb 8-string bass in a skirt.

Pete - I hope you're watching all this with that big smile on your face!

Reqiescat in Pace Peter Perryer.
Saturday, December 17th 2011 - 01:00:02 PM
Name: José Carlos Lucci
E-mail address: josecarlos.lucci@gmail.com
Comments:I spent about 30 years looking for any informations about Unicorn, a band i knew in 1977. I'm proud to sign this guestbook.
Monday, December 19th 2011 - 07:49:41 AM
Name: Brian Robinson
E-mail address: brianrobinson49@sky.com
Comments:Jose you are welcome here. Can you give more information on why you were searching for Unicorn for so long? Did you go to any gigs or buy any of their records? Best Christmas Wishes!
Friday, December 23rd 2011 - 05:19:10 PM
Name: Todd
E-mail address: tdglenn-AT-unicornmusic.net
Comments:11 years, 87412 visitors.
Saturday, January 28th 2012 - 01:01:57 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Congratulations Todd on eleven wonderful years of giving us this superb web site. Unicorn are my most favorite band of all time, and they will always remain so. Their music is as fresh sounding today as the day it was first recorded. I hope many many more people will have the good fortune to come upon this web site. Unicorn you continue to rock my world! Thank you!
Saturday, January 28th 2012 - 09:08:10 PM
Name: Patrick Martin
Comments:I've said it many times Todd but I bless the day you stumbled on Unicorn in the bargain bin and started a whole new lease of life for us.Eleven years,wow what happened ?
Sunday, January 29th 2012 - 04:52:28 AM
Name: David Finley
E-mail address: dfinley@ccg.com
Comments:Just now discovering this band. Love the site and the devotion of the fan base. Thanks.
Thursday, February 16th 2012 - 03:20:33 PM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@unicornmusic.net
Comments:Hello everyone,

Ken Baker has a song "Break my Heart", sung by Debby Bracknell.

Friday, April 20th 2012 - 12:54:33 PM
Name: john murphy
E-mail address: jram32463@sbcglobal.net
Comments:born and raised in st. louis mo. listened to the great radio station k-she 95 where else would i hear unicorn?
Monday, April 30th 2012 - 09:10:39 PM
Name: Serpentinia
Comments:I love your music - rock on, Unicorn! :)
Thursday, May 17th 2012 - 02:59:57 PM
Name: Lanark McVie
E-mail address: lanark63@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:I see that some wee lassie (with a BIG voice) has done a cover of Jimmy Webb's "P F Sloan" recently. My big brother had the first Unicorn album (I possess his copy now - a bit of well-worn vinyl). I listened to this album a lot when I was growing up, I loved the sound. Nice acoustic guitars, mandolins and tasteful electric licks. Lovely balance. Beautiful vocal harmonies. I learned to play guitar, strumming along to some of the more straightforward stuff on "Uphill All The Way".
I'm glad "P F Sloan" is on the airwaves again, it is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard in my life. It has stayed with me for forty years and frankly the Unicorn version simply cascades all over the new cover. I hope the new exposure shines a light on Unicorns work at some point.


Friday, May 18th 2012 - 03:07:44 PM
Name: Terrence Gorvett
E-mail address: terrence.gorvett@ntlworld.com
Comments:Hi Unicorn fans out there! I discovered this band in the early 70s and their music formed the pre-cursor of my liking of other bands like CSNY and America. It took me a long time to get their music digitally but it was worth it! I've never forgotten their influence on me during those formative years - I'm now 58! Rumer has just recorded PF Sloan but I knew it with them first! Thanks Boys!

