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Belfast, Northern Ireland

United States
The Southern Appalachian Mountains
The Oregon Trail
Andersonville Civil War Stockade.
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Western Pennsylvania Coal Country
The Rylander Theater, Americus,Georgia
Plains, Georgia

Since he hitchhiked 8,000 miles across America and wrote, I Think I'll Drop You Off in Deadwood, Tom DeTitta's plays, books, and screenplays have covered a lot of ground.

Travel the Oregon Trail on your way to a village in Fiji, or a bar in Phnom Penh; see how Mr. DeTitta came to understand President Jimmy Carter from the racial tension of his south Georgia home, or  how he created the State Historic Drama of Georgia from a mountain community and their memories of a reticent poet.

Mr. DeTitta is the Director of WORLD COMMUNITIES. Click here to learn more about HUMAN RIGHTS THEATER.

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