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Darkness Lifting (Ghana, Fiji, Belfast))

Following Our Fannie

Grace Will Lead Me Home: The American POW Drama

    Freedom and captivity are viewed across generations and circumstance in this innovative, multi-media production that begins with the story of the Andersonville Civil War Stockade. Commissioned by the Georgia Southwestern Foundation and winner of a North Carolina Arts Council Playwrights Fellowship.

Home Again

    The Oregon Trail story told from both the perspective of the Native Americans and the pioneers, and performed in the place where the story reached its dramatic conclusion. Commissioned by the Oregon Trail Pageant.

The Reach of Song

    Named the State Historic Drama by the Georgia Legislature, this epic musical production has been telling the story of southern Appalachia since 1989. Commissioned by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Searching for Innocence: Phnom Penh, 1996

    Based on the story of Cambodia from the American intervention in Southeast Asia and the rise of the Khmer Rouge to the United Nations occupation in the mid 1990's, this play explores the destabilizing effect of good intentions.


    "Stalinka" is the name good Communists would have given a daughter they could not simply call "Stalin," this old woman lives among a Bulgarian family and always seems on the verge of death but never dies and instead manages to eat everything in sight. The play is about finding truth within the absurdity of lives turned 180-degrees overnight through the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Streets of Gold


    The story of President Jimmy Carter and first lady Rosalynn Carter created with their participation as well as the participation of friends, family, and members of the Carter administration. The play focuses on the racial conflicts of the president's native south Georgia which helped to forge his political and humanitarian perspective. Commissioned by the Rylander Theater and Cultural Authority.

Books :

I Think I'll Drop You Off in Deadwood

    Story of my own 8,000 mile hitchhiking trip across the country which explores what happens to a person who does not know where he is going to sleep each night for a period of six months.

Tourist, Volume One

    A collection of stories about unwitting travelers who find themselves removed from the familiar circumstances of their lives in various locations throughout the world.


    The novel accompaniment to the screenplay of the same name, this work explores the traumatic loneliness of high school from the perspective of swiftly advancing ice hockey pucks.


The Jimmy Carter Story

    The film about Jimmy Carter allows for a broadening of the themes explored in the play to show the places and circumstances that led to the 'swimming upstream' perspective of this president who continually ignored opinion polls and routinely engaged in that which others might consider political suicide.


    The film version of the above mentioned novel story further surrounds the story of teenage alienation with an unhealthy dose of 1970's bad taste.


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