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 - 12:16:47 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suatterson@aol.com
Comments:Hard to believe it's seven years since my wonderful brother Pete, left us to sing with the Angels. I know he is always there in my heart and I listen to his beautiful voice every single day! Unicorn are such a big part of my life and I have such fond memories of going to those fantastic gigs all over England in the 70's. I know Pete is singing up a storm in Heaven! I love and miss you so Pete, your sweet sister Sue!
Thursday, September 6th 2012 - 05:27:18 AM
Name: Patrick Martin
Comments:Seven years since I lost my oldest friend and the best drummer and singer I ever had the honour to play with.Always in my thoughts and still remember,most days,a story about him.
Thursday, September 6th 2012 - 11:35:14 AM
Name: Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@gmail.com
Comments:Hi everyone - can't believe no-one has mentioned this week that it is 7 years since we lost Pete - the most amazing singer, drummer - just most funny nice guy I have ever met. The world has a great loss & I still miss him like mad -can't believe I'll never see his smiling face again - love you Pete wherever you are - hope you are still making people laugh & they are listening to your wonderful voice that we will never forget !! love forever D&J xxx
Thursday, September 6th 2012 - 01:39:14 PM
Name: Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@gmail.com
Comments:Sorry - i guess there is a time lapse with entries - of course Christine & Pat remembered - as if they couldn't - I know how much they loved Pete as me & Dave & many millions did also that listened to his music & it touched their soul with his amazing voice !!xx
Wednesday, September 12th 2012 - 03:04:47 PM
Name: Todd
E-mail address: tdglenn@uniconrmusic.net
Comments:Hi Everyone.
I was just listening to some Blue Pine Trees & thinking about Pete.

Thanks for stopping by.
Wednesday, September 12th 2012 - 03:16:13 PM
Name: Adrienne Breaux
E-mail address: adriennebreaux@gmail.com
Comments:Discovered Unicorn recently thanks to my boyfriend! He's a huge fan of the band and we've been enjoying jamming out to some great records. With Christmas coming up I was hoping to find a shirt or something with that awesome Unicorn logo on it...if anyone has any leads shoot me an email!
Tuesday, November 20th 2012 - 01:09:48 PM
Name: Pat Martin
Comments:Remembering my old friend and long time rhythm section partner Pete Perryer on what would have been his 63rd birthday.Very fond memories of all the stuff we did together in bands from 63 to 80 and being friends since we were babies.What a great singer,drummer and person.
Sunday, December 16th 2012 - 11:11:40 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Happy 63rd Birthday Pete! Always in my heart and your beautiful voice always helping me to never give up trying!! Love you always and I keep you close to my heart. Never a day goes by without me listening to the fantastic Unicorn! Have so many favorites, too many to write, but " so far away" is one of them, love you and always missing your smile and love, your sweet sister Sue
Monday, December 17th 2012 - 04:42:20 AM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Hi Todd and everyone
Been ages since I've dropped in but just to say hello and Happy 2013 to you all!! Needless to say still miss Pete very much but am very pleased to say have constant reminders of him and his wonderful voice listening to Unicorn. Heaps of love XXXXXXXX
Monday, December 31st 2012 - 10:19:54 AM
Name: Pat Martin
E-mail address: patmartin@basshouse.fsnet.co.uk

Check out # 9 in the chart
Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 01:30:54 PM
Name: Phil Polley
E-mail address: phil7polley@tiscali.co.uk
Comments:Congrats on the GP tribute album listing! Quite right too!
Wednesday, January 9th 2013 - 11:39:54 AM
Name: Ken
E-mail address: kennbakerr@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:happy new year everyone. I used to give myself a hard time that I kept forgetting to check the website or leave a message for Pete in septmeber. Then I realized without thinking about it I was avoiding it. Well then here a new year message. It's just a great song Pete wrote once, a taste of old Unicorn humour,I was thinking of the other day..........."Woke up this morning, blues ran all over my toast" ( Pete hated blue songs)..........Timeless
Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 08:00:01 AM
Name: Mad Dog
Comments:Remember royalties from your record label ?
No,me neither
Wednesday, April 3rd 2013 - 03:59:19 PM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:Thanks Guys and congratulations in advance of hitting that 100,000 website views. Anyone to whom I have recommended your site, has always been impressed. I'll leave with this, some of my favourite lines.

The evening is red the sheep will be pleased
The folk are inside and eating their teas
There's tea in the pot and milk in the cow
Guess we all get those days when it pays not to speak
But to keep out of sight and to stay 'neath my sheets
In the safety of sleep, in the safety of sleep.

See you in 6 months !
Friday, April 12th 2013 - 02:03:41 AM
Name: Stephen
E-mail address: willoughbyorama@gmail.com
Comments:I just found this band after reading about "There's No Way Out of Here". I'm definitely going to give them a listen.

Thanks for creating this site, it's strangely nostalgic, though I've never heard of Unicorn before.
Friday, June 21st 2013 - 02:12:35 PM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@unicornmusic.net
Comments:Hello everyone.

Amazing news!
Unicorn will be playing at the Croissant Nuef Summer Party near Usk in Monmouthshire in Wales about 3 hours from London.
The festival is August 9th to 11th.
To learn more about this huge party visit the official web site here.

