"Best Of" Unicorn
Re-release 22 Years Later
When I asked Pat Martin how they came to re-release
this music after all these years, this was his reply.

"All I had of Unicorn was some worn out scratchy old records and when my ancient record deck died, I couldn't even listen to them anymore. I was playing everything else on CD and thought one day "I wonder if I could borrow the master tapes from EMI Harvest and get them onto CD just for me and the other Unicorns". About the same time Harvest brought out a compilation of all their past acts called 'Harvest Festival'. I saw it reviewed in Bassist magazine and rang the reviewer to ask if it contained a Unicorn track, and to my surprise 'Have You Ever Seen The Rain' was on it. The guy said his old band had a track on it too, and it had got him a re-release deal with See For Miles Records who licensed it from EMI. I spoke to David Gilmour about it, and he said he would find out from his manager (who was also our manager in the seventies) about licensing the tapes from EMI. It turned out that the three Unicorn albums had been leased to EMI and had reverted back to ownership of the manager. He graciously gave them to us. I called the owner of See For Miles who turned out to be Colin Miles an ex-EMI Harvest man from our time with them. Coincidently he had been thinking about finding out about the Unicorn stuff for re-release on his label. We did a deal, I went into the studios with Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd's sound guy) and we digitally re-mastered them. Luckily the original tapes had not deteriorated and Andy made them sound very nice. David Gilmour wrote a foreword and out it came.

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