Saturday, June 22nd 2013 - 05:50:35 PM
Name: Bill Balding
E-mail address: wbalding@gmail.com
Comments:trying to find my old friend Chris Pidgeon played keyboards with these guys any help would be much appreciated
Monday, July 1st 2013 - 01:29:41 PM
Name: Judy Baars
E-mail address: j.baars@live.com
Comments:Just love unicorns
Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 02:17:44 AM
Name: Penny Baker
E-mail address: pabaker49@virginmedia.com
Comments:Remember you guys from my youth!!! Kenny especially....good times
Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 10:25:27 AM
Name: Jackie Helm
E-mail address: dutchelm2@gmail.com
Comments:Can't believe the fantastic news of the reunion gig at Croissant Neuf Summer Party on Sat 10th August 2013 - with 2 of the originals Patrick Martin & Kenny Baker. Can't wait to hear the songs played again - a dream come true !! Wish Pete was still with us needless to say with his unique & wonderful voice - hope he will be watching from up there !! We will be thinking of you !! love you guys & everything you've ever done. Jackie xxxx
Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 02:39:36 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Yes it is fantastic news for Unicorn to be performing at the festival! Oh how I wish Pete was still here to be singing too! I know he will be watching from Heaven and singing along with Ken and Pat. So wish I was well enough to travel, I would love to be there. Hope it is taped so I can at least see it later! Have a fantastic time Pat and Ken.
Saturday, August 3rd 2013 - 09:52:33 AM
Name: Steve Smith
E-mail address: stepforths@gmail.com
Comments:Blimey, it's next WEEKEND and the guys must be playing that great track at the Croissant Neuf Summer Party on Saturday night. Sorry I cannot travel to Wales to see the show but hope someone maybe will video the highlights which will probably the whole set. Hope everything hits the BULLSEYE as you are last on the BILL and of course you have an ELECTRIC NIGHT to remember forever. Doing my bit this week and next promoting you as best I can on the social network sites and trust your music gains you many more NEW fans like us loyal oldies.
Monday, August 5th 2013 - 02:27:46 AM
Name: nick powell
E-mail address: nickpowell57@hotmail.com
Comments:hi Todd,
thanks so much for your support on saturday at the unicorn reunion gig in wales! jackie has just put some pics on facebook.
It was such an honour for me to be asked to play guitar by pat and ken, and was a very special day.


Tuesday, August 13th 2013 - 05:14:29 PM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: jilly_robinson1950@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:Spent a fabulous day last Saturday 10th August at the Croissant Neuf Summer Party (yes it was 'croissant'!)
We were treated to a splendid Unicorn performance (the first since around 35 years!!), who offered up a small selection of their excellent compositions. Ken and Pat were amazing as you would expect and they were joined by the wonderful Nick Powell (on guitar) and the awesome Wayne Riches (drums). Needless to say we missed our lovely Pete, but sure he would have loved the day too. It was fabulous that Dave and Jackie were able to make it and Helen (Nick's girlfriend). Totally amazing too was the fact that we had Todd with us! Alec even came along to make sure the sounds were good. Wayne also brought along two of his band members from Unsung Lilly.
Looking forward to our next treat (how about it chaps?)
Thanks once again from an old fan x x x x
Friday, August 16th 2013 - 09:03:35 AM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:It's hard to believe it's eight years tomorrow that I lost my wonderful brother Pete! I still think about him every day, I listen to his absolutely beautiful voice on my Unicorn cd's and every night before I sleep, I always listen to Unicorn! I see your lovely smile when I think of you and I know you are singing for joy in Heaven. Now you have our sweet brother Robbie and lovely sister Brenda joining you in the choir up there! So many angels from the Perryer clan! I'll never stop missing you and I love you so! Your sweet sister Sue!
Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 02:52:03 PM
Name: Sue Patterson
E-mail address: Suspatterson@aol.com
Comments:Happy Birthday Pete! You would have been 64 today ! Hard to believe it's 7 years since you left us for your place in Heaven! Miss you so, wish we could talk one last time, thankful I can hear you sing every single day! Always in my heart, love you so, love sister Sue.
Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 09:09:46 AM
Name: Todd Glenn
E-mail address: tdglenn@unicornmusic.net

Tuesday, February 20th 2017 - 06:47:99 PM

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